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Chapter 217 - : One Would Rather Meet the King of Hell than Offend the Man Named Ye!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 217: One Would Rather Meet the King of Hell than Offend the Man Named Ye!

    Ye Chen landed slowly on the ground and looked at Su Tao coldly. “Does it hurt? I’m hurt too. You separated Yuhan and our daughter by force and poisoned my daughter. I’m more hurt than you are!”

    No matter whether it was killing the over 2,000 mercenaries, the guests who attended the wedding, or the rest of the Su family with a swing of his sword, he had no sympathy at all. There was no emotion in his eyes.

    The 2,000 mercenaries deserved to die for attempting to kill him for their personal benefit!

    As for the guests who attended the wedding, Ye Chen had already made it clear when he went in. He had given them the opportunity, but they did not appreciate it.

    Meanwhile, the remaining Su family members had witnessed what he had done today. If he did not kill them today, who would stop them from avenging his descendants when he ascended and left Earth one day?

    Since he had offended them, they must die.

    “Hahaha!” Su Tao suddenly laughed hysterically as if he had gone insane. “Ye, so what if you kill me? So what if you’ve killed everyone in the Su residence?

    “Don’t you know that we have family members out there? My Second Eldest Master is a deputy national boss and my dad is a military boss. My aunt is abroad. She married a core family member of the Rothschilds.

    “Also, my brother by blood, Su Qilin, has been a cultivation genius since he was young. Can you kill all of them? You’ll regret this. I swear the remaining power of my family will definitely take revenge on you. On top of that, the consequences will be severe!” He spat blood out while speaking.

    “Don’t you worry about that! Since I’ve said that I’ll end your family and leave noone behind, I’ll definitely achieve it.” Ye Chen smiled coldly and flicked his fingers toward Su Tao’s abdomen. A spiritual power cyclone entered his body directly and crushed his dantian.

    As a deflating wheeze was heard, Su Tao began shrieking while looking resentful, “Argh! How could you crush my cultivation base?!”

    In order to become a Martial Dao master, he had gone through a lot of hardships and sacrificed many things. He only managed to achieve that with the help of Bai Zhanyuan.

    Now that Ye Chen had destroyed everything, how could he not hate him?!

    Ye Chen did not even bother to look at him. He then turned around to order Lin Tai, “Take him away!”

    As Lin Tai nodded lightly and waved, two young men walked out behind him. The duo picked up Su Tao directly and dragged him like a dead dog.

    Ye Chen walked to the sedan chair one step after another, he looked at Su Yuhan. The killing intent on his face was replaced by gentleness. “Yuhan, did I scare you?”

    While Su Yuhan looked at the Su residence that had turned into ruins, a dim light flashed through her beautiful eyes.

    It was her home that she had grown up in, but now Ye Chen had destroyed it. No, it was not Ye Chen who had destroyed it. It was Su Tao.

    From the second Su Tao treated her badly, the Su residence was no longer her home. At most, it was considered a home in her memory.

    At that moment, she seemed to have recalled something. She suddenly looked around. “Where’s Youwei?”

    The expression on her pretty face changed as she asked this question. She could not help but stare at Ye Chen. “D-did you kill Youwei?”

    “No!” Ye Chen shook his head. He scanned through the Su residence that had turned into ruins with his Divine Consciousness that was like flowing water. Eventually, he found her at the end of the ruins beneath a pile of broken tiles.

    Buried under a huge wok, she had passed out. She was rather weak, so a deficiency of oxygen must have knocked her out though she did not look like she was hurt.

    She was fortunate that Su Tao had gotten people to lock her up in the back courtyard. The courtyard was filled with mostly low buildings. Even though they had collapsed as well, there was protection from the wok.

    “Go find her.” Ye Chen pointed at a direction.

    He did not like Su Youwei no matter how hard he tried. However, for the sake of Su Yuhan, he could only spare her life.

    Five people walked over instantly, they could not stop looking for her. They had finally flipped the wok over more than ten minutes later and got Su Youwei out.

    Su Yuhan walked over immediately and asked worriedly, “Is Youwei alright?”

    Since her parents had passed away, Su Youwei was the only family member she had. After all, she was her sister by blood.

    “She’s fine. She just passed out. She’ll feel better after some rest.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly.

    Su Yuhan was finally relieved to hear that. Seeing that Ye Chen looked irritated, she could not help but roll her eyes at him angrily. “Look how petty you are. Youwei is the last family member I have. She’s just hot-tempered, but she’s actually kind.”

    She could not help but look at Ye Chen in a begging manner as she spoke to this point, “Ye Chen, can you not kill Youwei?”

    “You’re my wife. Can I say no to that? What if you torture me when we get home?” Ye Chen was in between tears and laughter.

    Lin Tai, who was standing aside, lifted his head to look into the sky. He seemed innocent as he pretended to not hear or see anything as if asking them to go on.

    Su Yuhan’s pretty eyes lit up instantly and she looked at him in a surprised manner. “Wow, it’s been five years. Why do I feel like your skin is thicker and that you’re flirtier now?”

    “Not only is my skin thick, but I’m thick all over my body. It’s so thick that even bullets can’t penetrate me. Do you want to touch it?” Ye Chen said in all seriousness.

    “So, are you saying that your kneecaps are thick too?”

    “That’s right.” Ye Chen nodded by instinct, but he only realized something off after saying that. He lifted his eyes to see her looking at him in a sly manner.

    “Great, you’ll be kneeling on durians when we get home since your kneecaps are thick. You’ll tell me everything that happened to you, especially how many lady servants you really have.”

    Ye Chen was speechless.


    The storm had finally stopped and the dark clouds in the sky had vanished. Meanwhile, the light in Beijing had recovered by a little.

    However, the entire city was stirred because the Su family had been destroyed!

    Within a short three hours, the family that was ranked eighth among the wealthy families, the family that had been passed down for up to a hundred years, the giant Su family, was destroyed. The Su residence was flattened into ruins, and there were battle signs including broken walls and holes everywhere.

    Everyone was shocked. They were secretly horrified by whom the family had offended exactly to the point that their entire family was ended.

    The people were talking at the moment. Some said that the Su family had offended the country, hence the country suppressed them. Some said that they had offended some super organization which then destroyed them.

    Only those who knew about it gave a snort of disdain. They secretly shook their heads because they knew that it was a man who had ended the Su family. The man was Mad Southern Ye or Master Ye.

    The people were terrified of Ye Chen now since the catastrophe. It was no exaggeration to say that they feared him as if he was a tiger. One would rather meet the King of Hell than offend the man named Ye!

    Subsequently, the entire China was stirred because the 1,000 guests who attended the wedding came from everywhere. They were all lost and uncontactable now as if they had vanished into thin air. How could those related to them not be worried?

    The most fortunate ones would be the four families, namely the Lis, the Hans, the Yans, and the Pangs as their family leaders had ordered them not to attend the Su family’s wedding beforehand.

    Before this, they were unwilling, but they were now grateful after seeing what happened to the Su family. If they had gone, one could imagine the consequences.