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Chapter 193 - : I Order You to Kneel!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 193: I Order You to Kneel!

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    The temperature in the room seemed to have plunged significantly as soon as Old Chen said that. The battle intent within Qin Xiaotian, who was called the Zhongnan Ocean Madman, skyrocketed.

    “This is my explanation!” Ye Chen took out a packet of drugs and tossed it before Old Chen. Subsequently, he sat down calmly.

    Old Chen opened the packet of drugs. Rage flashed through his face after he flicked some onto his finger and tasted it. “Did you get this from the Fast Attack Group?”

    “Of course.” Ye Chen smiled calmly. “The Fast Attack Group, also known as the Xue family!”

    Old Chen smiled instead of being mad. He looked at Ye Chen in an interrogative manner. “Even if that’s the case, this explanation doesn’t justify what you did!”

    Ten red pills appeared in Ye Chen’s hand. The refreshing fragrance of pills lingered in the air as soon as the medicinal pills were presented.

    “W-what are these?” Old Chen was stunned at first, then he looked Ye Chen in disbelief. Even Qin Xiaoyian, who stood behind him, was in disbelief.

    “These are Qi Cultivation Pills. Ordinary people can strengthen their bodies and keep diseases away after consuming these. For cultivators, they can grow their cultivation base significantly.”

    Old Chen and Qin Xiaotian looked at each other upon hearing that and saw the shock in each others’ eyes.

    A pill that could increase an ancient martial artist’s cultivation base! That alone was enough to shock them.

    Indeed, the number of ancient martial artists was too few compared to regular people. Meanwhile, there were even fewer who were willing to join the military and work for the country.

    If they had the Qi Cultivation Pills, would that not mean that they could create many experts for the country?

    At that moment, Old Chen could not help but feel shocked from the bottom of his heart although he had spent half of his life in wars, whereby he was as calm as an ancient well and had seen through worldly materials.

    “Is this enough?” Ye Chen revealed a cunning smirk at the corner of his lips.Read more chapter on vipnovel .com

    “Tell me your conditions.” Old Chen took a deep breath. There was a mysterious expression in his eyes when he looked at Ye Chen.

    ‘Although this man is decisive when it comes to killing, he’s wise as hell. Besides using the drugs to prove that the Fast Attack Group deserves their death, he’s upping his bargaining chip with these Qi Cultivation Pills.’

    “It’s simple!” Ye Chen smiled calmly. “Neither will the government interfere with whatever I do in the future nor will they impede me. I don’t wish to be against the country.”

    “Impossible!” Old Chen declined without even giving it a thought.

    What kind of joke was that?

    If Ye Chen were to kill another 1,000 or 10,000 people, they would have to turn a blind eye to that with their eyes wide open?

    Ye Chen smiled. “What if I told you that these pills can be mass produced?”

    “What?” Old Chen was astounded again and his old face was flushing. “Can they really be mass produced?”

    “That’s right.” Ye Chen nodded. “Three conditions. Firstly, I’m going to destroy the Su family and the government won’t stop me from doing that. Secondly, I won’t show mercy if someone were to challenge me. Thirdly, look for someone for me. As long as you can agree to these three conditions, I’ll give the Qi Cultivation Pill refinement recipe to the military!”

    Old Chen’s face went through a couple of changes in expression after hearing that. “I’ll need to speak to my superior. I can’t decide on that.”

    “Please do.” Ye Chen gestured with his arm.

    Old Chen turned around and went into the house. He seemed to be talking on the phone with someone.

    He only walked out over ten minutes later. Then, he spoke after taking a deep breath, “They’ve agreed to the conditions, but there are some amendments. If you really are destroying the Su family, don’t touch any departmental officers, as well as avoid conflicts with the military and police.”

    “So, are you asking me to get my hands tied? I’m sorry. I can’t do that.” Ye Chen chuckled.

    Old Chen shook his head. “We’ll give you the title as the Biology Specialist of China as well as the Firearms Division General ID to you in advance. You’ll have the right to kill. All you’ll have to do is to show your ID when you get into conflict with the police and the military. I’ll handle the rest.”

    “That could work.” Ye Chen nodded.

    Old Chen spoke again, “Also, as for your third condition, who do you want us to look for?”

    “Her name is Su Yuhan, the First Young Mistress of the Su family,” Ye Chen spoke slowly, “She’s also my wife and the mother of my daughter.”

    “No problem.” Old Chen looked at him wryly. He finally understood why Ye Chen wanted to destroy the Su family.

    “So, can I leave now?” Ye Chen got up and stretched.

    “Brat, when are you giving me the Qi Cultivation Pill refinement recipe?” Old Chen condemned in a joking manner.

    “Don’t worry. I’ll give it to you within these two days.” Ye Chen walked out of the courtyard at ease after saying that.

    Qin Xiaotiao watched him leave. He could not help but look at Old Chen although he was hesitant to speak. “Chief, aren’t you spoiling him like this? Also, the Su family…”

    “Spoiling him?” Old Chen fell into deep thought as he spoke, “This guy seems to be doing whatever he wants, but there’s a limit to him. As long as he doesn’t make the country his enemy, everything will work. Moreover, the Su family has been going over their heads the past few years. The superiors have been wanting to remove the Su family’s military authority, but they’ve been impeded from doing that.”

    In reality, there was something that he did not say.

    With the Qi Cultivation Pills on the table, the Fast Attack Group and the Su family were not worth mentioning. After all, the Qi Cultivation Pills were what could really benefit the country and the people.


    Ye Chen saw Yan Ning waiting at the door when he returned to the medicine hall while carrying his daughter.

    Yan Ning went to him instantly as soon as she saw him. She was worried. “Brother Ye, a friend of mine is ill. Can you go to her with me?”

    “Who’s your friend?” Ye Chen asked.

    Yan Ning shook her head, seeming to struggle. “I promised her that I’d keep that a secret. Please help me, Brother Ye.” She began shaking Ye Chen’s hand as she spoke while she gave him a pitiful look.

    “Alright.” Ye Chen retreated two steps back and nodded in between tears and laughter. He then got into the car.

    Some 20 minutes later, she drove into a private villa. Yan Ning then led Ye Chen straight to a room on the second floor.

    There was a pale lady lying on the bed at that moment. Yan Ning walked over and asked in concern, “Sister Xuejiao, I’ve gotten Brother Ye here. How are you feeling?”

    The lady on the bed sat up weakly with Yan Ning’s help. She revealed a playful smile at Ye Chen. “Yan Ning, so this is the Miracle Doctor Ye that you told me about.”

    Who else could that be if not Xue Xuejiao?

    Yan Ning nodded, failing to notice her expression. “That’s right. Master Ye’s medicine skills are outstanding.”

    “Hmm, I believe you,” the patient, Xue Xuejiao, said, “Yan Ning, you may leave. Let Miracle Doctor Ye treat me alone.”

    “Y-you want me to leave?” Yan Ning was stunned.

    Ye Chen spoke, “That’s right. You may leave. I’ll treat her in awhile.”

    Subsequently, two butlers walked in and dragged the confused Yan Ning out. Soon after she left, someone shut the room door from the outside.

    At the same time, silhouettes flashed by outside the window. A few infrared rays came from outside the house and pointed at Ye Chen’s head.

    An old man in a black martial arts attire walked over slowly from the corner. He said to Xue Xuejiao expressionless, “Ms. Xue, everything is in place.”

    Xue Xuejiao, who appeared weak earlier, stood up from the bed with a winner’s smile on her face.

    Ye Chen was calm. He said to Xue Xuejiao while smiling, “Ms. Xue, I don’t think we need such a big audience even if you want to have sex with me. Or is this a fetish of yours?”

    Xue Xuejiao smirked. “Master Ye, there are five snipers outside aiming at your head at the moment. There are 50 retired special force soldiers, who are fully armed in bulletproof vests, guarding all of the exits.”

    At that moment, she seemed to have transformed into the queen who had the whole world under her thumb. Her eyes were filled with disdain as she looked at Ye Chen.

    “You can say that your death is just a matter of my decision now. You have yourself to blame for refusing a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. Now, I order you to kneel!”