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Chapter 209 - I Heard that You’re Embittered by Me?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 209: I Heard that You’re Embittered by Me?

    On the lake, the Dark Night Butcher threw a punch at Ye Chen. The powerful energy made the water around explode consecutively. He was trying to get him to back off. “Master Ye, if you insist on coming after me, then this place will be your burial ground today.”

    By the shore, the tourists in the white tower were watching the commotion that he caused. Shocked, they even took out their phones and began filming.

    Ye Chen carried his daughter and stood quietly on the lake. He said nothing after hearing what the Dark Night Butcher said. He attacked directly by grabbing the air with his right hand. Immediately, a glaring white saber appeared.

    Although the Dark Night Butcher was known as the King of Murder, his real ability was merely on the same level as a regular Martial Dao master. He was still far away compared to Yuan Bupo. Therefore, Ye Chen did not even bother using the Almighty Killer Sword.


    The Dark Night Butcher was wearing a pair of sharp claws on both hands. He stood far away as if his hands were soaked in molten iron. A cold gleam shone under the lights as his claws charged at the white saber in Ye Chen’s hand.


    The white saber in Ye Chen’s hand sliced through the pair of sharp claws directly as the clang resounded. The white saber swung through the sky, cutting the air. It was still going strong as if it was going to destroy everything.

    “Oh no!” The Dark Night Butcher had a change in expression as he fell backward directly. He moved his body like a leech, barely dodging Ye Chen’s saber.

    ‘What a quick saber!’

    Dense shock flashed through his eyes when he looked at the white saber in Ye Chen’s hand after managing to find his footing again. ‘So, is this the so-called Weapon Consolidation in the Chinese Martial Dao World? Although it’s not real, it’s even sharper than the real thing.’

    His iron claws were made of the best material. Their sharpness aside, they were very tough. They could pierce through walls made of rebar and soil. Alas, they were now broken by a swing of Ye Chen’s saber!

    While Ye Chen was approaching him in an overbearing manner, the white saber in his hand exuded a dazzling white glow. The saber qi was overwhelming.

    That single swing of the saber alone made the Dark Night Butcher’s face change drastically. Goosebumps exploded all over his body.

    He took a deep breath as madness flashed through his eyes. “Master Ye, it’s you who is forcing me to do this!”

    “Blood Devil Form!” he shouted. All of the vital energy and blood in his body were released. At the same time, his body began to swell quickly, and endless vital energy and blood gathered behind him.

    Within the blink of an eye, he seemed to have grown twice his size. His body was bloody red while the vital energy and blood behind him had consolidated into a bloody giant that was over 3 meters tall.

    A ridiculous amount of aura radiated from his body like an ancient ferocious beast coming into the world.

    Xue Xiao, who was standing at the shore, could not help but scream out loud when he saw that, “I-is this the Blood Devil Form from the Western culture?”

    “Second Uncle, what’s the Blood Devil Form?” Xue Xuejiao had her eyes on the duo on the lake, especially on Ye Chen. Because Ye Chen’s back faced her and given that they were a distance away, she could not see him clearly. Somehow though, she had a feeling that the silhouette looked rather familiar.

    “The Blood Devil Form is a secret tactic from Western culture. You can grow your combat strength significantly by using the vital energy and blood in your entire body to stimulate your potential,” Xue Xiao said with his deep voice, “The scariest thing is that in order to cultivate the Blood Devil Form, one must drink all kinds of poisonous animals’ blood to make their own blood deadly poisonous.”

    He paused as he spoke to this point as he had his eyes on Ye Chen. “I wonder who that man is to be able to force the other person to show his Blood Devil Form. That’s terrifying.”

    “Blood Devil Form?” While Ye Chen wondered for a second, the white saber in his hand that was growing charged out at that bloody giant shadow. There was sufficient saber intent in his swing to tear the lake apart.

    The Dark Night Butcher screamed when the bloody giant behind him opened its eyes like an evil god observing the world in a condescending manner. Subsequently, it took a step out and slapped its big hand toward Ye Chen with a cloud of bloody gas lingering around it.

    Scorching black smoke appeared on the lake as soon as the bloody gas touched the water. Countless dead fish and shrimps floated on the lake.

    The Dark Night Butcher scoffed upon seeing that. He had cultivated this secret tactic for 15 years. Not only did he have to drink venomous blood, but he would also need to use the blood to wipe his body. A single drop of venomous blood could kill 1,000 people. Meanwhile, a regular person would turn into a pool of blood after breathing in the gas.

    He was fine because he had gathered the toxins in his gallbladder and suppressed it with energy. He would not have performed that if it were not his last resort, or else, he would have been at risk.

    ‘Is he from a sect that’s similar to the Five Poisons Cult in the cultivation world?’ Ye Chen came to a realization before he then shook his head lightly. ‘Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on me.’

    After all, with the body of an immortal, no poison could harm him.

    Ye Chen activated the white saber in his hand to charge at the bloody shadow as he thought about this. The swing of saber created a saber qi that was over three meters tall, which then sliced the bloody shadow into half like a piece of cake.

    The saber qi was still going strong as it severed the Dark Night Butcher’s head that was behind the bloody shadow directly. The saber qi went 300 meters ahead, creating a trail that was more than three meters long on the hanging bridge on the shore. The people on the bridge could not stop screaming in horror.

    “How is that possible?!” The Dark Night Butcher did not die immediately. Instead, he was watching the white saber in Ye Chen’s hand with his eyes opened wide before his head then fell from his body.

    The King of Murder, the Dark Night Butcher, whose name was known in the international underground world, was killed by Ye Chen with a swing of his saber.

    Ye Chen picked up the Dark Night Butcher’s head that was tangled in seaweed. He leaped onto the hanging bridge as everybody watched in shock.

    On the bridge, Xue Xuejiao screamed when she saw his face clearly, “It’s you!?”

    “Who is he?” Xue Xiao was slightly stunned. There was fear in his eyes when he looked at Ye Chen. To be exact, he was terrified.

    He knew how powerful the Dark Night Butcher was. Although it was not compelling, even he, Xue Xiao, would not dare to say that he could break the Blood Devil Form that came in the later part.

    However, Ye Chen had just killed him with a single swing of his saber.

    He thought, ‘Who is this person exactly? Since he’s so powerful, he’ll definitely be ranked top five on the Heaven Leaderboard. How come I’ve never seen him before?’

    Xue Xuejiao was secretly hesitating. He eventually said, “Second Uncle, h-he’s Mad Southern Ye!”


    Xue Xiao was stunned at first, and his heart suddenly jolted. The fear in his eyes grew significantly when he looked at Ye Chen again. ‘He’s Mad Southern Ye?!’

    Before this, he was rather angered by Mad Southern Ye, especially when he had a breakthrough in his cultivation base. Given that Xue Lei had died a devastating death, he wanted to take revenge on Mad Southern Ye. However, he suppressed the thought by force now. His expressions could not stop changing as he thought about it.

    Second Uncle?

    Upon hearing the two words, Ye Chen could not help but lift his head to look at Xue Xiao. “I heard that you’re embittered by me, hmm?”


    Xue Xiao’s scalp turned numb, which he immediately said, “No, I’ve never had that thought before.”

    “If you do, I’m free to spar anytime!” Ye Chen looked at him wryly. He left in a cool manner, holding the Dark Night Butcher’s head in one hand while carrying his daughter in the other.

    Xue Xiao was finally relieved after he left. His expression was extremely grim. “How’s Mad Southern Ye so powerful?”

    “Second Uncle, what about avenging Xue Lei?” Xue Xuejiao’s face was pale. Even her Second Uncle had retreated. Would that not mean that her life would be controlled by Ye Chen forever?

    Xue Xiao grinned. “Although I can’t do anything to him, there’s a man who can kill him!”

    “Who’s that?” she asked by instinct.

    Xue Xiao said nothing as intense fear flashed through his eyes.