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Chapter 203 - Being Held Hostage

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 203: Being Held Hostage

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    At around past four in the next afternoon, Huang Fugui closed the Qi Medicine Hall earlier than usual. They did not grab a cab since the traffic in Beijing was off-putting.

    It was off-putting at regular hours, let alone with the assembly at the Dharma Zen Temple going on today. Countless people would come from outside the city.

    Ye Chen carried his daughter and took the train to the Imperial City with Huang Pei and the rest. They were not rushing as they were early.

    Yan Ning and Huang Pei were dressed up that day, attracting countless stares from men on the train. Yan Ning would buy some snacks whenever she saw snack stalls by the street, thus also buying the little gluttonous Mengmeng’s heart.

    The dharma assembly was held at the People’s Square that was less than 1.6 kilometers from Donganmen. When they arrived at Donganmen, a crowd was already gathered as they looked over.

    Meanwhile, there was a space approximately 200 square meters large vacated in the middle of the crowd. The setup was almost done.

    “Wow! There are so many people, Daddy!” The little girl was too short, so she could not see what was happening. Ye Chen could only carry her. She was exclaiming while eating the snacks in her hands.

    Even Ye Chen and Huang Pei were shocked.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly.

    Religion was a scary thing, especially in China that had such a large population. Tourists would queue up the night before to visit some temples during the festivities.

    There were so many people. As soon as some violence or sudden event happened, there would definitely be a stampede or their lives would even be harmed.

    “Higher, Daddy. I can’t see.” The little girl was stomping in his embrace. She could not stop looking into the crowd while raising her neck although it seemed to be tiring for her.

    Ye Chen could only put her on his shoulder. Mengmeng was riding on his neck instantly while giggling from the fun. “I’m riding a horse. Daddy is a horse. Hiyah!”

    “If Daddy is a horse, then you’re my little pony. You’re a greedy little pony.”

    Ye Chen was in between tears and laughter while holding the little girl’s hand. He carried her and walked into the crowd while saying, “Don’t stray, you guys. There are too many people, and you might get lost if you wander around.”

    Huang Fugui and the rest nodded to acknowledge that.

    There were a table and more than ten round cushions on the ground in the isolation stall in the middle of the crowd. At that moment, the crowd broke into a clamor.

    A serious old man in robes walked into the isolation stall. Meanwhile, there were more than ten monks who were dressed in the same robes behind him.

    The people were completely stirred as soon as they appeared.

    “It’s Master Daohui from the Dharma Zen Temple!” Huang Fugui was rather excited.

    Ye Chen glanced at the so-called Master Daohui. Looking at his weak face and how he seemed to be itchy down there when he walked, he clearly just finished some funny business with a lady.

    ‘Pah, does a man like him deserve to be called a master?’ Ye Chen could not help but shake his head, his interest already vanishing.

    He frowned upon seeing that the people around him were going crazy. He scanned the area with his Divine Consciousness like flowing water, covering a range of 100 meters. Nothing could escape his eyes.

    The benefit of doing that was that he could retreat with his people as soon as any accident happened.

    Through the Divine Consciousness, he noticed there were many dippers who were pickpockets around. They were picking pockets at the moment, but they did not notice that whatever they were doing was being watched at all.

    Ye Chen said nothing. After all, it had nothing to do with him.

    At that moment, a familiar scent caught his attention. He saw a lady wearing a cap and red heels standing less than 20 steps away from him. She was looking into the crowd while standing on tiptoe.

    Sun Sirong?

    Although she had her back towards him, Ye Chen recognized her anyway. She was the Qiannan Medicine King, Sun Liancheng’s daughter, Sun Sirong. He had treated her illness back then.

    Sun Sirong turned her head to look at him after seeming to sense his stare. She was stunned at first. Then, she walked over in excitement. “It’s you, Master Ye.”

    A whiff of fragrance came as she was now standing next to him. She took a good look at him with her beautiful eyes. There was shock in her eyes when she saw Mengmeng in his embrace as she came to a realization.

    “Why are you here?” Ye Chen said lightly.

    Sun Sirong rolled her eyes and said, “My dad asked me to come here. He’s a Buddhist, so he wants me to come here to draw lots for my love life.”

    She could not help but blush as she spoke to this point.

    Love lots?

    Ye Chen could not help but look at the so-called Master Daohui with a bewildered expression his face. Could that old thing hold back if Sun Sirong were to draw love lots from him?

    “Oh yeah, why are you here, Master Ye? Are you here to draw lots too?” Sun Sirong looked at him and asked curiously.

    Just when Ye Chen was going to speak, he could not help but frown because he saw three people coming over through his Divine Consciousness.

    Most importantly, the three of them were ancient martial artists. Their cultivation base should be on Internal Energy, and they had been checking Sun Sirong out secretly.

    Could it be that the three of them were here for her?

    Ye Chen looked deeply at Sun Sirong who knew nothing. He frowned but kept silent.

    The difference between regular people and ancient martial artists was their vital energy and blood. The more powerful it was, the higher the ability of the person was. Meanwhile, the vital energy and blood of the three men were at least tens of times more powerful than that of regular people.

    For Martial Dao masters like Yuan Bupo, if he were to release all of his vital energy and blood, his aura alone could kill a regular person.

    Just when he was thinking to himself, his Divine Consciousness told him that the three ancient martial artists coming toward Sun Sirong were pretending to be regular people. They looked at each other when they were less than five steps away from Sun Sirong. A ferocious gleam flashed through their eyes just as they were going to kill her.

    Ye Chen’s expression turned grim. Just when he was hesitating to attack, a scream came from behind the crowd, “Stop!”

    Not only did the scream scare the three ancient martial artists, but it also scared the people around them. Everyone turned their heads to look by instinct and saw a lady in a police uniform walking over.

    She was currently holding a gun with her eyes on the three ancient martial artists. She said with a cold expression, “It’s best that you guys don’t do whatever you were going to do.”

    Before the people managed to react, a bearded hunk among the three ancient martial artists clenched his teeth and suddenly charged at Ye Chen who was closest to him.

    ‘Hmm, is he making me his hostage? Interesting!’

    Although he was stunned, Ye Chen saw through his intention directly. He stood still with a mysterious expression, allowing the knife to slide behind his neck.

    The bearded hunk did not notice Ye Chen’s strange expression. Instead, he lifted his head and looked at the policewoman with a fierce glare.

    “Don’t move if you want him to live!”