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Chapter 197 - Can No Hero Surpass the Barrier of Beauty?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 197: Can No Hero Surpass the Barrier of Beauty?

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    Her smile was like the blossoming of hundreds of flowers.

    “I, Xue Xuejiao, would like to think that I’m picky. There’s no man that can please me until now, so I’m still a virgin.”

    Xue Xuejiao beamed like a flower as if she had turned into the beauty in The Painted Skin. “Let me go and I’ll be your woman. I’ll even be your most loyal maid. Not only will my family not take revenge on you, but I can also help you conquer the world…”

    To her, no hero could surpass the barrier of beauty since the beginning of time.

    Moreover, no matter whether it was her body or her appearance, she was the best even in the entire Beijing. Many men wanted to own her to fulfill their desires. That was an asset that a woman could be proudest of.

    She could not help but lift her head to look at Ye Chen with charm in her eyes as she spoke. However, the face that she saw was cold. It was unresponsive without any feelings at all.

    The look he gave her was not the look of a gentleman, but neither was it the stillness of a monk in front of a beauty.

    Instead, it held contempt.

    That was right. It was contempt. She could not believe that she captured contempt in the eyes of Ye Chen as he looked at her.

    Ye Chen’s daughter, on the other hand, pouted and scoffed, “Don’t look at that, Daddy. You’ll get a sty from looking.”

    1Ye Chen took a good look at Xue Xuejiao’s beautiful body. There was no lust in his eyes at all, only slight mockery. “Pretty faces are everywhere, but an interesting soul is one in a million. Xue Xuejiao, I’ve overestimated you. These tricks of yours don’t work on me.”

    Xue Xuejiao’s face turned pale upon hearing that. Just when she was secretly in despair, a cold voice came into her ears, “I can let you go, but you must answer a question from me.”

    She was over the moon. “Do ask.”

    Ye Chen said expressionlessly, “How much do you know about the Su family? Where has Su Tao gone to recently? Also, who is Bai Li?”

    Xue Xuejiao’s words about her family reminded him about something else instead. The Xue family was a wealthy family like the Su family after all. Both families were in Beijing, so it was impossible for them not to have any idea about each other’s backgrounds.

    Meanwhile, the Su family was who he wanted to destroy.

    “Bai Li isn’t someone from one of the Beijing wealthy families. He just came to Beijing half a year ago. I heard from my Second Uncle that Bai Li is very mysterious, and there’s an expert behind him.” Xue Xuejiao seemed to be grabbing onto her last straw as she rattled on instantly, “Meanwhile, Su Tao has been close with Bai Li since half a year ago. They have been secretive, and they seem to be plotting something with the man behind Bai Li. The government is afraid of them.”

    She looked at him instinctively as she spoke to this point, “That’s all I know. As long as you don’t kill me, I’ll do whatever I can to investigate for you.”

    She knew whether she would live or die was only a matter of his thought.

    Ye Chen looked deeply at her. “Congratulations, your answer has saved your life.”

    Xue Xuejiao was relieved. Just when she was going to speak again, she suddenly saw Ye Chen flick his fingers at her. A golden air current charged out at her and subsequently vanished.

    “That was my spiritual power cyclone. It’s currently wrapped around your heart. You can consider it a technique to control you,” Ye Chen said coldly, “If you dare to disobey my order, a thought is all I need to activate the spiritual power cyclone in your body. It’ll then slice your heart repeatedly, making you feel like you’re in a living hell.”

    “You’re inhumane!” Fear filled Xue Xuejiao’s face.

    She never expected Ye Chen to use such a technique to control her. Since that was the case, would it not mean that her life would be completely under his control from now on?

    “Shut your mouth!” Ye Chen scoffed. As he thought to himself, Xue Xuejiao suddenly felt an intense pain coming from her heart that felt like it was being sliced with a knife. She shrieked and began rolling on the ground. It was no exaggeration to say that she would rather die.

    “Kill me, kill me!”

    Now, she would rather Ye Chen kill her immediately.

    He looked at her coldly, then he got the spiritual power cyclone to quieten down as he waited.

    At that moment, Xue Xuejiao was soaking wet in her sweat. Her hair was messy and her face was pale as if she had just experienced death.

    “Kneel!” Ye Chen looked at her in a condescending manner.

    Humiliation flashed through Xue Xuejiao’s face. However, it was eventually replaced by fear. She knelt obediently before him in all her naked glory.

    “I was just giving you a taste of it,” Ye Chen said extremely coldly, “From now on, your death is merely a switch of my thought. Since you want to be a dog, have a consciousness of a dog!”

    “I won’t dare to do it again, Master!” Xue Xuejiao’s raised posterior shook as her eyes were filled with dread. Experiencing the pain earlier made her realize that living was a good thing.

    She had been arrogant since young as nobody dared to challenge her. To her, Ye Chen was no different than a monster now.

    Somehow, a faint excitement grew out of her fear. The feeling of being conquered made her feel like she was on cloud nine deep in her soul.

    “Put your clothes on. You know what you should do.”

    Ye Chen carried his daughter out of the room after that. He stretched his arm out and caressed Mengmeng’s tiny hand. He said gently, “My darling, did I scare you?”

    “Are you an Armor Hero, Daddy?” The little girl shook her head and looked at him curiously with her eyes wide open.

    It was not her first time seeing such an incident like what happened today. She would be lying if she said she was not scared but not to the point that she would collapse.

    Ye Chen was stunned. “Armor Hero?”

    “That’s right. Daddy, you’re as powerful as the Armor Hero. You beat the monsters up.” The little girl swung her fist viciously.

    Ye Chen smiled awkwardly. “I guess so. But you must keep this secret for Daddy, or I won’t be able to beat monsters up in the future.”

    “Yes, I won’t tell anyone. Otherwise, Daddy’s summoning machine will be taken away by the bad guys.” Mengmeng nodded in determination.

    Ye Chen shook his head in between tears and laughter. He only saw Yan Ning, who was locked in the house, when he got to the first floor.

    The two butlers revealed an expression as if they had just seen a ghost when they saw Ye Chen. They jolted and passed out when Ye Chen got closer.

    “Brother Ye, I heard gunshots just now. A-are you alright?” Yan Ning rushed over and took a good look at Ye Chen in concern.

    He smiled and said, “I’m fine.”

    “Then, why were there gunshots?” Yan Ning was confused.

    At that moment, Xue Xuejiao, who had gotten dressed, walked out as if nothing happened. She smiled in a coquettish manner and spoke, “Yan Ning, some people came in to assassinate me when Miracle Doctor Ye was treating me earlier. He then killed them.”

    “What? An assassination attempt?” Yan Ning exclaimed.

    Xue Xuejiao looked at Ye Chen by instinct and nodded. “Yes, an assassination, but there weren’t many of them though Master Guan has been killed. We’re both alright.”

    “Yes, that’s right.” Ye Chen nodded too.

    Yan Ning was in disbelief. However, since both of them said the same thing, she could only suppress her suspicion. Xue Xuejiao then arranged for someone to send Ye Chen back to the medicine hall.

    Ye Chen was secretly relieved that nothing happened when he saw Zhang Daniu and the rest working.

    When the sky was turning dark, Wang Meng came in from outside and said after lowering his voice, “My lord, the Imperial Wind Pavilion’s project has started the bid. It’ll happen at 9 p.m. tonight.”