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Chapter 200 - Ye, You’d Never Have Thought This Would Happen to You

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 200: Ye, You’d Never Have Thought This Would Happen to You

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    The Huben Camp was the assault camp under the 3rd Combat Brigade.

    Although there were only 500 of them, there was an intense killing intent exuding from them when they stood with their guns together. They were like ferocious tigers staring at their prey.

    Anyone would have indescribable respect and chill growing in them when they looked at the troop. That was the reason why Li Yuanqing was so stirred.

    “Su Jian, it’s a felony to use the unit for personal business. Even your family can’t protect you despite having people working in the military.” Han Xu pushed his glasses up, looking rather terrible.

    “Whatever you say now means nothing!” Su Jian shook his head. He had his eyes on Li Yuanqing, Wei Nan, Xue Xuejiao, and the rest, “Guys, I only want to fight Ye today. Come over here.”

    He did not want to kill them. After all, all of them represented wealthy families. The Su family would be in great trouble if their families were to take revenge.

    Wei Nan walked over without even thinking about it. After she stood behind Su Jian, she looked at Ye Chen with contempt on her face.

    ‘Do you think that’s the end after you played that trick on Su Jian just to show off? Do you think you’re off the hook just because you spent money and successfully won the bid for the Imperial Wind Pavilion? You’re ridiculous. It’s unfortunate that you’re destined to die here today.’

    Li Yuanqing glanced at Ye Chen, feeling pity. He then said to Su Jian, “Su Jian, must you do this? Brother Ye merely acted out of impulse. Get the Huben Camp to return. I’ll advise Brother Ye to return the Imperial Wind Pavilion to your family.”

    He really did not want to see Ye Chen die here. After all, Ye Chen was Yan Ning’s friend. Meanwhile, he kind of liked Ye Chen too.

    However, 500 people from the Huben Camp were here. Furthermore, all of them were fully armed. Even a tank would be beaten into a stick, let alone Ye Chen.

    “I’m sorry, Brother Ye. I can’t save you today.” Han Xu shook his head at Ye Chen in an apologetic manner. He then walked behind Su Jian in determination.

    Although he looked up to Ye Chen before, given that the Huben Camp was here, he had no other choice.

    “Li Yuanqing, Xue Xuejiao, are you guys sure you want to fight with Ye? Don’t think that I wouldn’t dare to kill you guys.” Su Jian’s expression turned cold upon slowly seeing that Li Yuanqing and Xue Xuejiao remained where they were. “I’ll just blame your death on Ye by then.”

    “I’ll be the witness then!” Wei Nan nodded and said, “Li Yuanqing, it’s better that you guys come over. It’s not worthy to sacrifice your life for this imbecile.”

    Ye Chen could not help but glance at her after hearing that. “Ms. Wei, I don’t think I’ve even offended you. Why do you keep wanting me to die?”

    “Naivety is the biggest offense!” Wei Nan chuckled. “You’re arrogant and ignorant just because of the relationship you have with Yan Ning. Death is what you deserve.”

    Ye Chen nodded to acknowledge that. He then looked at Li Yuanqing who was struggling and said while smiling, “Brother Li, go over. This is a personal grudge and it has nothing to do with you.”

    “But…” Li Yuanqing hesitated and eventually walked behind Su Jian. He looked rather guilty as he clenched his fists hard at the same time. He thought he would definitely report this to his uncle later. With his position in the land unit, the Su family would definitely get into trouble.

    Su Jian looked at Xue Xuejiao again. “How about you?”

    Xue Xuejiao could not help but look at Ye Chen. Seeing Ye Chen nod, she walked over while smiling. She suddenly spoke when she was passing Su Jian, “Su Jian, let me advise you something. Inhale the fresh air when you still can.”

    “What do you mean by that?” Su Jian asked by instinct.

    “Nothing.” Xue Xuejiao smiled, but there was anticipation and gloating in her eyes.

    At that moment, Ye Chen and his daughter were the only people left. Meanwhile, there were soldiers from the Huben Camp who were fully armed standing before them.

    Su Jian stood in front. He was less than 20 steps away from Ye Chen. His eyes were terrifying when he looked at Ye Chen. “Ye, you’d never have thought this would happen to you, am I right?”

    “What did I, Ye Chen ever done to have you bringing a whole camp over here to fight me?” There was surprise on Ye Chen’s face as he glanced at the 500 people before him.

    He thought of many possibilities. Su Jian would either fight on his own, or he would hire someone to fight him, or the Su family’s Martial Dao master would come to fight him. Never had he thought that he would bring the unit over.

    Su Jian could not stop deriding him, “You have yourself to blame for seeking death by fighting over the Imperial Wind Pavilion garden with my family.”

    He had gotten the death command before coming. No matter what he had to do, he would need to get the Imperial Wind Pavilion. Initially, he thought it was something right at his fingertips. Never had he thought that Ye Chen would block his way. How could he not be furious about that?

    “Don’t worry. After your death, I’ll get someone to smash your stupid store. Anyone related to you would be killed and nobody will be left behind!” Su Jian flashed a brutal smile, then he lifted his right arm slowly.


    As soon as he spoke, the first two rows of Huben Camp behind him squatted at the same time. Their movements were synchronized as the muzzles were pointed at Ye Chen and Mengmeng.

    Li Yuanqing shut his eyes in despair as Han Xu shook his head lightly.

    There was mockery in Wei Nan’s eyes. Xue Xuejiao, on the other hand, looked excited.


    At that moment, Ye Chen suddenly laughed out loud.

    Su Jian smiled as well, but his smile was cold. “Why are you still laughing when you’re at the brink of death?”

    “I’m laughing at your foolishness!” Ye Chen sighed softly. There was sympathy in his eyes when he looked at him. “Su Jian, it seems like I’ve overestimated you. You’re so much more foolish than Xue Xuejiao!”

    “What do you mean by that?” Su Jian said in his deep voice. He had no idea why he suddenly had a bad feeling growing within him.

    Ye Chen said while shaking his head, “Have you never thought about why the Fast Attack Group was destroyed? Have you never thought of why Xue Lei isn’t here today? Have you not noticed that Xue Lei’s sister hasn’t dared to speak to me since she met me here?”

    Su Jian’s expression changed when he heard that. The insecurity that he was feeling was getting stronger.

    That was right.

    The Fast Attack Group had been destroyed because they challenged Ye Chen. Xue Lei was supposed to attend an event such as this, not Xue Xuejiao. It was impossible for Xue Xuejiao not to have any idea that Xue Lei had attacked Ye Chen. However, she said nothing.

    Su Jian could not help but turn his head and looked at Xue Xuejiao as he thought to this point. “What exactly happened to Xue Lei?”

    “Why don’t you have a guess?” Xue Xuejiao smiled stiffly.

    “Ye, I don’t care who you are and what you did. You’ll die today no matter what!” Su Jian lifted his arm as he panicked. He ordered, “Fire!”

    Bang, bang, bang…

    As a series of gunfires went on, sparks flew out of the 500 black muzzles. Subsequently, a rain of bullets charged at Ye Chen like a waterfall.

    That was the end.

    Su Jian smiled coldly. However, the smile on his face froze in the next second when he saw a scene that he had never seen before in his life. The tens of thousands of bullets stopped suddenly when they were less than a meter away from Ye Chen. They hovered in the air just like that.

    There had been gunfire in the garage earlier, but it was dead silent now.

    “H-how is this possible?!” Su Jian could not help but scream.

    The rest rubbed their eyes at the same time. They revealed an expression as if they had just seen a ghost.