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Chapter 202 - A Hundred Million Dollar Reward, the Dark Night Butcher

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 202: A Hundred Million Dollar Reward, the Dark Night Butcher

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    In the Imperial Wind Pavilion garden, Ye Chen stood with his arms behind his back. As he lifted his head and took a good look at the garden before him, a smile was revealed on his face after he sensed the dragon energy coming out of the artificial lake.

    Mengmeng was enjoying herself while playing with a bunch of monkeys at the artificial mountain. Blushing, she carried a big packet of sunflower seeds in her hand. The 20 monkeys stood on two feet obediently before her. They were like a group of good students who were paying attention in class.

    “That’s for you, Cutie No. 2.” The little girl grabbed a handful of sunflower seeds then tossed them at a male monkey that was closest to her.

    “Cutie No. 3, don’t bully others, okay?”

    The Patriarch of Hell lay in the bushes aside and looked at the bunch of monkeys with disdain on his face. At the same time, he was secretly collapsing.

    ‘Damn it! This little girl is bullying me.’

    The patriarch could not help but look at a tiny black snake on the artificial mountain. ‘It’s unfair. Why aren’t they calling him Cutie No. 2?’

    The patriarch revealed a cunning smirk as he rolled his eyes. He walked over while wagging his tail. He said passionately, “Hey, shall we play a game?”

    Xiaohei opened his eyes and peeped at him, then he shut his eyes again.

    ‘No way, no way. I’ll never listen to you again.’

    After playing a game with the patriarch the last time, in which the patriarch got him to lick the plug, his tongue lost its senses for three days in a row.


    Ye Chen watched everything that was happening while smiling. The little girl’s body had transformed ever since she consumed medicinal pills like candy. She was extremely friendly with the bunch of monkeys that were not exactly intelligent.

    Given that the patriarch and Xiaohei would release their aurae intentionally, the bunch of monkeys was obedient to the little girl.

    At that moment, a car pulled over. Wang Meng opened the trunk after getting down from the car and handed a bank card over. “My lord, I’ve bought all of the materials that you asked for.”

    Ye Chen scanned the items with his Divine Consciousness and subsequently nodded.

    Apart from testing the Su family, he had purchased the Imperial Wind Pavilion to build a great formation with the help of the dragon energy in there. It would cover the entire Imperial Wind Pavilion, as well as turn the dragon energy into spiritual energy. Besides that, it could be used as a defense.

    The formation was called the Great Nine Heavens Dragon Transformation Formation.

    Unfortunately, he had barely gathered the materials to refine the formation flags. He was still lacking the soul-gathering plate which was the center of the formation that gave the nine formation flags power. Only that could maintain the activation of the formation.

    Meanwhile, to refine the soul-gathering plate, he would need spiritual stones. The earth lacked spiritual energy, so it was natural that there would not be any spiritual stones. He could only resort to using chalcedonies to replace spiritual stones.

    However, he did not have any chalcedonies at the moment.

    It seemed like he had to pay Old Chen a visit.

    As he planned that in his head, he carried his daughter and returned to the Qi Medicine Hall. He realized that Yan Ning was there too. She simply could not stop chatting with Huang Pei as they had become good friends now.

    “What are you guys talking about?” Ye Chen asked curiously.

    Yan Ning turned her head to look at him and said in excitement, “Brother Ye, we’re talking about a dharma assembly that’s happening in the Imperial City tomorrow afternoon. I heard that the Dharma Zen Temple is organizing it. It’s going to be a grand affair and many people are going.”

    “Boss, can we close earlier tomorrow afternoon and check it out?” Huang Pei asked, looking pitiful. She seemed to be afraid that Ye Chen might be mad, so she added instantly, “Don’t worry. I’ll replace my hours later.”

    Huang Fugui, who was standing aside, displayed his anticipation too as he was a loyal Buddhist follower. Meanwhile, Zhang Daniu was focused on his book. He did not seem to notice the two beauties at all.

    “That’s right, Brother Ye. Do you want to go with us?” Yan Ning too looked at Ye Chen in expectation.

    Ye Chen wanted to decline, but an epiphany flashed through his mind. He asked, “The Dharma Zen Temple that you guys are talking about…is it a temple in Beijing?”

    “That’s right. It’s very famous.” Yan Ning nodded.

    Huang Fugui could not help but speak up as well, “Boss, the Dharma Zen Temple’s abbot is a monk who is an expert in dharma. I heard that he can perform exorcisms.”

    ‘Exorcisms?’ Ye Chen secretly scoffed. He was not going there for some dharma assembly. He was going mainly because Su Youwei had mentioned before that Yuhan might be captured in a temple.

    Now that Yan Ning reminded him about it, he said after nodding, “Sure, I’ll definitely go tomorrow.”


    The Su family carried out Su Tao’s order pretty quickly.

    Within half an hour, the entire international underground world was stirred. They were like flies that smelled blood.

    USD 100 million was close to 700 million yuan. It was considered an astronomically-priced reward in the international underground world and was enough to make any assassins or organization go nuts for it.

    “Master Ye of China is rumored to master spells and can control lightning…”

    Almost at the same time, all the international underground world members received the reward details and information about Ye Chen.

    “Control lightning? Is he like Thor with a hammer in the movie?”

    Many of them laughed out loud, their mockery obvious. The Asians must have watched too much Thor. How could a mortal control lightning?

    Even if he really could, they cared nothing about that. The reason why assassins were called assassins was that they could kill in many ways. Who would choose to fight him face-to-face?

    There were assassinations, poisoning, and sneak attacks that came out of nowhere. No matter what, before he could do anything, let alone perform some lightning method, his head might have already fallen onto the ground.

    What troubled them was that Master Ye was in China. On top of that, he was in the capital of China.

    “It’s rather troublesome to assassinate this person in China,” Many forces and organizations frowned slightly in hesitation.

    Immigration alone was tough. Secondly, guns were prohibited in China. They could not bring over large weapons or too many people with them, or else, it would alert the Chinese government.

    Throughout the years, there had been assassinations in the Chinese capital but all of them failed. Only the Dark Night Butcher who was named the King of Murder had succeeded. That was how the Dark Night Butcher was ranked No. 1 on the international assassin leaderboard, the Bloody Skull Leaderboard. That was also how he got the nickname the “King of Murder”.

    The reward was appealing. Some gave up while some were not afraid of that. At that moment, many famous assassin organizations such as Seven Murders, the Sky Dog, the Dark Dragon, and the Hidden Bat were fighting to take up this mission.

    In a hotel, a pale man was looking at the reward mission on the computer. He licked his knife and said while squinting, “USD 100 million. Although that’s not a lot, it’s not that little either. I, the Dark Night Butcher, will accept that.”

    After he clicked on the button softly, a note popped up on the screen: “We won’t provide any assistance, and the target is in the Chinese capital.”

    “Fine by me.” The man chuckled softly before he then received every information about Ye Chen. He walked to the window and pulled the curtains open. He grinned while he watched the rain outside.

    “China? This is ridiculous. It’s just a weak, sick cat. I was doing whatever I wanted ten years ago. Ten years later, I’m even more fearless. Master Ye, enjoy the last moments of your life. Nobody I, the Dark Night Butcher, want to kill will live.”