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Chapter 214 - Today, Everyone in the Su Family Will Die. Nobody Will Survive!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 214: Today, Everyone in the Su Family Will Die. Nobody Will Survive!

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    As soon as Su Tao spoke, a devastating shriek came from the entrance of the villa. Subsequently, two heads came flying and slammed onto a table.

    The people were shocked by the commotion that came out of nowhere. A stir broke out when they saw that those were human heads.

    At that moment, everyone had their eyes on the door.

    A skinny person came in with his arms behind his back. Although he did not have a muscular body, there was a terrifying aura radiating from him.

    Meanwhile, 800 people were following behind the young men. Each of them looked serious while there was a big sedan chair in the middle of the group.

    “It’s Mad Southern Ye!” Xue Xuejiao screamed, her eyes appearing empty.

    Meanwhile, Xue Xiao, who was next to him, looked horrified. “He’s not dead? Didn’t Master Bai bring people to kill him?” Although his voice was at a normal volume, everyone heard every single word that she said.

    Everyone was shocked at first, then they inhaled sharply. They looked at that skinny silhouette as their scalps turned numb.

    Mad Southern Ye!

    They were familiar with his name. The battles on the Surge River and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain aside, Mad Southern Ye killing 53 international assassins yesterday was sufficient to shock the world.

    Ye Chen took a step forward and glanced at the people coldly. People held their heads down instantly, not daring to look at him.

    A cold voice then echoed through the whole place, “Today, everyone in the Su family will die. Nobody will be left behind. Those of you unrelated, get lost within the span of three breaths. Otherwise, I’ll kill everyone I see!”

    As the place became quiet, it was dead silence. Everyone opened their eyes wide as disbelief filled their faces.

    ‘Did I hear it right? Mad Southern Ye wants to destroy the entire Su family!’

    One must know that the Su family was a wealthy family of China. It was not an exaggeration to call them a giant. They have the No. 2 of the country supporting them.

    ‘No matter how powerful you are, Mad Southern Ye, you must be overconfident to think that you can fight the Su family on your own!’

    Giggles burst out of the many guests as soon as Ye Chen said that.

    “Mad Southern Ye, how dare you say this in front of the Su family? Kowtow and apologize to Young Master Su now. Maybe he will spare your unworthy life!”

    Ye Chen gave a short response upon hearing that. He squinted and looked at the crowd. “Who is talking? Please show yourself.”

    The person said that out of impulse because he thought he could seize the opportunity to butter the Su family up by doing that. He hid after hearing what Ye Chen said.

    ‘I’m not showing myself. What can you do about it? It’d be ridiculous if you knew it was me who said that.’

    Ye Chen squinted and stretched his left hand into the air after realizing that the person refused to show himself.

    An old man with a grim expression flew out of the crowd toward Ye Chen, failing to control his own body. Ye Chen was choking him with one hand.

    “M-Mad Southern Ye, let me go. I’m sorry…” The old man was shocked. He begged while asking for Su Tao’s help, “Young Master Su, help me. Help m-”


    Before he was done speaking, he exploded into a ball of bloody mist. Many people who were standing closer to him had bloody mist splashed on their faces. They were almost dying from the horror.

    Ye Chen grinned and showed his teeth. His smile was extremely horrifying. “Who else wants to interfere with me?”

    Nobody dared to say anything now as they were silent from the scare.

    Ye Chen lifted his head and looked at Su Tao who was next to him. He looked straight into the eyes of the culprit who had stepped on him five years ago and humiliated him extremely, as well as beat him up and toss him into the river.

    If not for him, Ye Chen would not have traveled to the cultivation world. Su Yuhan would not be captured for two years, and his daughter would not have been poisoned.

    “Su Tao, it’s been a while. I’ve been thinking of you at all times. Your face is still as disgusting as ever!” Ye Chen said slowly.

    Su Tao scowled and he said coldly, “Never had I thought you’d grow to become this since we last met five years ago. If I’d known that, I should’ve chopped you up and fed your flesh to the dogs back then!” He regretted what he did.

    “Shouldn’t I thank you for making me who I am today?” Ye Chen chuckled. A sphere that was wrapped in a shirt appeared in his head. It appeared at Su Tao’s feet directly. “To thank you, I’m giving you a gift!”

    ‘What’s that?’

    The people could not help but feel curious.

    The shirt that was wrapped around the sphere loosened after it rolled on the ground for a few times. A bloody human head was revealed. The eyes on the head were wide open, and the person seemed to have died an unjust death.

    It was Bai Li’s head!


    As the crowd gasped, everyone took a few steps back. Subsequently, they felt a rumble in their stomachs and they vomited while holding their tummies. In this age of peace, almost nobody had ever seen such a gory scene.

    Su Tao’s face twitched a few times as he looked at Bai Li’s head at a close distance. Although he was mentally prepared, he felt a chill rise within him.

    The chill came from Ye Chen’s ruthlessness.

    ‘We can’t have such a person around. We must kill him!’

    Killing intent flashed through Su Tao’s face as he thought to this point. He looked at the people and said, “Everyone, this is our family’s personal grudge with Mad Southern Ye. I’ll have to ask all of you to leave.”

    Countless fully armed mercenaries with killing intent came from all directions of the Su residence as soon as Su Tao was done speaking. They blocked all of the high points and exits.

    Black muzzles were pointing at Ye Chen and the 800 people behind him.

    That was all the power that Su Tao was left with.

    1,500 mercenaries!

    The wedding attendees had a change in expression at the same time upon noticing that. They wanted to run out of the villa by instinct.

    “Are you only running now? It’s too late!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly and performed an odd hand seal. He then lifted his head and charged to the top of the Su residence after lifting his arms.


    As a loud thud came, a blue gleam shone on top of the Su residence. The gleam was like lightning striking into the sky.

    What was that?

    The people’s expressions changed.

    Before they could think too much about it, ten blue light beams appeared in ten directions in the Su residence including the east, the south, the west, the north, the southeast, the southwest, the northwest, the northeast, up and down.


    Flashes of lightning surrounded each light beam. The ten light beams on the ground caused lightning to strike the giant light beam on top of the Su residence. Like a blue spider web, it covered the entire Su residence within.

    At that moment, the people saw a scene they could never forget. There were lightning bolts all over as if that was the wrath of god.

    It was the Great Thunder Absolute Kill Formation that Ye Chen had set up in advance. As soon as it was activated, the entire Su residence would be covered in lightning. No one outside could not enter while the people inside would not be able to exit.