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Chapter 201 - I’ve Told You that You’d Definitely Die A Devastating Death Within A Month!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 201: I’ve Told You that You’d Definitely Die A Devastating Death Within A Month!

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    What was happening? Did the bullets freeze?

    Li Yuanqing, Han Xu, and Wei Nan were stunned, but Xue Xuejiao revealed an expression as if she had seen that coming.

    “Shoot him! Shoot him!” Su Jian yelled furiously.

    Another series of gunshots were heard. They looked again when they were out of bullets while the shells began to pile up on the ground. A dense blanket of bullets had gathered in the air before Ye Chen.

    When they looked again, Ye Chen remained standing where he was, perfectly fine. Mengmeng, who was in his embrace, could not stop clapping her tiny hands. She was giggling. “This is fun. This is so fun!”

    1Nobody spoke at that moment. They were watching everything in extreme shock. They thought that whatever they were looking at was beyond what they knew.

    Wei Nan’s heart jolted as regret flashed in her eyes. She thought she seemed to have offended a man that the entire Wei family could not afford to offend.

    “Impossible, that’s impossible!” Fear filled Su Jian’s face. He grabbed a gun from behind and pulled the trigger at Ye Chen. However, there were no bullets left.


    Ye Chen chuckled and peered at the bullet rain before him. The second he lifted his arm, all of the bullets fell onto the ground.

    At the same time, the 500 people fell onto the ground. They were quiet and not a sound of breathing was heard. There was a dead chill like lightning had just struck the garage.

    The 500 people from the Huben Camp were defeated.

    However, Ye Chen did not kill them. He had merely knocked them out.


    Su Jian fell onto the ground from shock as terror filled his face. “Who are you? Who exactly are you?”

    How could a person be so powerful?

    Not only could he stop the bullets, but he could also even control the bullets to kill!

    Wei Nan stared blankly at Ye Chen, scared senseless. She finally began to regret her actions as she finally understood now. Whatever she had seen before this was merely the surface.

    It was no wonder that Ye Chen could treat Yan Ning.

    It was no wonder that he had the confidence to go to Pleasantville for a free meal from the wealthy families. It was no wonder that Wei Dong fell to the ground as soon as he saw him, whereby he even rolled onto the floor. It was no wonder that the Fast Attack Group could be destroyed. It was no wonder that he dared to fight over the Imperial Wind Pavilion with the Su family…

    1Meanwhile, Li Yuanqing and Han Xu were so dumbfounded that they could no longer speak.

    Step, step, step…

    Ye Chen said nothing while walking toward Su Jian one step after another while carrying his daughter. Each step he took seemed to step on their hearts.

    Su Jian wanted to run, but he realized that his legs could no longer move. He could only watch Ye Chen approaching him with fear written on his face. “W-what are you trying to do?” He was finally scared at that moment.

    Ye Chen looked at him in a condescending manner. His eyes were cold as if he was looking at an ant. “Do you remember the fortune that I read for you? You’ll definitely die within a month!”

    “No!” Su Jian’s body jolted. He pleaded while shaking, “Don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me. I don’t want to die!”

    Ye Chen curled five fingers at him, then he grabbed Su Jian in his hand.

    “Ye Chen, Miracle Doctor Ye, p-please let me go. I-I promise that I won’t ever make you my enemy again!” Su Jian’s voice was extremely sharp and he even wet his pants from the terror.

    “Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who will die. Everyone in your family will die. I’d like to thank you at the same time. Your attack on me exposed where the Su family is standing. The family expert isn’t in Beijing, including Su Yao.

    “I suppose he’s plotting something with that man named Bai, isn’t he? Besides that, the plan has something to do with Yuhan.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly. Soon, his hand that was holding Su Jian burned with flames made out of thin air. Flames covered Su Jian completely.

    The people watched Su Jian screaming in devastation under the ball of flames in shock. Within a few seconds, he turned into black smoke.

    There was dead silence and everyone was secretly shaking.

    The wealthy family descendant of the Su family, Su Jian, had died just like that.

    Ye Chen turned around and looked at Wei Nan next to him.

    Her face turned pale as she fell directly to the ground. She could not stop shaking. “Mr. Ye, I’m sure there’s been a misunderstanding between us.”

    “Didn’t you want me to die earlier?” Ye Chen looked sharply at her while the killing intent radiating from his body scared Wei Nan. “Naivety is the biggest crime. I’d like to say that to you too. You’re arrogant just because you come from the Wei family. That’s real ignorance.

    “I’d like to think that I’ve never offended you, but you’ve been targeting me and even want me dead. Since that’s the case, you’ve got to die.”

    “No!” Wei Nan screamed as she got up and attempted to run.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly and flicked his fingers. Invisible energy charged in the air. It pierced through her head directly.

    She felt weakness overcome her and she fell to the ground.

    Apart from Li Yuanqing, Han Qu, and Xue Xuejiao, nobody else lived.

    Although she was mentally prepared, Xue Xuejiao was shocked over and over again after witnessing Ye Chen’s power once again.

    When had Li Yuanqing and Han Xu ever seen such a gory scene? They felt their stomachs rumble. Soon, they could not help but vomit. When they were done, fear filled their eyes when they looked at Ye Chen.

    “Brother Ye, will you kill us too?” Li Yuanqing suppressed the fear within him and said in an extremely coarse voice.

    Han Xu’s lips were quivering, he was shaking softly.

    “You guys may leave.” Ye Chen glanced at them again after saying that and he disappeared before the people as he walked away.

    He only killed people that he should kill and people that made him their enemies. Li Yuanqing and Han Xu had no grudges against him, and they had no conflicts since they met, especially Li Yuanqin who had helped Ye Chen many times.


    On that night, the news of the hundreds occupying the Rongbao Auction House underground garage in an overbearing manner was concealed in the name of suppressing the surviving members of the Fast Attack Group.

    The price Ye Chen had to pay was being scolded by Old Chen over the phone for half an hour. He also submitted the improved Qi Cultivation Pill recipe. The effect of the improved version was much weaker, but the difficulty level of the refinement had dropped too.

    Meanwhile, the Su family were quiet about it. It seemed like the failed bid for the Imperial Wind Pavilion and Su Jian’s devastating death did not impact them at all.

    The next morning, Ye Chen dropped by the Imperial Wind Pavilion to take over it officially. He also ordered Wang Meng to purchase lots of materials from all the stores in Beijing.


    In a barren mountain that was almost devoid of people, there was a bowl-shaped dented terrain in the middle of cliffs.

    A few silhouettes stood across each other. Each of them had a powerful aura exuding from their bodies.

    Shock and surprise flashed through a purple-robed young man’s face after hanging up the phone. “Someone else bought the Imperial Wind Pavilion!”

    “Su Tao, who the hell is that to have the courage to fight your family?” A middle-aged man who looked unfriendly was slightly stunned.

    The purple-robed man smiled indifferently. “A toad that I stepped on five years ago. I didn’t kill him the last time, and now he’s become a bigger toad. He wants to take revenge on me, Su Tao. Unfortunately, a toad will forever be a toad. Although he’s a bigger toad now, he’s still a toad.”

    1He was actually surprised because the Su family had informed him that Ye Chen was an expert in spells. He could control lightning and was Master Ye who was famous in Tiannan.

    Su Yao could not help but lift his head and look at a young man in white next to him. He said rather respectfully, “Young Master Bai, I’m planning to head back for a while.”

    “You can’t,” the young man in white declined directly and said in his deep voice, “This is a critical time for us. We can’t fail our plan, so nobody should leave. It’s just a toad. Why do you have to do it yourself? You can spend some money to get someone to assassinate him. In ten days, our plan will succeed.”

    Su Tao nodded and picked up his phone to make a call. “Release this to the underground world: anyone who manages to kill Ye Chen will be awarded USD100 million!”