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Chapter 196 - Making Fire Out of Thin Air, Burning Bones into Ashes!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 196: Making Fire Out of Thin Air, Burning Bones into Ashes!

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    Xue Lei was excited.

    His sister had set traps up all over, as well as getting the Great Sword Master, Master Guan to help. All of that was just to kill Ye Chen.

    Even a regular Martial Dao master would be killed under such a setup, let alone Ye. He felt like he could see what would happen to Ye Chen.

    He was confident and even boastful.

    However, he was confused by the fact that there was nobody outside on the second floor. Apart from that, there was the thick coppery smell of blood that lingered in the air.

    When he got to the second floor, he peered in through the window by instinct. The smile on his face froze and he could not move.

    What did he see?

    Bodies were littered all over the ground and there were eight human heads. Those were the eight King Kongs under his Second Uncle Xue Xiao. They were dead now, and even Master Guan had been sliced into half.

    How was that even possible?!

    Most importantly, Ye Chen, whom he thought would definitely die, stood in the room peacefully at the moment. He was even carrying his daughter in his arms. Meanwhile, Xue Lei’s sister, Xue Xuejiao, was kneeling on the ground with fear permeating her face.

    Xue Xuejiao’s face turned pale upon hearing his voice. She shrieked instantly, “Xue Lei, run! Run now. Run quickly!”

    Xue Lei jolted and snapped back to his senses. However, Ye Chen’s cold eyes were staring at him. He wanted to run, but his legs did not respond to him.

    ‘How did this happen? How did this happen?!’ Even now, that thought could not stop repeating in his head.

    “Run?” Ye Chen smiled in disdain. He curled five fingers toward the devastating scream outside the window. At that moment, Xue Lei felt an irresistible suction coming towards him.

    “No!” he screamed in fear before he crashed through the window and flew toward Ye Chen, failing to control his body. A large hand grabbed onto his neck and lifted him high.

    “P-please don’t kill me! I can give you anything you want. I can even give you Yan Ning. If you kill me, my family won’t let you go…”

    Xue Lei could not stop kicking the air. His eyes were opened wide, and there was fear and begging in them as he looked at Ye Chen. He was no longer as proud as he had been before.

    Now, he understood who his family had offended. All of the setups that his sister prepared did not harm Ye Chen at all.

    Now, he, the Young Master Xue who cared nothing about others’ lives, finally understood how death felt like when he was on the brink of death.

    After hearing his scream, Xue Xuejiao had a drastic change in expression. “Master Ye, please don’t kill my brother…”

    However, her face froze in the next second when she saw a fireball coming out of Ye Chen’s hand that was holding Xue Lei. The flames were as red as blood. Within the blink of an eye, it spread toward his head, his hair, his chest, his limbs, and eventually covered him entirely.


    Xue Lei was shrieking. Within ten seconds, he was completely incinerated without anything left behind. He turned into a wisp of black smoke and vanished into thin air.

    A living person disappeared just like that.

    Ye Chen just made fire out of thin air and burned bones into ashes!

    There was dead silence at the scene.

    Xue Xuejiao’s body was shaking while dense fear filled her eyes as she looked at Ye Chen. “Y-you’re a monster…a monster!”

    Ye Chen’s use of fire to burn Xue Lei alive shocked her.

    “A monster?” The killing intent on Ye Chen’s face remained as if he had just stepped on an ant earlier.

    “If I’m a monster, gods and Buddhas would kill themselves. If I’m a Buddha, all devils would call out Amitabha! It’s your turn now.”

    Xue Xuejiao’s body trembled. She stepped back while saying, “Master Ye, please let me go…”

    Ye Chen took a step out as mockery appeared on his face. “I already found out about the tens of retired special forces soldiers and the five snipers as well as Guan Canghai and the other ancient martial artists that you arranged for as soon as I came in. Do you know why I insisted on coming in?

    “It’s because I really want to know if your uncle Xue Xiao would show up. Unfortunately, to my disappointment, you overestimated your strategy and underestimated me, Ye Chen. Do you really think a bunch of ants can hurt me?”

    Ye Chen walked towards Xue Xuejiao one step after another. He shook his head lightly as disappointment flashed across his face. He then lifted his arm slowly.

    “This is the end!”

    Xue Xuejiao had a drastic change of expression upon seeing his gesture. Her strong will to live made her say, “Mr. Ye, you’ve killed enough. You killed my brother too. I’m just a lady. Let me go. I guarantee that my family won’t take revenge on you.”

    Ye Chen remained walking to her as if he did not hear her.

    “You might not know about my family!” Xue Xuejiao’s heart was racing while she added, pretending to be calm, “My family dates back up to a hundred years. It’s an ancient family. More and more Xue family descendants are appointed in high positions in the government and military throughout the years.

    “My Second Uncle Xue Xiao is a Martial Dao master ranked on the Heaven Leaderboard. As soon as you kill me, it’ll spell war with the Xue family. My family will definitely take revenge on you.”

    Ye Chen remained calm as he retorted, “So what?”

    He was the Heavenly Emperor. Since when did he care about an ant’s revenge and threat? Although there might be many ants, killing them was merely a matter of the swing of a sword.

    “Yes, you’re not afraid. You’re an expert in spells. No guns and knives can penetrate you. It’s no exaggeration to describe you as a god.” Xue Xuejiao took a deep breath and proceeded to speak, “But you’ll be going against the country if you do that. You can do whatever you want, but what about your family? What about your friends? Will you want them to leave their homes to hide with you?”

    “You’re wrong.” Ye Chen was relaxed. “I don’t need to run, and neither do my family and friends because whoever dares to make me their enemy will die!”

    Before absolute power, everything was merely a paper tiger.

    Xue Xuejiao’s heart jolted and she suddenly felt like whatever she said was futile.

    Sensing the growing killing intent from Ye Chen, she said in despair, “Then, can you let me go for the sake of Yan Ning?”

    “Yan Ning?” Ye Chen could not help but scoff, “You used her to lure me as your best friend. Do you think you’re worthy of using her name to ask me to let you go?”

    “Yan Ning is downstairs now. She’ll definitely know if you kill me. Will you have to kill her too?” Xue Xuejiao was spiraling into despair.

    “Stop struggling. Yan Ning won’t be able to save you.” Ye Chen shook his head.

    He could perform a Memory Erasure on Yan Ning to erase a part of her memory after this. By then, Yan Ning would never find out about this. After he found Yuhan, he would return to Tiannan with his family and never return.

    Xue Xuejiao shut her eyes in despair. She seemed to have recalled something whereby she stood up and loosened her dress.

    As pieces of her clothing fell onto the ground, a beautiful body that was bare naked was exposed to the air.

    She shuddered and smiled in a flirtatious manner at Ye Chen while biting her lip. “Master Ye, is this okay for you?”