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Chapter 210 - Heaven Leaderboard? It’s Just A Joke to Me!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 210: Heaven Leaderboard? It’s Just A Joke to Me!

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    Following the 53 international assassins’ deaths, the USD 100 million reward mission on Ye Chen’s head officially ended.

    The entire international underground world was stirred when the news went out. Everyone’s scalp went numb when they heard that.

    Those were the top 53 assassins. Each of them had killed at least ten people, including politicians of various countries and millionaires who had been on the Forbes List…

    However, all of them were killed in China. On top of that, they were killed by the same person and nobody survived.

    The assassin organizations were heartbroken by the news. One would wonder how much effort, money, and time were spent on training a qualified assassin, and now, everyone was terminated.

    At the same time, Master Ye’s name was spread abroad.

    Everyone suppressed the thought of going to China to assassinate him. They realized that it was best that they did not offend this Master Ye.

    Meanwhile, another piece of news that was even more terrifying went viral.

    Master Ye was the No. 1 in China, Mad Southern Ye!

    Everyone was so shocked that they could not speak when they learned about the news that Ye Chen had killed Yuan Bupo, Northern Devil Jiang, and the rest.

    Mad Southern Ye, who was the No. 1 on Heaven Leaderboard and the No. 1 in China who killed masters like dogs, had assassins going after him.

    Apart from being shocked, everyone was furious. What kind of fake information did the Su family provide? Was it a game to get the assassins killed?

    At that moment, countless assassin organizations gave their orders.

    “Attention to all members of Seven Murders, halt the assassination of Mad Southern Ye. We’re listing Mad Southern Ye as part of our deadly dangerous persons list. Don’t ever offend this man!”

    “Top secret bulletin from the Dark Dragon. Don’t make Mad Southern Ye our enemy from today onward, including everyone that is related to him. Otherwise, we’d definitely be killed!”

    “Brothers of the Sky Dog, our boss ran away because he’s afraid that Mad Southern Ye will take revenge. Let’s run too…”

    The entire international underground world gave up completely.

    What did a Martial Dao master represent? Any Martial Dao master could be named an overlord no matter which assassination organization they go.

    To the Martial Dao master Mad Southern Ye, they were nothing different compared to chickens and dogs.


    At night, a red moon glimmered on the ground.

    In a land more than 3,200 kilometers away to the far west, a hysterical laugh broke the silence. “Hahaha, we’ve finally broken the restriction!”

    A white silhouette stood before a stone gate with his hands behind his back. Revealing an arrogant smirk, he could not hide the excitement on his face even if he tried.

    Meanwhile, there were six silhouettes standing behind him. Each of them exuded terrifying energy waves from their bodies. If there were any ancient martial artists there, they would definitely be shocked that to find out that the six of them were Martial Dao masters.

    The six of them bowed slightly. They said while clasping their fists, “Congratulations, Young Master Bai, for succeeding in breaking the Ghost Rider Sect’s restriction!”

    “Hahaha. Without the help of you six attacking the restriction together for two months, I’m afraid we might not have been able to break it,” Bai Zhanyuan smiled lightly and said, “Everyone, this Ghost Rider Sect is a hidden sect that existed 1,000 years ago. They’re the masters at controlling spirits and refining stones. As soon as we get in to take the Ghost Rider Sect’s inheritance, we can definitely break through the innate stage. By then, who on this earth would be a match for us?”

    “Young Master Bai, the Ghost Rider Sect’s mountain gate is a gate of death that weighs over ten tonnes. Even the six of us can’t break it…” Su Tao, who was standing aside, frowned.

    The remaining five of them secretly nodded as soon as they heard that. Throughout the two months, the six of them had been attacking the Ghost Rider Sect’s mountain gate restriction without any rest in order to drain the remnant energy of the formation.

    Although the restriction was broken, the stone gate that could not be harmed with weapons and explosives was still inaccessible.

    Bai Zhanyuan chuckled softly. He turned his head and said to Su Tao in a mysterious manner, “Su Tao, do you know why I insisted that you get the woman to marry me?”

    Naturally, Su Tao knew which woman he was talking about. He shook his head to show that he had no idea.

    “To be honest, the Ghost Rider Sect’s mountain gate can only be opened with pure yin blood,” Bai Zhanyuan said lightly.

    Pure yin blood?

    The six of them were puzzled.

    Su Tao’s expression changed when he recalled something. “Are you saying that my cousin’s blood is pure yin blood?”

    “That’s right.”

    Bai Zhanyuan nodded and proceeded to speak, “Your cousin has a pure yin body. The so-called pure yin body is someone who is born in the yin year, in the yin month, on a yin day, and in the yin hour. That’s the pure yin Four Pillars of Destiny. Such a person is a born cultivation genius. One can also say that this person has the best body to perform balancing through sex. Men who have sexual intercourse with her will obtain certain advantages.”

    Su Tao was shocked to hear that.

    Now, he finally understood the reason why Bai Zhanyuan wanted to marry his cousin. He wanted to have sexual intercourse with her and use her blood to open the Ghost Rider Sect’s mountain gate.

    It was no wonder. He was curious why Bai Zhanyuan did not bother looking at other beauties and was into a woman with a husband instead. So, everything was planned.

    Noticing something amiss in Su Tao’s expression, Bai Zhanyuan’s expression turned grim. “What? Are you unwilling to let her go?”

    “No, it’s just hard for me to accept this since it came out of nowhere.” Su Tao shook his head immediately.

    “Great.” Bai Zhanyuan placed his arms behind his back as a chill flashed through his eyes. “You must know that the Ghost Rider Sect’s inheritance is the gateway to get above the innate stage that we cannot reach. We must sacrifice the small things for something big, let alone, the fact that she’s just a woman!”

    “Young Master Bai, you’re right.” Su Tao nodded instantly as ruthlessness filled his face.

    Bai Zhanyuan was right. They had to sacrifice the small things for something big. In order to become more powerful, he could even sacrifice his sister by blood, let alone his cousin. Moreover, his cousin hated him to her bones.

    Most importantly, he had a brother called Su Qilin. Because a phenomenon of a qilin walking on clouds appeared above the Su family’s residence when he was born, the family favored the brother. Meanwhile, Su Tao was just a shadow of his brother.

    Fortunately, when Su Qilin went away with a Taoist priest when he was eight, Su Tao finally walked out of his shadow. He was unwilling to go back to where he was before. Therefore, he wanted to hold onto everything that he had.

    At that moment, Su Tao’s phone rang. He picked it up after seeing the phone number, and his expression changed subsequently.

    An intense shock grew within him after he hung up the call. He said after taking a deep breath, “Young Master Bai, the USD 100 million reward mission has failed.”

    While Bai Zhanyuan was surprised, the remaining five of them could not help but look at Su Tao.

    “He killed all 53 international assassins, including the King of Murder, the Dark Night Butler. I’ve underestimated this man!” Su Tao had a very grave expression. “I never thought that that piece of trash would be Mad Southern Ye whose name is all over China.”

    The people were shocked to hear that.

    Bai Zhanyuan squinted and looked at a middle-aged man before him intentionally. “You mean that Mad Southern Ye who is ranked No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard, the one who killed Yuan Bupo, Northern Killer Jiang, the Eastern Superior Ning, and the Western Overlord Liu?”

    “That’s right,” the middle-aged man said in his deep voice.

    He had a complicated feeling. As Unquestionable Jian, one of the Five Aces, he was actually in contempt to be listed as one of the five aces. However, since Mad Southern Ye appeared, he killed the Eastern Superior, the Western Overlord, the Southern Killer, and the Northern Devil. He was the Unquestionable Sword who remained behind, and he felt rather sad.

    “I can’t believe it’s that man!” A middle-aged man with a cold expression inhaled sharply. He was Wei Wuya of the Wei family who ranked No. 9 on the Heaven Leaderboard.

    An old man in gray robes, who was chanting with his prayer beads, said coldly, “This man killed my friend. Killing him isn’t enough to avenge my friend!”

    1He was Master Jiesha of the Dharma Zen temple. Although he was not on the Heaven Leaderboard, his ability was definitely no weaker than Wei Wuya’s.

    Su Tao could not help but ask, “Young Master Bai, will this man’s appearance affect our plan?”

    “Don’t worry! We’ll carry out the wedding tomorrow afternoon!” Bai Zhanyuan smiled lightly.

    “What if he comes to stop it?” Su Tao was shocked.

    Bai Zhanyuan stood with his arms behind his back and smiled coldly. “I don’t think he’ll dare to come to stop the wedding. Bai Li, pick up that woman at the Dharma Zen Temple tomorrow.”

    “Sure.” An extremely handsome young man nodded instantly. He licked his cracked lips and said, “I’m eager to see how powerful this so-called No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard is!”

    Intense fear flashed through the remaining five’s eyes. The person was merely Bai Zhanyuan’s underling whose name was unknown. However, his ability was more powerful than theirs.

    “Young Master Bai, what if the other six experts show up, especially Yang Junlin?!” Su Tao was hesitant.

    “Do you mean Yan Nanfei, Han Qinhu, and the rest?”

    Bai Zhanyuan squinted and said, “They’re nobody that we should be afraid of, but in order not to stir things up, Wei Wuya, Master Jiesha, and Unquestionable Jian, you guys are prohibited from fighting. You guys will stay here with me to watch the Ghost Rider Sect’s mountain gate. The two masters from the Su family and Bai Li are enough to kill that man.”

    1“Is that Yang Junlin, No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard? Pah, the Heaven Leaderboard? It’s just a joke to me!”