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Chapter 195 - Xue Xuejiao’s Regre

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 195: Xue Xuejiao’s Regret

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    “Did I hear a gunshot? Oh no, Brother Ye!”

    The second when gunshots rang out on the second floor, Yan Ning, who was stuck on the first floor, had a change in expression. She wanted to go up to check it out by instinct, but she was pinned down by the two butlers on the couch.

    “Let me go, you guys. Someone fired a shot. I must go and take a look.” Yan Ning could not stop struggling.

    ‘Isn’t he treating her? Why are there gunshots?’

    “When was there any gunshot? You must’ve misheard it. Ms. Yan, it’s better that you stay here.” One of the butlers grinned.

    Before this, Xue Xuejiao had ordered them to not leave this house no matter what commotion they might hear.


    In the side room of the Xue family villa, Xue Lei lifted his head and looked across after hearing the gunshot. He smirked.

    ‘Sister and her men must have attacked. Ye will definitely die this time! So what if you’re Master Ye? So what even if you’re close with Yan Ning?’

    An evil gloat filled his eyes. “My sister has set up so many forces and even hired 50 top snipers from the unit. You’ll definitely die this time. After you die, nobody will fight me for Yan Ning.”

    Xue Lei emptied his wine glass as he thought to this point and walked toward the villa across him after pushing the door open. “No, I must see it for myself. I must see Ye’s death with my very own eyes.”

    “Retreat, Young Mistress!”

    The Great Sword Master, Guan Canghai’s expression changed upon noticing that Ye Chen was approaching. He pulled Xue Xuejiao behind him immediately.

    Both of them retreated a few steps back instantly until their backs were against the wall. There was no way for them to run.

    Bang, bang, bang…


    The five snipers and the 50-odd people outside the window could not stop firing at Ye Chen. However, it was useless although they emptied their guns.

    “You guys are seeking death!” Ye Chen scanned the area with his Divine Conciseness and located them instantly. The Almighty Killer Sword appeared in his hand at the moment.

    As he focused his thoughts, the Almighty Killer Sword shot out of the window directly with an ear-piercing noise. Sword qi filled the range of 300 meters.

    A sword glow swept over the area, and the 50 fully-armed retired special force soldiers, who waited outside the window, were destroyed into a pile of bloody mush by the whistling sword qi before they could even groan.

    While a sniper hiding in a building was reloading, he felt the wind before him suddenly, so he lifted his head to look by instinct.

    A human head was tossed into the air as the sword came swinging.

    The other four snipers were dumbstruck to witness that. The sword glow came again, severing both hands of a sniper who was hiding in a tree in the courtyard.

    The sword glow remained strong. It even chopped off the tree, so it then collapsed.

    As three screams were heard, all the forces that Xue Xuejiao arranged out there were killed by Ye Chen instantly.

    Xue Xuejiao’s face turned pale and her body shook. Her pride was completely crushed by Ye Chen’s series of attacks.

    He killed six Illuminating Pulse experts within the blink of an eye. The sniper rifles and submachine guns did not work on him at all. How could they not die encountering such a person like him?!

    She had never seen anyone who was so powerful. He was so powerful that he could no longer be described as human. Even her uncle Xue Xiao who once ranked No. 10 on the Heaven Leaderboard could not do that.

    “A-are you really Mad Southern Ye?”

    After the Almighty Killer Sword flew back to his hand, Ye Chen carried the sword and stood in pride. He had a cold aura around him. “I had nothing to do with your family initially, but your family insisted on offending me!”

    Xue Xuejiao was filled with regret and fear when she heard that. She regretted offending Ye Chen. She regretted not connecting the dots that Master Ye was Mad Southern Ye since he came from Tiannan.

    She remembered clearly how proud she had been when she spoke to Ye Chen at the cafe for the very first time. She had even asked Ye Chen to surrender to her which had been ridiculous.

    Now, she finally understood how the Fast Attack Group could have been destroyed overnight. She understood why Ye Chen killed Yuan Bupo, and then Northern Devil Jiang, Eastern Superior Ning, and Western Overlord Liu.

    It was because he was extremely powerful.

    Meanwhile, the family background, wealth, and power that she had been depending on was nothing when facing such immense power.

    Ye Chen had his eyes on the Great Sword Master, Guan Canghai, and his voice was extremely cold as he said, “Since you’re the Great Sword Master, show me your sword then. You only have one chance to show your sword before me!”

    Fear filled Guan Canghai’s face. His arms that were placed behind his back could not stop shaking. “Please let me go, Mad Southern Ye. I didn’t mean to make you my enemy. Whatever the Fast Attack Group did wasn’t my order.”

    He was terrified because he was standing before the No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard, the No. 1 master, Mad Southern Ye. He had killed a couple of Martial Dao masters, and they ranked high on the Heaven Leaderboard.

    Although Guan Canghai was the Great Sword Master, his ability was on the same level as Yuan Bupo at most. How could he be a match for Ye Chen?

    “What’s the use of saying all this now?” Ye Chen’s face was cold.

    Guan Canghai’s expression became grave as he grabbed a delicate sword from his waist. Energy consolidated at the tip of the sword and a chilly glow was whistling as if it was going to devour someone.

    At that same time, a sword qi storm came sweeping from Guan Canghai. The storm was so powerful that it caused the walls around to crack as if there were countless spider webs. His green sword glow that materialized charged out at Ye Chen.

    Sword qi exploded from Ye Chen’s body too. It was a few times more powerful than the one he exuded before.

    Two sword qis collided.

    In the next second, Guan Canghai’s body shook intensely. A bloody line marred his face into half and he looked blankly at Ye Chen. “Y-You’re good at swords too?”

    “I do, you don’t!” Ye Chen spoke, “A swordsman isn’t proud. He is patient, fearless with a pure heart, and is always moving forward. You should be someone else’s dog. You’re not worthy of using a sword!”

    Only two people were worthy of using swords in this world. One was he, Ye Chen, while the other was the Unparalleled Sword. The Unparalleled Sword was a Sword Spirit with a clear Sword Heart. He had a clean heart, and he lived only for swords.

    “Yes, I’m not worthy of using swords!” Guan Canghai mocked himself. His eyes were empty as if he was looking back at his past. “I’m not worthy of using swords. That’s why I’m no better than Unquestionable Jian. Haha…”

    As soon as he was done speaking, he was sliced into half directly and fell onto the floor. His organs and blood spilled all over the place.

    Xue Xuejiao fell upon witnessing that. Terror filled her face.

    Never had she thought that the Great Sword Master, Guan Canghai, who was also a Martial Dao master, would have died just like that. On top of that, he was killed by the very Sword Dao that he took pride in.

    At the moment, Ye Chen and her were the only ones left.

    Sensing Ye Chen’s cold eyes looking at her, Xue Xuejiao jolted. She snapped back to her wandering senses instantly and shuddered. “Master…”

    “Sister, is Ye dead yet?!” An extremely excited voice came from the outside at the moment.