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Chapter 194 - Let Me See You Shudder, Ants!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 194: Let Me See You Shudder, Ants!

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    The atmosphere was suppressive in the closed room.

    Xue Xuejiao looked at Ye Chen with pride after speaking. She looked at him like she was a cat teasing a mouse.

    “I’ll give you ten seconds to think about it. If you don’t kneel in ten seconds, you and your daughter will die!”

    “Daddy…”His daughter Mengmeng buried herself in Ye Chen’s embrace, feeling insecure. She said while pouting as she looked at Xue Xuejiao, “Bad lady! You’re a bad lady.”

    Ye Chen patted her. Through his Divine Consciousness, he saw 50 fully armed hunks standing outside the house. Each of them held their guns tightly and they looked ferocious.

    Ye Chen smirked in disdain. “Ms. Xue, do you think this bunch of regular people can fight me?”

    To an immortal’s body, some sniper rifles and submachine guns were just like tools to scratch his itch. The only thing he was curious about was that Xue Xuejiao had used the innocent Yan Ning and got him here with the excuse of treating her. What exactly could have given her such confidence?

    “Of course not. Since I know that you’re Master Ye, who is famous in Tiannan and an expert in spells, I naturally won’t underestimate you.” Xue Xuejiao chuckled softly and clapped her hands. Eight muscular and ferocious men walked out from a corner. All of them had their temples lifted high, and their eyes were sharp.

    “These are the eight King Kongs under Second Uncle. They’ve been going to wars with my uncle for years. All of them have the Illuminating Pulse cultivation base whereby they can fight a hundred people alone!”

    The smile on Xue Xuejiao’s face was getting brighter as she spoke to this point. “Apart from that, we’ve installed a lightning rod on the roof. No matter how powerful your spell is, I don’t suppose you’re the reincarnation of Thor, are you?”

    Ye Chen’s expression finally changed and he seemed to be scared. “You sure think so highly of me to have hired eight experts as well as installed a lightning rod.”

    Xue Xuejiao saw the expression on his face instantly, so she chuckled again. “I know what you’re thinking about. You’re thinking of capturing me and escaping by using me as your hostage. However, that won’t happen.”

    She shook her head, thinking that she was smart. She looked at the old man next to her. “This is the Fast Attack Group leader, Guan Canghai, that you’ve been wanting to kill. I forgot to tell you this. Not only is Master Guan the Fast Attack Group leader, but he’s also the man that our family worships. He’s the Great Sword Master and a Martial Dao master!”

    Guan Canghai took a step forward and looked at Ye Chen with a grim expression. “Master Ye, you killed my disciples and destroyed my Fast Attack Group, so you must die today. If you’re wise, it’s best that you kneel and kowtow to accept your death. I might just keep your body in one piece.”

    “It seems like you have the intention to kill me. If I’d known this, I wouldn’t have come here no matter what.” Ye Chen gulped. He seemed furious and filled with regret.

    A mocking smirk appeared at the corner of Xue Xuejiao’s lips. “Unfortunately, you found out about this too late. I asked you to kneel earlier, but you refused to. You’ve lost your chance.”

    She turned around slowly as she spoke and grinned as her back faced Ye Chen. “Kill him. Do it quickly. Sever his head and toss it at the entrance of the Qi Medicine Hall.”

    As soon as she was done speaking, the eight hunks in the room shouted ferociously.

    “Wait!” Ye Chen suddenly called for a halt.

    Xue Xuejiao was practically dancing around as she was clearly over the moon. “What? Are you scared now? Are you going to beg?”

    “Say, Xue Xuejiao, you miscalculated something no matter how thorough your plan is.” Ye Chen suddenly smiled.

    Xue Xuejiao turned around by instinct. “Oh? Will you tell me what I miscalculated? Don’t try to buy yourself time. Nobody can save you today. You must die today!”

    Ye Chen said mysteriously, “Did you guys only learn about my identity as Master Ye?”

    “What do you mean?” Xue Xuejiao’s pretty face fell.

    “What place did your Second Uncle Xue Xiao rank on the Heaven Leaderboard initially? And what place does he rank now?”

    “You know about the Heaven Leaderboard too?!” Xue Xuejiao’s heart sank, but she remained smiling proudly. “My Second Uncle ranked No. 10 on the Heaven Leaderboard initially, and he’s ranked No. 11 now. If not for that Mad Southern Ye…”

    Her throat seemed to be strangled as she spoke to this point. She froze. Subsequently, disbelief filled his eyes when she looked at Ye Chen again. “Y-you are…”

    “I forgot to tell you,” Ye Chen shook his head lightly and said extremely coldly, “Apart from Master Ye who is an expert in spells, I’m also the same Mad Southern Ye who pushed your useless Second Uncle’s ranking down on the Heaven Leaderboard!”

    Guan Canghai and Xue Xuejiao had a change in expression at the same time as soon as they heard that. Their hearts twitched.

    Mad Southern Ye!

    Mad Southern Ye, who was No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard, the No. 1 master!

    “T-that’s impossible!” Xue Xuejiao screamed and looked at Ye Chen grimly. “Do you think you’re Mad Southern Ye just because you share the family name Ye? Do you think you won’t die today just because you say you’re Mad Southern Ye? Kill him!”

    As soon as she spoke, the eight hunks next to her shouted. Powerful energy exploded out of their bodies instantly. They consolidated their energy in their fists and charged at Ye Chen from all directions.

    Their powerful energy shook the second floor lightly a few times so that it seemed fragile.

    Even Guan Canghai’s expression changed.

    These eight people might be able to fight an even match if they were to encounter a regular Martial Dao master.

    “Weaklings like you guys dare to seek death before me. I, Ye Chen, will send you guys to hell today! Close your eyes, my darling,” Ye Chen scoffed and stepped out while carrying his daughter in his left hand. He grabbed the air with his right hand and consolidated energy into a saber. He ran past the eight of them like specters.

    The eight men felt dizzy. Before they could react, they felt an intense pain coming from their necks. Subsequently, they lost their senses.

    Thud, thud, thud…

    Eight heads fell onto the ground at the same time. They rolled to Xue Xuejiao’s feet while warm blood splashed onto her face.

    The entire act seemed to have been completed within the blink of an eye. There was dead silence at the scene.

    Feeling the warmth on her face, Xue Xuejiao stretched her hand out to touch her face by instinct. She looked at her hand and blood was all she saw.

    “How is this possible?!” Xue Xuejiao screamed as she lost herself. Her eyes were wide open and she was no longer as confident as she was before.

    One must know that the eight of them were experts who had been following her father, Xue Xiao, for many years. They were elites even by military standards.

    Even if Guan Canghai were to fight them, he dared not guarantee that he could kill all of them within half an hour. However, Ye Chen killed the eight of them within the blink of an eye. It was so fast that Xue Xuejiao failed to react.

    She spat a mouthful of blood out in panic. Then, she screamed like a lunatic, “Fire! Fire now!”

    Bang, bang, bang…

    As soon as she spoke, five gunshots came from outside. Clearly, the five snipers had fired. The five snipers were highly professional. All of the shots were fired at Ye Chen’s head.

    As the noise of bullets hitting metal clanged, dense shock appeared on Xue Xuejiao and Guan Canghai’s faces instantly because the five bullets did not pierce Ye Chen’s head after they were fired. Instead, they ricocheted, breaking many vases.

    They looked again and saw that Ye Chen was completely fine.

    H-how was that possible?!

    Xue Xuejiao and Guan Canghai were so shocked that they almost stopped breathing.

    Meanwhile, the five snipers out there looked like they had seen a ghost. Those were IWS 2000 armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabots. Each bullet had a diameter of 14.5 millimeters. A human aside, it could even pierce through a metal board.

    However, it did not work on Ye Chen at all.

    Ye Chen took one step another toward Xue Xuejiao and Guan Canghai. He said softly, “So, is this your so-called trump card? Is this what you’re counting on? It’s nothing! Let me see you shudder, ants!”