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Chapter 199 - I’m Only Killing Ye Today

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 199: I’m Only Killing Ye Today

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    “200 million!”

    Sounds of sharp inhalations echoed at the same time in the auction hall as soon as that bid was announced.

    ‘There’s really someone who dares to fight with the Su family at this auction!’

    The people could not help but look toward the direction of the voice. They saw a regular young man with a little girl in his arms standing up slowly from his seat.

    The young man was sitting at the same table as Su Jian.


    Everyone gasped as their faces were filled with disbelief. Since the man was sitting at the same table as Su Jian, they clearly came together. So what was this now? Was it an internal conflict?

    Apart from the crowd, even Li Yuanqing, Han Xu, Su Jian, and Wei Nan were stunned. Xue Xuejiao was the only one who revealed a faint mockery at the corner of her lips.

    Wei Nan was the first to react. She looked at Ye Chen in incredulity. “What are you doing? Why are you bidding for nothing?”

    ‘Su Jian was telling us in our face earlier not to fight for the Imperial Wind Pavilion with him and you just did that to throw him a cold blanket. Are you seeking death? Even if you are, there’s no rush about that!’

    Li Yuanqing reacted and he looked at Ye Chen with his eyes opened wide. “Brother Ye, a-aren’t you here to just watch?”

    Han Xu glanced deeply at Ye Chen. He seemed to have recalled something as he remained silent.

    “That’s right. I’m just here to watch. I’ll bid if I’m interested, and I won’t if I’m not,” Ye Chen said at ease while smiling.

    Su Jian’s expression was deadly grim. No matter how he planned this, he never thought that the person who would fight him for the Imperial Wind Pavilion at this critical time would be a piece of trash.

    It enraged him.

    ‘The many bosses here don’t even dare to fight with me. Do you think a piece of trash like you is worthy? Who gave you the balls to do so?’

    He smiled instead of being mad as he thought to this point. “Ye, I didn’t hear it clearly. What did you say?”

    Li Yuanqing secretly gestured to Ye Chen.

    Wei Nan had a scoff on her face. ‘You idiot. I really wonder where you get your courage from. Was it from Yan Ning? Or Wei Dong?’

    “300 million!” Ye Chen lifted his head and said the figures to the auction host on the stage. He subsequently turned his head and looked at Su Jian while smiling lightly. “Did you manage to catch it this time?”

    ‘Did you manage to catch it this time?’

    There was dead silence at the scene as soon as that was said. Everyone held their breaths and dared not move. They seem to smell gunpowder in the air.

    Li Yuanqing and Wei Nan lost themselves again.

    Su Jian’s face twitched hard a few times.

    “500 million!”

    Ye Chen sat down and took a sip of tea. He tossed a bomb again, staring at Su Jian with his cold, hard eyes. “You should have heard it loud and clear this time, didn’t you?”

    Su Jian glared at him with killing intent on his face. He was eager to cut him into pieces.

    “Didn’t you hear it clearly?”

    Ye Chen raised his brows lightly. He lifted his head and said to the auction host on the stage, “800 million. Host, shouldn’t you be calling the bid now?”

    The auction host secretly jolted as he was scared witless. Meanwhile, everyone heard a buzz in their ears.

    Shock! They were completely shocked!

    It was their first time seeing such a ridiculous bid. The bidder could not stop bidding when nobody else was bidding.

    Li Yuanqing was so shocked that he could not speak.

    Xue Xuejiao peered at Ye Chen secretly as a burning desire flashed through her beautiful eyes. ‘That’s a real man in my heart!’

    The auction host snapped back to his senses. He said after taking a breath in while suppressing the shock within him, “That sir has placed a bid for 800 million. 800 million going once, 800 million going twice…”

    Only God knew that his throat was trembling when he was saying that.


    Just when he was ending the bid, Wei Nan suddenly stood up. She looked at Ye Chen as disdain filled her face. “What I’m curious about is, do you even have that much money? Stop simply bidding.”

    ‘You’re just the tiny boss of a medicine store. Where could you have gotten that much money?’

    Everyone reacted after hearing that.

    That was right.

    He was placing a bid for 800 million, not 80 million. Moreover, Ye Chen did not look like a person who would have that much money.

    Su Jian reacted too. He insisted to the auction host with a grim expression, “Host, I’m suggesting to check his bank account before everyone now!”

    When the auction host nodded, a lady, who was dressed like a clerk, walked over after a phone call. “Sir, she’s our auction house finance manager. Please let her check your account!”

    The lady had a laptop in her arms.

    Ye Chen took out a bank card and tossed it at her directly, “The last six numbers is the password.”

    Su Jian scoffed upon seeing what he did, “If I find out that you’re just fooling us with your wolf’s skin, don’t you think you can walk out of this auction today.”

    Gloat filled Wei Nan’s face. ‘I’d like to see if you can show us that much money.’

    The lady turned on the laptop and tapped on the keyboard quickly after taking the card from Ye Chen. Soon, she logged into his account and was completely stunned.

    “Idiot, I’m asking you to check his account. Why are you just standing there?” Su Jian condemned.

    The lady turned the computer over to face the crowd. She said in a shaky voice, “T-this sir has s-six billion in his account.”

    The crowd could see that even if she did not tell them. There were so many zeros on the computer screen that they were dizzy just looking at them.

    There was dead silence at the scene again as countless eyes stared at Ye Chen. There were shock and disbelief…

    If he had six billion cash in his account, adding that to his real estate assets…

    “Is that enough?” Ye Chen took out another bank card, ignoring the people’s reactions. “If not, I have more!”

    The people were speechless.

    “H-how is that possible?!” Wei Nan screamed, her face was turning pale. Never had she thought that Ye Chen would have so much money. Even her family only had three billion in annual income.

    Li Yuanqi opened his mouth so wide that a dumpling could fit in it. Han Xu squinted and showed an expression as if he had expected that. Meanwhile, Xue Xuejiao smiled without saying a thing.

    “You’d better watch out, Ye!” Su Jian glanced at Ye Chen with grave resentment. He turned around and left the auction. The Su family had only given him a two billion yuan budget. Now that Ye Chen had six billion with him, what was the point of him staying?

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly. Subsequently, he looked at the crowd and said, “Is there anyone who will bid higher than me?”

    The people were speechless again.

    ‘Who will fight you when you have six billion? Moreover, isn’t it just a garden? We don’t want to spend so much money to offend someone.’

    “Good.” Ye Chen smiled coldly and lifted his head to look at the auction host.

    The host gulped and said after smacking the mallet. “This sir has placed a bid for 800 million. Going thrice. It’s a deal! Congratulations to this sir for successfully bidding for the Imperial Wind Pavilion garden!”

    The auction ended then.

    The people walked out in sequence, but the shock on their faces lingered.

    Li Yuanqing, Han Xu, and Xue Xuejiao stood aside. Wei Nan wanted to leave, but she was afraid that Ye Chen would tease her. She could only stand where she was with a stiff expression.

    Ye Chen walked over while carrying his daughter after paying and received a series of the Imperial Wind Pavilion’s formal documents from the auction.

    “Brother Ye, you’ve kept some deep secrets from us,” Li Yuanqing said with a complicated expression. He had met Ye Chen for the first time at Pleasantville and thought that Ye Chen was just a regular man. He was only slightly nicer to him because he had treated Yan Ning.

    He only took Ye Chen seriously since what happened with Wei Dong. Now that this happened at the auction, he could no longer describe what he was feeling.

    Ye Chen smiled and took the elevator to the underground garage while carrying his daughter. He was planning to get a ride from Xue Xuejiao.

    However, when they had just gotten out of the elevator, rushed footsteps came from outside. The ground was shaking slightly.

    “What’s that noise?” Li Yuanqing was stunned.

    Wei Nan was slightly astonished. She seemed to have recalled something subsequently and was looking at Ye Chen with a smirk in her eyes.

    In the next second, approximately 500 people who were fully armed from the unit ran over in a neat formation.

    Li Yuanqing took a sharp inhale. “Oh, no. Su Jian got the unit here. How dare he?!”

    Even Han Xu had a drastic change in expression.

    As soon as that was heard, the 500-strong troop stopped when they arrived less than 20 steps away from them. They stood in rows, blocking the garage entrance.

    Black muzzles were pointed at Ye Chen. There were black gleams shining on the muzzles like giant metal beasts that would eat people alive with their mouths wide open.

    Su Jian walked out from behind them. There was a killing intent that he did not bother hiding on his face.

    “Are you out of your mind, Su Jian? Are you using the unit for your private business? And they’re from the Huben Camp!” Li Yuanqing shouted in fury.

    The Huben Camp was the Elite Camp of the 3rd Combat Brigade. Although there were only 500 of them, they could defeat a group of 3,000 people if they were to fight.

    Su Jian glanced at him coldly and grinned. “I’m only killing Ye today. I hope that you guys won’t make this difficult for me!”