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Chapter 192 - The Xue Family’s Threa

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 192: The Xue Family’s Threat

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    Ye Chen returned to the hospital after destroying the Fast Attack Group.

    Zhang Daniu and Huang Fugui were staring blankly at their phones that played the scene whereby the Fast Attack Group was drowned in fire.

    Huang Pei spoke emotionally as soon as she saw Ye Chen, “Boss, someone destroyed the Fast Attack Group. Justice has been served.”

    What she did not see was Wang Meng looking at Ye Chen in respect and shock while standing aside.

    Half an hour ago, his lord had said that he was going to kill someone. Half an hour later, the Fast Attack Group was destroyed with none of the 1,000 members remaining alive.

    “Is it? Indeed, justice has been served.” Ye Chen smiled lightly before his eyes turned to Zhang Daniu and Huang Fugui. “How are you guys feeling?”

    “I’m fine, Brother Chen. The doctor said we’ll be all good after resting for a few days,” Zhang Daniu shook his head and said in a muffled voice.

    Huang Fugui looked at Ye Chen with doubt in his eyes. “Boss, where did you go?”

    He thought something was off.

    The Fast Attack Group had just smashed their store and they were destroyed right after their evil deed. He would not believe that this had nothing to do with his boss.

    However, he dared not believe that his boss did all that. After all, it just sounded too terrifying.

    “I was just taking a stroll out there since I’ve got nothing to do,” Ye Chen smiled looking as usual as he spoke, “No matter what, it’s my fault that guys have been beaten up and admitted to the hospital today. How about this? I’ve paid for the hospital bill. After you guys are discharged, I’ll treat you guys to a feast.

    “You’re the best, Boss!” Huang Pei was the first person to cheer.

    Ye Chen walked home with a broad grin.


    Ye Chen heard panting and moaning as soon as he arrived at home. He was stunned at first, then his expression subsequently turned grim.

    Could the patriarch have gotten himself a prostitute?

    Ye Chen walked in quickly after kicking open the door. Then, he was astonished.

    He saw the patriarch staring at the TV without blinking. Meanwhile, the scene playing on the TV was obscene with a blond man and a woman.

    Meanwhile, Mengmeng was sleeping in the bedroom. It seemed like the patriarch had cast a Sleeping Spell on her.

    The patriarch was shocked as he turned the TV off with the remote control instantly. He then hopped off the couch, wagging his tail. “Master, you’re home!”

    “I don’t want to see you watching that stuff again, especially when my kid is home.” Ye Chen stared at him coldly.

    “Master, you’ve misunderstood. Am I, the innocent Cutie, such a filthy man? I accidentally switched the channel to a porn channel. I wasn’t really watching it.” The patriarch shook his head hard and said in all seriousness, “Sigh, the TV station is to be blamed. Why are they playing such a thing? They’re purely poisoning people. I must report them later.”

    Although he said that, the patriarch was secretly pissed.

    ‘This damn Xiao Yezi! I spent so many days being captured in a cage during the shipment. You treat me as your guard dog before I even managed to do anything. So what? Why can’t I watch porn since I can’t control myself?’

    Ye Chen returned to his room after scoffing. After removing the Sleeping Spell on his daughter, he began cultivating next to her after tucking her in.


    On the morning of the third day, Ye Chen went to the hospital to get Zhang Daniu and Huang Fugui out. Since the Fast Attack Group was destroyed, Huang Fugui was considered to be free of concerns.

    Just when they arrived at the hospital entrance, the door of a Land Rover that was parked by the street opened slowly. Subsequently, a young man in a suit walked over. “Mr. Ye, my young mistress wants to see you.”

    “Get her to see me herself,” Ye Chen stated and returned to the medicine hall with Zhang Daniu and the rest who looked perplexed.

    At that moment, many people were working with the renovation contractor.

    Huang Fugui seemed to have found his place to speak whereby he started to talk to the contractor about where to fix the doors and which material to use for the tables.

    Meanwhile, Ye Chen carried his daughter out for food. When they were halfway eating, a beautiful lady in a white chiffon dress took a seat at their table.

    With pretty features, her face was as soft as an 18-year-old girl’s. Her bright eyes seemed to want to take everything under control. The subtle smile at the corner of her lips gave off a warm vibe.

    If someone who recognized her saw her, they would definitely be so shocked that they could not speak.

    The reason being the lady was the Xue family’s young mistress, Xue Xuejiao. She made the family business flourish at the young age of 28. Judging from that alone, she was really something.

    Mengmeng looked at her and buried herself in Ye Chen’s embrace while feeling shy. “Daddy…”

    “Get me a cup of coffee,” Xue Xuejiao ordered a cup of coffee when the attendant walked over. She looked at Ye Chen with a charming smile on her face. “Mr. Ye, let me introduce myself. I’m Xue Xuejiao, Xue Lei is my brother. Can we talk?”

    “Sure,” Ye Chen said extremely coldly, “Break your brother’s legs and get him to kneel before me. Then, we’ll talk.”

    “Why do you have to be so aggressive, Mr. Ye?”

    The smile on Xue Xuejiao’s face froze a little. A ferocious gleam flashed through her pretty eyes, but it was then replaced by a charming smile. “It’s my brother’s fault for offending you. I’ve already taught him a lesson. Moreover, you’ve already destroyed our Fast Attack Group. We’re considered even now.”

    “No, no, no!” Ye Chen shook his head sd mockery appeared at the corners of his lips. “It’s even to you guys, but it’s not enough for me. Guan Canghai from the Fast Attack Group is still alive while Xue Lei is still out there.”

    “Mr. Ye, I know that you’re the Master Ye whose name has been spread across Tiannan and you are an expert in spells. All of the wealthy families are fighting to get to know you.” Xue Xuejiao chuckled and subsequently spoke in an inviolable tone, “But you must know that this is Beijing, not Tiannan. My Xue family is incomparable with those little families in Tiannan. My family is considered humbling ourselves to be taking the initiative to seek peace with you. Perhaps you think that your identity as Master Ye is valuable, but to my family, I’m afraid it’s nothing.”

    Xue Xuejiao looked proud as she spoke to this point. She stared directly at Ye Chen and enunciated word for word, “As long as you yield to my family and yield to me, I guarantee whatever grudge we had before will be lifted. On top of that, I’ll give you the wealth that you can never imagine.”

    She certainly had confidence since the Xue family had the power.

    At that moment, the attendant served her coffee.

    Ye Chen chuckled softly, but his smile was rather cold. “Since you guys are unwilling to bring Xue Lei to me, then I’ll look for him myself. I’ll kill whoever who dares to stop me.”

    “What if my family stops you from doing that?” Xue Xuejiao’s expression turned grim slowly. Her tone was not as gentle as before.

    Ye Chen squinted as he concluded harshly, “It’s simple. Then, I’ll destroy your family!”

    “We’ll see!” Xue Xuejiao got up and scoffed before leaving.

    Ye Chen reminded her, “Pay the bill before you leave.”

    Xue Xuejiao slammed 100 yuan on the table upon hearing that. Her face was pale and she did not even turn her head.

    Ye Chen squinted as he watched her leave. There was a cold smile on his face.

    ‘You guys only knew that I’m Master Ye who is an expert in spells, but you guys have no idea that I’m Mad Southern Ye who kills masters as if they’re dogs! Xue Xiao of the Xue family, am I right? Since you’re unhappy that I pushed you to No. 11 on the Heaven Leaderboard, then I’ll beat you up until you yield!’

    Ye Chen carried his daughter and walked out of the cafe after she was done eating. A car then pulled over before him.

    As the car window was wound down, a young man in a military uniform spoke, “Mr. Ye, my director wants to see you.”

    ‘Is he going to hold me accountable for what I did?’ Ye Chen smiled calmly and got into the car with his daughter. The car then drove to the quadrangle house that he had been to before.

    Old Chen’s expression was grim. The first thing he said to him as soon as they met was, “Mad Southern Ye, you killed up to 1,000 people in the Fast Attack Group. Don’t you owe me an explanation?”