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Chapter 204 - They Call Me Mad Southern Ye

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 204: They Call Me Mad Southern Ye

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    The moment the bearded hunk suddenly held Ye Chen hostage with a dagger, the tourists around were shocked, including Huang Fugui, Yan Ning, and the rest who were next to him.

    Seeing that Ye Chen was held hostage, Sun Sirong was the first to react. She screamed and attempted to run over by instinct, “No!”

    “Don’t move!” the bearded hunk yelled instantly. He stuck his dagger close to Ye Chen’s neck and said ferociously, “You guys can try coming here if you want him dead.”

    At the same time, he stared dangerously at the policewoman.

    As ancient martial artists who had powerful abilities, the trio was not scared of the regular people around them. The only thing that they were worried about was the gun in the policewoman’s hand.

    “Don’t you guys dare do it. Let Brother Ye go right now!” Yan Ning shouted.

    Huang Fugui, Huang Pei, and Yan Ning were sweating from the scare.

    The policewoman reacted too, and there was a slight change of expression on her pretty face. “What do you guys want?”

    “What else would we want?” The bearded hunk smiled coldly. “Officer Ye, you’ve been following us three brothers. Aren’t you tired? My request is simple: let us go now.”

    “In your dreams!” Ye Jing declined without even thinking about it, “You guys from the Lone Wolf assassin organization have killed countless innocent people throughout the years. Your hands are soaked in blood. More people will die if I let you guys go.”

    “So, I guess you want him dead? I’m counting to three. If you don’t move, I’ll kill this brat with my dagger.” The bearded hunk began counting down while holding the dagger, looking ferocious. “Three…”

    “No, let him go!” Yan Ning’s pretty face changed.

    Ye Jing hesitated and said while clenching her teeth, “Sure, I’ll let you guys go after you let him go.”

    “Do you think we’re idiots? What if you back out after I let him go?” a man behind the bearded hunk could not help but scoff, “Officer Ye, let us go. We’ll naturally let go of the brat when we get to somewhere safe.”

    “No!” Ye Jing refused instantly, “What if you kill him when you guys get to a safe place? I’ve got to guarantee the hostage’s safety. How about you guys go in front while I’ll follow behind? We’ll keep 100 meters away from each other.”

    The bearded hunk’s expressions changed a few times. He subsequently nodded and said, “Sure, you can only follow us from 100 meters away. I’ll kill this brat if you dare to take one step closer.”

    “Alright,” Ye Jing agreed to that. She then gestured to the people around to give them way.

    “You guys will go first.” The bearded hunk turned his head and looked at the two men behind him. They nodded and walked first. He then walked out of the crowd slowly while holding Ye Chen.

    “Master Ye!”

    “Brother Ye!”

    Sun Sirong and Yan Ning wanted to go after them by instinct, but Ye Jing stopped them. “Wait, we’re not 100 meters away yet.”

    “Officer Ye, you must save Master Ye. Nothing must happen to him.” Sun Sirong was sweating in panic.

    Ye Jing looked deeply at her. “Ms. Sun, you’re fortunate that I got here in time. You should feel even more fortunate that they aren’t holding you hostage instead.”

    “What do you mean by that?” Sun Sirong was slightly stunned.

    Ye Jing said coldly, “Because we heard that the three assassins came for you.”

    Sun Sirong’s face turned pale. They had nothing to do with her, so why would they want to kill her? And how would they know about her whereabouts?

    “Alright, we can follow them now.” Ye Jing had been estimating the distance based on the time. Seeing that it was almost time, she took the lead to go after them. Sun Sirong, Yan Ning, and Zhang Daniu also went after them immediately.

    Huang Fugui and Huang Pei who stayed where they were, glancing at each other. They went after them after some hesitation.


    The bearded hunk went somewhere with no one around while holding Ye Chen hostage.

    When they were passing by an alley, the middle-aged man among the three said, “Brother Tiger, that lady doesn’t seem to be following us.”

    Upon hearing that, the bearded hunk was relieved. Killing intent flashed through his eyes when he looked at Ye Chen. “Brat, you’ve got yourself to blame to be unfortunate for encountering us, the wolf, tiger, and leopard brothers.”

    “You’re good guys. Didn’t you promise that officer that you’d let me go when you guys are safe?” Fear flashed through Ye Chen’s face before he said rather angrily, “I get it now. You guys took your words back.”

    “Hahaha!” The three of them laughed out loud hearing that.

    The bearded hunk mocked him, “You naive brat! How is it possible that we’d let you go now that you’ve seen us? Don’t worry. I’ll do it quickly, so you won’t feel any pain at all.”

    The bearded hunk proceeded to slice Ye Chen’s throat with the dagger in his hand after saying that. He knew that his dagger was extremely sharp. A slight cut would result in a great deal of blood splashing out of his victim’s throat.

    However, a screeching metallic sound was heard when his dagger cut Ye Chen’s throat.

    He looked at Ye Chen and realized that nothing had happened to his neck. The dagger, on the other hand, had countless dents on it.

    The bearded hunk stared at the dagger blankly while the other two looked at Ye Chen in disbelief.

    In the next second, the bearded hunk felt like his arm had loosened. Subsequently, he felt dizzy. When he managed to react, he saw Ye Chen that had escaped from his grip. He was standing two steps away and looking at them wryly. “There’s no one here. I can finally kill you now!”

    That was quick!

    As the three of them were shocked, the bearded hunk took a sharp inhalation. “W-who exactly are you?”

    “They call me Mad Southern Ye.” Ye Chen smirked, revealing his teeth. “You guys are unfortunate to have held me hostage instead of anyone else.”

    Mad Southern Ye!

    The three of them felt their scalps go numb as soon as that was said.

    They were ancient martial artists, as well as members of an assassin group. How would they not know about the famous Mad Southern Ye?

    The fact that Mad Southern Ye killed Master Yuan Bupo on Surge River and three masters at the top of the snow mountain had stirred the entire Martial Dao World in China. Given that he was then ranked No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard, he had emerged as the No. 1 of China.

    Such a person was on their Lone Wolf assassin organization’s do-not-kill list because they could not afford to offend him.

    “A 30-year-old who would bring a little girl with him…cold and has achieved a high level in Martial Dao. Now that I look at him, he’s 70 to 80% similar to that man in the photo…” The bearded hunk’s lips quivered.


    The three of them fell to their knees weakly and knelt before Ye Chen at the same time. They buried their heads low, shaking intensely.

    He really was Mad Southern Ye!

    Such a person could kill Martial Dao masters with a swing of a sword or a fist and he chased after a master like a dog.

    They happened to hold Mad Southern Ye hostage instead of anyone else in the world!

    At that very moment, the three of them felt despair.

    Ye Jing, Sun Sirong, Yan Ning, Huang Fugui, and the rest who made it there witnessed that. They were so shocked that they could not speak.

    What was happening?

    The bearded hunk could not stop kowtowing as soon as he saw Ye Jing. “Officer Ye, I’m begging you to arrest us. We definitely won’t fight back.”

    “What…?” Ye Jing was dumbstruck.

    What exactly happened?

    The three assassins, who were escaping in hopes that they would have a pair of wings to flee, were begging her to arrest them now?

    “Arrest me, now, Officer Ye. I’m begging you,” the bearded hunk proceeded to say.

    He would rather Ye Jing arrest him than being killed by the devil, Ye Chen. Suddenly, the explosion of a gunshot was heard. She pushed Sun Sirong and Yan Ning down immediately. “Oh, no! Get down!”

    Ye Chen squinted and looked where the gunshot was coming from. A payload rifle’s bullet was expanding in his line of vision!

    Meanwhile, the bullet was aimed at him.