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Chapter 212 - The Mother and Daughter Finally Reunited: Are You Mommy?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 212: The Mother and Daughter Finally Reunited: Are You Mommy?

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    At 3:10 p.m., dark clouds filled the sky in Beijing. The weather station issued a storm warning.

    “Within three hours, there’ll be a storm in our city. The rainfall will be above 50mm while some areas will see rain above 100mm. Related departments, please carry out storm emergency tasks. Take note of the prevention against heavy precipitation and watch out for possible disasters such as flash floods, mudslides, landslides, and so on.”


    Darkness, dullness, and suppression filled the streets. Everyone sprinted home while countless cars could not stop honking the vehicles in front of them.

    Everybody knew that it was going to pour.

    However, there was a young man holding a little girl’s hand while walking toward the Dharma Zen Temple slowly. He was at ease as if he did not see the rushing pedestrians.


    There were continuous low rumbles in the sky.

    Mengmeng lifted her head to look at the dark clouds in the sky. “Daddy, the thunder is rumbling. It’s going to rain.”

    “That’s right. It’s going to rain.” Ye Chen caressed the little girl’s hand and said softly, “It’s going to rain. Are you scared?”

    “I’m not scared.” The little girl pouted and said in her baby voice, “But will Mommy get wet from the rain? She’ll catch a cold if she does.”


    Another reverberation came from the sky as if it was crushing all of the dark clouds in the sky. Subsequently, heavy rain poured like a river in the sky was leaking.

    At that moment, there was hardly anyone on the street.

    The little girl inched closer to Ye Chen by instinct. She seemed to be worried that she would get wet from the rain.

    Right at that moment, a golden gleam exuded from Ye Chen’s body. It consolidated into a light beam eventually, covering the daughter and father entirely.

    “My darling, grab my hand tightly,” Ye Chen said as a long sword appeared in his hand. The sword was less than ten inches from the ground while the body of the sword was shaking softly.

    After the little girl clutched his hand, Ye Chen stepped onto the sword while holding her. The sword then ascended vertically before it turned into a sword gleam and shot far away.

    In a BMW, a young man was cursing as he spoke into the phone, “Xiuxiu, I really didn’t cheat on you. You must believe me. I’m innocent. I’ve never ever lied.”

    At that moment, a sword gleam flew by above his head. The young man’s phone dropped onto his foot as he screamed, “Look, Xiuxie! There’s a sword immortal. No, I’m not lying…”


    At the Dharma Zen Temple, the ancient temple that was a century-old was said to be founded by the descendent of one of the Shaolin Five Elders, Hong Taisui. Given that it was in Beijing where the crowd frequently passed throughout the hundred years, it was famous especially when many monks that were deemed popular by regular people emerged from the temple.

    At that moment, there was an Aston Martin parked at the entrance of the temple. There was a handsome young man standing outside it while a hunk in black held an umbrella for him at the back.

    Meanwhile, there were three hunks sitting at the back of the car.

    There was a lady in white between the three hunks. She was around 24 or 25 years old. She sat still like an eternal goddess and remained quiet.

    While she clenched both of her hands tightly, her face was rather pale. Although that was the case, it could not hide her beauty that was suffocating.

    As she looked outside the window, her lashes fluttered slightly. There was nobody in the pouring rain. It was cold and dead.

    A regular face popped into her head all of a sudden. The promise from six years ago was lingering in her ears.

    “Yuhan, wait for me. After I’ve gained some achievements, I’ll prove to the Su family that I’m not trash. I, Ye Chen, deserve you. Yuhan, I don’t actually have any dreams. I’m just a salted fish. Meeting you is the luckiest thing that I’ve achieved in my entire life. Because I met you, my skies are no longer gray. You’re my dream…”


    Her eyes turned blank as she thought to herself, ‘That fool!’

    Unfortunately, that fool had suddenly disappeared five years ago. She knew that the fool’s disappearance might have been related to the Su family. He was most probably not lost, but dead.

    Furious and miserable back then, she had wanted to end her life. However, after the fool left, she found out that she was pregnant. At that point, she saw the fool’s parents crying in their room as if they had aged by a decade.

    The fool’s parents had then collapsed, losing their will to live. However, she had been carrying the fool’s baby.

    She suppressed all of her emotions and showed her strong side to the fool’s parents. She gave them, as well as herself, hope.

    However, everything changed two years after her daughter was born.

    Her cousin had taken her away and captured her at home. Up until a year ago, her cousin then married her to someone she had no idea about.

    She knew what her destiny was, but she agreed to it anyway. She did not fight, run, condemn, make noise, or stir things up. She was very quiet because the fool’s parents and her daughter’s lives were in her cousin’s hands.

    Her eyes were absent-minded as a sad smile was revealed on her face. ‘Ye Chen, I might not be able to wait until you get here. Perhaps, this has been destined since the very beginning…’

    At that moment, upon noticing that the rain was getting heavier, the hunk in black who was holding the umbrella outside the car said while looking at the young man before him respectfully, “Master Li, it’s late. Do we continue to wait?”

    “Of course, why not?!” The handsome young man grinned. “We’ve already tossed the bait. Now, we wait for the fish to be hooked.”

    The hunk in black shut his mouth and said nothing. He thought to himself that the person would be foolish to go there himself since such a great commotion had already been created.

    In the next second, the handsome young man turned his body around and looked at the end of the street quickly. He squinted slightly. “The fish is here!”

    The hunk in black’s spirits were lifted and he spun around immediately. There was a blurry silhouette at the end of the street walking over slowly. The heavy rain blocked their vision.

    However, the silhouette was not affected at all. He arrived less than 50 meters within the span of a few short breaths.

    It was a skinny young man who carried a little girl of four or five years old in his embrace. The storm around him was blocked out like a rain curtain.

    Just when the hunk in black wanted to get people to advance forward, the handsome young man waved and took a step out. He walked out of the coverage of the umbrella and stared directly at the father and daughter far away. He said while smiling, “Mad Southern Ye, you’re finally here. I, Bai Li, have been waiting for a long time.”

    Ye Chen stopped walking while he scanned the car with his Divine Consciousness by instinct. He secretly jolted after sensing that familiar aura.

    ‘It’s her! It’s really her!’

    He suppressed his excitement forcefully as he thought about this. He walked to Bai Li with a chilly aura. “Have you only prepared these few people to wait for me? It’s too few of them. They aren’t enough for me to kill!”

    With his Divine Consciousness, he sensed up to 1,000 people hiding in the forest around them. They were fully armed mercenaries.

    But so what?

    Whoever interfered with him from killing the family would die that day!

    Upon hearing the voice, the lady in the car jolted. There was disbelief in her beautiful eyes. ‘I-is that the fool’s voice?’

    She wanted to get out to see it for herself by instinct. However, the three hunks held onto her tightly.


    Tears filled her eyes.

    ‘Fool! Is that you?!’


    “I didn’t want to get this bunch of trash here, but the Su family is worried. They say we must kill you, the No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard.” Bai Li chuckled softly and walked to Ye Chen one step after another. There was a green gleam glowing from him, blocking all of the rain out.

    “Today, the No. 1 on Heaven Leaderboard will die at my hands. Unfortunate, it’s really unfortunate. Don’t worry, my master will love this wife of yours after your death.”

    1“I’ve told you that this bunch of trash isn’t enough for me to kill!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly while the killing intent within him peaked. The Almighty Killer Sword appeared in his hand.

    The Almighty Killer Sword was vibrating, seeming to sense his killing intent. It released a stunning sword qi!

    ‘It’s him, it’s really him! It’s not an illusion! He’s really here to bring me home!’ The lady in the car cried tears of joy.

    Neither did she scream or make any noise nor did she ask Ye Chen to leave. The reason being she knew that since the fool dared to come to save her, he definitely had the ability to.

    Bai Li’s pupils shrunk slightly after sensing the aura on Ye Chen.

    “All of you must die today!” Ye Chen scoffed as the Almighty Killer Sword in his hand suddenly grew. While the sword qi that was released whistled from peaking, he ran toward Bai Li and swung the sword.

    “Impressive Sword Consolidation!”

    Bai Li squinted lightly before he moved forward instead of retreating. He threw a punch and charged out with his whole body directly. The rainwater on the ground was like a storm from the stir.

    He thought that the sword in Ye Chen’s hand had been consolidated from energy.

    “Die!” Ye Chen’s voice was deadly cold as he swung his sword.

    At that moment, he had really gone insane. All of the vital energy and blood in his body was stirred, and he held nothing back, displaying his full prowess.

    The swing of sword shocked Bai Li like a hedgehog whereby goosebumps erupted all over his body. “Oh no, this isn’t Sword Consolidation. It’s a real magic treasure. How’d you have magic treasure?!”

    He looked deadly shocked as if he had seen a ghost. He released all of the energy in his body in an attempt to dodge the sword.

    However, how would he be able to run away from Ye Chen who had gone berserk given that the Divine Consciousness was locked onto him?


    As a sword gleam charged, Bai Li shrieked. His lower bottom was cut into half while his upper torso above his belly button fell onto the ground.

    Ye Chen walked over with his sword with blood covering the shaft. The rain could not wash the blood away no matter what.

    “W-who exactly are you? How do you know Shang Santian’s Sword Sacrificial Method?!” Bai Li, whose lower bottom was severed, had yet to die. Instead, he was looking at Ye Chen in fear.

    However, it was a sword qi that responded to him. Soon, a head flew into the sky directly.

    The scene was filled with dead silence.

    Up to 1,000 mercenaries that were hiding in the forest watched that scene blankly. They never thought that Ye Chen would be so powerful at all.

    “Fire! Kill him!” the hunk in black shouted immediately.

    Bang, bang, bang…

    A series of deafening gunshots came as thousands of bullets were shot at Ye Chen. However, the bullets stopped when they were less than 100 meters away from him.

    Everyone showed gravely terrified expressions on their faces.

    “Die, you bunch of ants!” Ye Chen waved hard, sending all of the bullets flying back.

    As sounds of bullets piercing through flesh rang out, all of the mercenaries in the forest died. Nobody survived. The hunk in black from before fell onto the ground. Shock filled his eyes when he looked at Ye Chen. “Monster…you’re a monster!”

    “You’ll die too!” Ye Chen appeared before him within the blink of an eye. He severed his head with a swing of his sword. At that moment, the three hunks, who were responsible for watching Su Yuhan, realized something was off.

    They stretched their hands by instinct, attempting to make her their hostage. However, all of their hands were chopped off right after they stretched their hands out.

    The three of them shrieked in devastation.

    Su Yuhan’s eyes were blank. She rushed out of the car after she managed to react and opened the door. A skinny silhouette filled her field of vision.

    Both of them were less than ten steps away from each other.

    Su Yuhan’s body shook as she watched the silhouette before her blankly.

    Ye Chen was staring at her too.

    With their eyes locked, the silence was more powerful than anything else.

    The little girl, who was in Ye Chen’s embrace, on the other hand, blinked her eyes as she took a good look at Su Yuhan. Subsequently, she struggled out of Ye Chen’s embrace and ran toward Su Yuhan, ignoring the storm and stepping into the puddles.

    Perhaps because it was slippery, the little girl slipped after running a few steps. She did not cry when she fell. Instead, she stood up and ran to Su Yuhan while staggering.

    The way the little girl looked at Su Yuhan was rather unfamiliar. She said shyly after a short hesitation, “Are you Mommy?”

    Are you Mommy?

    The baby voice crushed Su Yuhan’s heart entirely. She squatted down and held the little girl tightly, sobbing out loud.

    She had never once cried throughout the two years that she had been captured by the Su family. Although she was drowned in the pain of missing her family, she had never once cried.

    However, what the little girl said lowered her guard entirely.

    Ye Chen watched everything quietly. Love filled his eyes when he looked at Su Yuhan.

    ‘She’s lost weight! She looks like she’s been beaten too!’

    After the mother and daughter reunited, he walked to Su Yuhan one step after another.

    Su Yuhan patted her daughter’s head and looked at him with a complicated expression. “You’re here.”

    “Indeed, I’m here.” Ye Chen’s eyes were warm.

    Just when Su Yuhan opened her mouth and was going to say something, he stretched his hand out. “Let’s go. I’m bringing you to kill someone.”

    Su Yuhan smiled like a blooming flower. ‘This dummy! Other couples would watch a movie, watch the sunrise, or do other romantic stuff together. I’ve been waiting for you for five years and you’re bringing me to kill someone.’

    Although that was the case, she thought it was sweet. She stretched her beautiful fingers out slowly and held Ye Chen’s large hand like a young girl in love. They locked fingers.