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Chapter 207 - Ye Chen’s Mischievous Child

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 207: Ye Chen’s Mischievous Child

    When Ye Chen was looking for the Dark Night Butcher’s whereabouts with the Patriarch of Hell, he suddenly felt his daughter Mengmeng moving. In addition to that, she was moving quickly.

    He had left behind a spiritual energy seed within the little girl since the beginning. Her movements would not escape his senses besides the fact that their hearts were connected.

    “Haha, the King of Murder, are you trying to use my daughter to capture me? I’m sorry that I’ll disappoint you.”

    Ye Chen chuckled softly. He went in the direction he sensed after calling out to the Patriarch of Hell, traveling at a normal speed.


    In the suburbs of Beijing, a young man with a pale face was walking in the dark while holding a little girl of four or five years old.

    The little girl blinked, seeming a little impatient. “Uncle, how much more do we have to walk until I see Daddy?”

    “Soon, we’ll get there soon,” the young man said in fluent Mandarin with an extraordinarily friendly expression on his face.

    The little girl tilted her head and looked at him a few times. “Uncle, are you really my Daddy’s friend?”

    “That’s right, your Daddy and I are best friends.” The young man nodded while smiling. He did not stop walking towards the location he had picked earlier.

    She said naively, “But I’ve never seen you before. My Daddy said a girl should learn to protect herself when she’s out there.”

    The young man’s smile froze. “Your family and I have known each other for many years. You weren’t born yet.”

    The little girl opened her eyes wide rather curiously. “Uncle, how long have you known my Daddy?”

    He felt his patience was wearing thin, so he said in his deep voice, “Very long.”

    The little girl could not stop asking questions along the way. Her questions were odd such as ‘why do you smell so bad, uncle?’. She asked about his hygiene and commented that his nails were long.

    “How long is long?”

    As expected, the little girl was getting to the bottom of things.

    “Shut up!” The corner of the young man’s lips twitched hard. ‘Are you done?’

    “You yelled at me, uncle!” The little girl pouted, looking wronged.

    The young man ignored her as he marched faster while holding her hand.

    ‘Almost there, we’re almost there. We’ll get to the place that I prepared earlier in about 1.6 kilometers. If Master Ye dares to come, he’ll definitely fall into the trap.’

    At that moment, the little girl suddenly turned her head and shouted in excitement, “Daddy, I’m here!”

    The young man was shocked to hear her say that. He picked her up and ran quickly without even turning his head.

    He noticed that something was off after running a couple of steps because the little girl in his embrace had turned quiet.

    He held his head low and looked at her by instinct. She looked at him while pouting. “You’re not my Daddy’s friend. You’re a bad guy. Put me down.”

    “Shut up. I’ll kill you if you make a sound!”

    The young man realized that he had been fooled. He was surprised by how smart this little girl was, but he was rather enraged. His cold expression was completely revealed.

    Initially, he thought the little girl would be so scared that she would not dare to speak since he had yelled at her.

    Never had he thought the little girl would not look scared at all. Instead, she said in all seriousness, “Bad uncle, I’ll be mad if you don’t let me down.”

    The young man could not help but scoff. He was the King of Murder. If he could not even handle a little girl, people should just call him the King of Scum instead.

    Subsequently, a chubby little hand slapped his face.

    Disdain flashed through the Dark Night Butcher’s eyes. How much strength could a four-year-old have?

    He did not even bother stopping her.


    In the next second, the Dark Night Butcher felt a massive force slap his mouth. He could not help but groan. He then spat two teeth out. They were his front teeth. He was dumbstruck at that moment.

    Did a four-year-old just slap his two front teeth off?

    Another pink fist smashed into his face. The punch landed squarely on his right eye.

    The Dark Night Butcher saw stars, and his right eye began to swell.

    “I’m going to kill you!” The little girl could not stop punching his face.

    Soon, the Dark Night Butcher’s face was swollen. He was furious when he finally managed to react. He grabbed the little girl’s neck with killing intent on his face. He seemed to be attempting to snap her throat.


    When his hand was about to wrap around the little girl’s neck, a shadow charged from her head.

    The shadow was growing longer with the wind, and it transformed into a big, black snake instantly. It was approximately the thickness of an adult’s arm as it charged at the Dark Night Butcher’s hand with its fangs.

    “What’s that?”

    The Dark Night Butcher’s scalp turned numb. He dodged the big snake’s attack instantly and took a few steps back. Cold sweat dripped down his back when he finally saw it clearly.

    The snake attacked him again.

    “A snake?” The Dark Night Butcher squinted and slapped out at the snake. His palm landed on the snake directly, throwing it a few meters out.

    “Let’s go, Xiaohei. Let’s go find Daddy.”

    The little girl got onto the snake’s back immediately and wrapped herself around its body. The snake turned its head and glared coldly at the Dark Night Butcher, then it headed straight into the dark.

    It knew that it had just been born not long ago whereby it was not a match for this man before him, so it dared not remain in a battle with him.

    “Run? Where do you want to run?” The Dark Night Butcher smirked and went after them immediately. Greed flashed through his eyes. “This snake is spiritual. If I manage to control it, will I, the Dark Night Butcher be afraid of anyone then?”

    As the little girl lay on Xiaohei, she could not stop urging, “Xiaohei, the bad uncle is coming for us. Go faster.”

    Seeing that the bad uncle was getting close to them, the little girl suddenly screamed, “Daddy!”

    “What a cunning little thing! Are you trying to fool me again?” The Dark Night Butcher smirked in disdain, but he was not fooled this time.

    In the next second, a cold voice echoed through the entire forest, “Don’t be afraid, my darling. Daddy is here.”

    A young man arrived walking in the air as soon as that was said. There was a dog following behind the young man, and it was also hovering in the air.

    The Dark Night Butcher was completely dumbstruck to see that.

    The young man arrived before the little girl in a flash.

    The little girl threw herself into his embrace and said while panting, “You’re finally here, Daddy. I was so scared.”

    “It’s okay. Aren’t I here now? Nobody will harm you now.” Ye Chen caressed her chubby face and then looked at Xiaohei that was aside. His eyes were rather chilly. “Useless thing.”

    Xiaohei buried its head, feeling guilty. It moved and shrunk into a little snake the size of a palm.

    It had been less than a month since it came out of the egg, so it was still weak and there were limited techniques that it could perform. It could fight regular people, but it was hard to fight the Dark Night Butcher.

    A black puppy fell hard onto the ground, making dust fly everywhere. The black puppy stood on both feet after the dust faded. He laughed at Xiaohei that was on the ground. “Hahaha, No. 2, I’m here! I’m embarrassed to have a brother like you, but don’t worry. I’ll avenge you today. Remember to call me your big brother next time.”

    The Patriarch of Hell wagged its tail in an arrogant manner after saying that.

    “Go away!” Ye Chen kicked the Patriarch of Hell’s butt just when he was going to charge at the Dark Night Butcher.

    He then looked at the Dark Night Butcher while smiling. “The King of Murder, Mr. Dark Night Butcher, we finally meet.”