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Chapter 215 - Worship Me Like You’re Worshipping God!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 215: Worship Me Like You’re Worshipping God!

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    “I’ve heard that Mad Southern Ye is an expert in spells and can control lightning. Now that I’ve witnessed it, he sure lives up to his name.”

    Xue Xiao’s lips shuddered as he was stirred. Under such terrifying power, even a Martial Dao master who ranked No. 11 on the Heaven Leaderboard like him could not help but feel fear from the bottom of his heart. He began regretting coming to the wedding.

    Xue Xuejiao’s pretty face turned pale as she looked at Ye Chen in fear. “I-is he a human or a god?”

    Su Tao’s hands that were hidden behind his back began to shake lightly. He had finally witnessed Ye Chen’s power for the very first time.

    When he created explosive bolts of lightning from thin air, the pale faces were extra obvious in the flashes of light.

    Some people knelt on the ground by instinct and shook. Some ran to the fence around the Su residence in the attempt to climb out.

    However, lightning struck as soon as someone got close to the fence. The person’s body was entirely charred.

    Witnessing that, the people could not help but kneel before Ye Chen. They were kowtowing to him like they were crushing garlic.

    “Mad Southern Ye, we’ve offended you initially. We hope that you’ll let us go. We’re begging you.”

    “That’s right, Master Ye. We’re here just to attend the Su family’s wedding. We’ll be extremely grateful if you can let us go.”

    At that moment, Ye Chen was no different from a god to them.

    Ye Chen glanced at them extremely coldly. He said without emotion in his tone, “I did say to get lost within the span of three breaths. Otherwise, I’ll kill everyone I see. Three breaths have passed, so you guys will stay to be buried with the Su family!”

    Su Yuhan, who was on the sedan chair, watched all that in a blur. She felt like she was in a dream when she thought about how Ye Chen did everything. ‘That fool is so powerful!’

    Ye Chen turned around to look at her, his eyes filled with emotions. “Yuhan, I’d like to use these 10,000 bolts of lightning to redeem what you’ve gone through!”

    At that moment, Su Yuhan hugged her daughter tightly by instinct upon hearing that. She choked while an indescribable feeling grew within her. Not only did the fool become powerful, but he also became romantic now!

    In the next second, Ye Chen turned around and had his eyes locked on Su Tao. He said slowly, “Su Tao, this is the second gift that I’ve prepared for you. What do you think?”

    Su Tao’s expression was terribly grim.

    As he lifted his head to look at the lightning in the sky, he could not help but scoff, “I’ll admit that you’re very powerful, but have you thought about your wife, your daughter, and your underlings? All of them are under the lightning. Do you want them to die with you?”

    The second he said that, the people who were kneeling on the ground reacted one after another, including Xue Xiao, Wei Ting, and Xue Xuejiao who were initially in despair.

    ‘That’s right. Everybody is under the same roof. If Ye dares to do as he wishes, he will die together with us. You can control lightning, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not afraid of it. No matter how powerful you are, you’re still made of flesh and blood. How can you fight the power?’

    “Oh, really?” Ye Chen gave a short response. As the people watched in doubt, he stretched his arm out and spoke softly, “Come at me, lightning!”

    As soon as he spoke, a loud rumble came. The lightning in the sky seemed to have sensed something as they charged at Ye Chen at the same time.

    In the next second, Xue Xiao, Wei Ting, Xue Xuejiao, and everyone else saw something that they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

    1Although the bolts of lightning landed on Ye Chen, he was not crushed as they imagined.

    Instead, they saw Ye Chen stand with his arms behind his back and stepped on the lightning. Lightning flowed through his entire body as if Thor himself was there.

    Not only that, but the lightning also listened to him.

    “H-how is that possible? Is he not afraid of lightning?” Xue Xiao opened his eyes wide, appearing gravely horrified.

    Xue Xuejiao’s body trembled and she fell onto the ground.

    Su Tao took many steps back while looking terrified. “Fire, right now. Kill him!” He was finally scared at that moment.

    Indeed, Ye Chen shocked him again and again. He had crushed his inner pride entirely!

    Upon hearing that, the 1,000-odd mercenaries in all corners wanted to pull the trigger by instinct. Suddenly, they sensed a cracking noise above their heads.

    They lifted their heads to watch by instinct as lightning bolts the size of a baby’s arm appeared.

    Bang, bang, bang!

    Up to 1,000 lightning bolts struck these people. They were crushed together with the guns in their hands before they even managed to shriek.

    There was dead silence at the place. Everyone looked terrified as they were shocked.

    Those were 1,500 people!

    They were killed within the blink of an eye!

    “You guys will accompany them. Accompany one another in hell!”

    Ye Chen glanced ruthlessly at the up to 1,000 people who were kneeling on the ground. Up to 1,000 flashes of lightning exploded from the sky again.

    “No, don’t kill us!”

    “I don’t want to die. I’m begging you. Please don’t kill us!”

    “Mad Southern Ye, I won’t let you go even if I become a ghost!”


    A series of loud thuds landed, and the rebukes earlier vanished immediately.

    Ye Chen dug his ears, seeming to be satisfied. “Now, the whole world is quiet.”

    ‘Won’t you let me go even if you become a ghost? Haha. Under the lightning, it’s not just flesh that will be destroyed. Even souls will be crushed entirely.’

    At that moment, apart from Su Yuhan and the 800 Star Pavilion members who were behind Ye Chen, Su Tao, Xue Xiao, and Xue Xuejiao were the only ones left. Even the Wei family master, Wei Ting, was killed in the rain of lightning.

    Ye Chen had left the three of them behind intentionally.


    Xue Xiao knelt hard onto the ground and his lips quivered. “Mad Southern Ye, please let me go. I didn’t mean to make you my enemy. As long as you let me go, from now on, my family will make you our master!”

    Until now only he realized how terrifying Ye Chen was. He secretly regretted acting out.

    1“Let you go?” Ye Chen chuckled softly and looked at him in a condescending manner. “Aren’t you going to come after me for destroying your family’s Fast Attack Group and killing Xue Lei?”

    “I wouldn’t dare!” Xue Xiao shook his head immediately and said while shaking, “The Fast Attack Group and Xue Xiao deserved to die. My family wouldn’t dare to offend you for those useless things!”

    “But I think it’s better to eradicate all of you!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly and said with a chill in his eyes, “Since you’re a master too, I’ll give you the opportunity to fight. You can work with Su Tao.”

    Xue Xiao was in despair.

    “Master, I’m your loyal servant. Y-you won’t kill me, will you?” Xue Xuejiao forced a smile that she deemed flirty on her pale face.

    Ye Chen sensed a cold stare behind him as soon as the word ‘servant’ was mentioned.

    The cold stare made him sent chills down his back and his expression turned cold immediately. “My wife is right behind me. Are you trying to frame me for adultery?”

    1Just when Xue Xuejiao was going to say something, she felt intense pain coming from her heart. She shrieked and fell onto the ground, and soon she was dead on the spot. Her eyes were opened wide.

    Even after her death, she had no idea why Ye Chen killed her just for saying that.