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Chapter 191 - What? He’s Master Ye?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 191: What? He’s Master Ye?

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    More than 30 black muzzles were pointed at Ye Chen.

    Cao grinned. “My master isn’t someone that you can see whenever you want. You’ve trespassed this place today. Don’t you dare think…”

    The ferocious man at the side was stunned at first, then he subsequently said in disbelief, “Deputy Leader, this brat is Ye.”

    Everyone was stunned as soon as they heard that.

    Cao was elated. “Brat, how dare you send yourself to our doorstep? You must be seeking death to step into hell yourself!”

    He had gotten the order to attack Ye Chen, but his underlings did not see him when they went to the medicine hall earlier. They thought that he ran away. Now that Ye Chen had sent himself to their doorstep, it was similar to seeking death!

    After all, Cao had a cultivation base of the Illuminating Pulse and there were so many guns here. Were those not enough to kill a person?

    “I’ll ask again: where’s your leader?” Ye Chen walked toward Cao one step after another with his arms behind his back. His expression was cold.

    This man was the deputy leader, so he definitely knew where the Fast Attack Group’s leader was.

    “Kill him!” Cao ordered his men to open fire.

    However, shock appeared on his face in the next second.

    He saw sparks explode out of Ye Chen’s eyes before the 30-odd people in the house ignited. They turned into ashes before they could even scream. Nothing was left of them.

    “A-are you a human or a ghost?” As Cao fell onto the ground, fear filled his eyes when he looked at Ye Chen. At that moment, he finally realized that something was off. His men had been burnt and killed within the blink of an eye. It was just too bizarre.

    “Do you know why I let you live?” Ye Chen approached him one step after another, his eyes seeming terrifying. “I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.”

    Cao jolted and said immediately, “My master Guan Canghai isn’t here. He’s out to deal with something…”

    “Call him to get him to save you.”

    Stunned, Cao thought he heard it wrong. ‘Is he asking me to call my master? He must be out of his mind. One must know that my master is the Great Sword Master as well as a Martial Dao master!’

    Cao was secretly excited to see that Ye Chen did not look like he was lying. He took his phone out and called a number.

    “What’s the matter?” An old voice came from the other side of the phone.

    Just when Cao Lei was going to speak, his phone flew into Ye Chen’s hand beyond his control. Ye Chen smirked at the phone. “Guan Canghai, the Fast Attack Group leader, I, Ye Chen, am waiting for you!”


    He hung up.

    “I-I’ve done everything that you asked me to do. P-please don’t kill me…” Cao knelt on the ground and begged. However, he was secretly scoffing, ‘You idiot, how dare you ask my master to wait for you? When he captures you, I’ll torture you to the point that you wished you were dead.’

    “What’s the point of keeping you around!?” The instant Ye Chen slapped him, Cao’s head turned into a bloody mist.

    Then, Ye Chen turned around and left.

    The Fast Attack Group that had terrorized Beijing for many years had officially been destroyed.


    It was crowded in Room No. 8 at the Dazzling Heaven. Su Jian and Xue Lei were surrounded by women who were flirting and laughing into their ears.

    Xue Lei raised the red wine from the table and looked at Su Jian while being surrounded by women. “Su Jian, here’s one to you.”

    Su Jian raised his glass and toasted with him. He said with a grin after taking a sip, “What’s the happy occasion you’re inviting me over to drink with you?”

    “Don’t you know that I got some people to smash that nonsense Miracle Doctor Ye’s stupid medicine hall? I feel so good.” Xue Lei pinched the lady’s thigh before him and laughed out loud. “Unfortunately, perhaps that guy found out beforehand, so he went into hiding. We didn’t find him. How can trash like him dare to fight for Yan Ning with me?”

    “Really?” A brutal smirk appeared at the corner of Su Jian’s lips. “Let me know when you find him. I’d like to know if he has ever told his own fortune before.”

    “Don’t worry. I’ll let you know.” Xue Lei smiled. Just when he was going to speak again, the door to the private room was opened.

    Subsequently, a man in a suit walked in quickly, appearing nervous. “Young Master Xue, b-bad news.”


    Xue Lei’s expression turned grim. He picked up a wine glass and smashed it on the man’s head. “You know the consequences if what you’re about to say doesn’t matter to me.”

    The young man took the blow obediently, but his head bled right away. However, he dared not even wipe the blood away. Instead, he stuttered, “The F-Fast Attack Group has been destroyed…”

    “What did you say?” Xue Lei stood up by instinct from the shock.

    The smile on Su Jian’s face froze as he sat aside. He knew about the Fast Attack Group. They had over 1,000 people in the organization scattered in all major areas in Beijing. There were many experts in the group and almost everyone had a gun with them. How could they be destroyed all of a sudden?

    “I just heard that all the Fast Attack Group’s strongholds in the four major areas have been demolished. And the people inside…”

    Xue Lei walked over and picked him up roughly, his eyes bloodshot. “What happened to the people inside? Tell me!”

    “The people inside are all dead. Nobody survived. Worse than that, they all died a horrible death.” The young man was shuddering.


    Shocked and infuriated, Xue Lei tossed him out. “How did that happen? What exactly happened?”

    His phone rang at the moment. He jolted when he saw the person calling. He picked it up instantly. “Sister, what happened?”

    “Get home now!”

    A cold voice was heard.


    The news of the Fast Attack Group being destroyed spread quickly and the entire Beijing was stirred.

    An organization that dared to do whatever they wanted in Beijing, the giant that countless regular people were scared of, had just been destroyed by someone overnight. Everyone was in disbelief.

    Even all the wealthy families were stirred. One must know that the Xue family was the mastermind behind the Fast Attack Group. Who or which organization did that to them?


    At the Xue family’s villa in the Country Garden of the 2nd Ring Road, Xue Lei parked his car at the entrance and walked into the house quickly. He went straight to the third floor to discover that many people were seated in the living room at the moment, including his father, Xue Mingwei, and his blood sister, Xue Xuejiao.

    A lady in a beige traditional Chinese dress stood by the window with her back facing everyone. She was very tall with a sophisticated charisma. Meanwhile, there was an old man in black martial arts attire standing next to him.


    Xue Lei walked over immediately.


    The lady turned around and slapped his face as soon as she lifted her arm. Her pretty face was extremely cold. “Do you know that the Fast Attack Group has been destroyed?!”

    Xue Lei looked at her in fear while holding his cheek.

    Seeing that he was silent, the anger on the lady’s face grew even more. “Who exactly did you offend that brought such disaster to the Fast Attack Group?”

    “I didn’t offend anyone…” Xue Lei wanted to deny that by instinct, but a silhouette flashed across his mind suddenly. Subsequently, he said in disbelief, “C-could it be him?”

    He then told them about Ye Chen immediately, including Ye Chen treating Yan Ning on the plane and everything that happened at Pleasantville.

    The lady had a slight change of expression.”Did you say that his family name is Ye too?”

    Xue Lei nodded.

    “Xuejiao, could this man have destroyed the Fast Attack Group?” Xue Mingwei, who was standing aside, spoke in his deep voice. His expression was extremely grim.

    Xue Xuejiao fell into silence for a few seconds and suddenly said, “Check him out for me. We must find out who this person is.”

    After she gave her instructions, a document about Ye Chen on the table within half an hour.

    She picked it up to read it and her expression changed a few times. “Ye Chen, a 30-year-old from Tiannan, once summoned the Divine Thunder which the master from Mount Longhu performed before and suppressed the masters present. His name has spread across Tiannan, and people call him Master Ye…”

    “What? He’s Master Ye?” Xue Mingyue could not help but exclaim as shock rippled across his face.

    Since the Xue family conquered China, it was only natural for them to have heard of Master Ye from Tiannan who was powerful in spells and could summon the Divine Thunder.

    “How is that possible?!” Xue Lai had a drastic change of expression as if he was struck by lightning.

    That piece of trash was Master Ye!

    “It should be him!” Nodding, Xue Xuejiao’s expression turned slightly sour. “All four Fast Attack Group’s strongholds exploded, but there was no gunpowder at the scenes. Master Ye must have performed some spells.”

    She could not help but look at the old man in the black martial arts attire next to her as she spoke to this point. “Master Guan, can you fight this man?”

    Master Guan was a Great Sword Master with powerful sword skills who ranked right after Unquestionable Jian. He was an ancient martial artist, a Martial Dao master, and the Fast Attack Group’s leader.

    If he was willing to fight Master Ye…

    The old man in the black martial arts attire squinted as light sparkled in his eyes. “Apart from Mad Southern Ye, no one in Tiannan is my match. Moreover, Master Ye is merely an expert in spells, not Martial Dao. I can totally kill him before he performs his spell. It’d be a piece of cake!”

    2There were advantages to spells and Martial Dao respectively. One needed time to perform spells as well as a certain distance. It was a different story for Martial Dao. Everything would be destroyed as soon as one got close!

    “There’s no rush.”

    After hearing that, Xue Xuejiao revealed a smile on her pretty face that could make hundreds of flowers dim in comparison.

    “I’d like to meet this Master Ye. I might spare his life if he’s wise enough to surrender to my Xue family!”