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Chapter 190 - A Night Without the Moon is Perfect for Killing

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 190: A Night Without the Moon is Perfect for Killing

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    The sky was dark as night fell in Beijing, welcoming the hustle and bustle of the city’s nightlife.

    Not a sliver of moonlight could be seen in the sky at all. A chilly breeze ruffled Ye Chen’s hair. As he walked on the streets of Beijing, the killing intent in his eyes was growing.

    He thought those people would understand that he was no one to be offended since he had shown them what he was capable of doing. However, the truth proved that he had overestimated these people’s intelligence.

    He also overestimated his own suppression ability. He had been too conceited since he returned to Earth.

    Martial artists such as Yuan Bupo, Northern Devil Jiang, Western Overlord Liu, and Eastern Superior Ning were nothing to him, let alone some regular people. Therefore, he treated those ants who offended him with disdain.

    However, his conceit caused the wealthy families of Tiannan not to fear him enough. That was the reason why they backed out when the three masters extended the battle invitation.

    Besides that, his conceit shocked Zhang Daniu, Huang Fugui, and Huang Fei. They were even beaten up and admitted to the hospital. Would they be killed because of him the next time?

    ‘It seems like I’ve been too kind before. Since that’s the case, I shall begin to kill! Only when their blood forms a river and the sky changes color from a massacre will the people know that they can’t touch my friends, my family, and even people who are related to me.’

    Ye Chen looked dangerous while the killing intent within him seemed like it was going to materialize. He walked toward the Fast Attack Group one step after another.

    A night without the moon was perfect for killing whereas a day with the wind blowing strongly was perfect for arson!

    He had left a tracker on Long Hair and the rest the last time, thinking that he would use that as his last resort. Never had he thought that it would come in handy now!


    That night, Zhang Daniu and Huang Fugui stayed at the hospital. They could not stop groaning while Huang Pei was taking care of them. On the other hand, Wang Meng stood guard outside the ward all night.

    That night, Yan Ning was prohibited from stepping out of the house. She could only gaze at the sky in her room while praying that Miracle Doctor Ye would be fine.

    That night, Wei Nan sat on the couch while crossing her legs. She pursed her lips as a playful smirk appeared at the corner of her lips. ‘The Fast Attack Group has revealed themselves. They’re not nobodies like Wei Dong. Can you take that, Miracle Doctor Ye?’

    That night, Xue Lei called Su Jian over to drink. It seemed to be a celebration of victory.


    This took place in an underground casino in the Western City of Beijing.

    Although the Fast Attack Group was an underground organization in Beijing with a powerful mastermind behind it, they would need to fake a front to the authorities. Therefore, they scattered their people in each corner of Beijing.

    Meanwhile, this casino was one of the Fast Attack Group’s strongholds. There were around 200 people working in it. It was no exaggeration to describe a casino business as raking money in on the daily.

    At that moment, many people were gathered in the casino, most of them dressed glamorously. However, they were staring at the tables with bloodshot eyes. They were clearly gambling addicts.

    There were countless people watching the casino all over. They would tackle any sudden situations in the casino that might happen anytime.


    “Small, small!”

    All sorts of yelling were going on in the casino.


    At that moment, the doors to the casino were broken open. Subsequently, two security guards in uniform were tossed in.

    The people were shocked by the sudden turn of events. When they looked by instinct, a young man who looked and dressed mediocrely ambled in slowly.

    The young man placed his arms behind his back, appearing cold. There was a sword in his hand, and blood dripped from the tip of the sword.

    “Who are you?”

    A Fast Attack Group leader shot him a grim expression. Subsequently, countless Fast Attack Group members rushed over one after another, glaring at Ye Chen with hostility.

    “I’m the man who will kill all of you!” Ye Chen declared in utter coldness. He said nothing more as he swung the sword in his hand that suddenly expanded.

    A magnificent wave of sword qi spread through the entire casino. There was no screaming or any loud thuds.

    Including the guests in the casino, all of the Fast Attack Group members froze as they stood there. A bloody line appeared on their necks, growing in size. Eventually, a pile of human heads fell onto the ground.

    “They were helping the evil, and those were gambling dogs. Nobody will cry for their deaths!”

    Ye Chen turned around and walked out of the casino. Then, he performed the Fireball Tactic in the casino, causing a loud bang to explode from the inside.


    In an underground lab in the Southern City of Beijing, countless people in lab coats and face masks were retrieving data with test tubes in their hands.

    Meanwhile, there were rows of boxes before them with packets of white powder.

    The hundreds of hunks moved those boxes into a truck outside neatly and quietly.

    At that moment, someone shouted suddenly, “Who are you? How did you get in?”

    The people spun toward the direction of the voice by instinct. They saw a young man standing on the steel frame on top of them.

    “Hurry! Capture him. Don’t let him go,” ordered a middle-aged man who had a slight change in expression.

    It was the Fast Attack Group’s secret lab where the stuff they produced should not be known to the public. If this were to spread, everybody here would be in trouble.

    Many people rushed out of a few tunnels as soon as that order was issued. Each of them even had a gun in their hands.

    “You know producing and selling drugs is against the law and you’re still doing it. All of you deserve to die!” Ye Chen leaped from above and stomped hard onto the ground.


    As the entire ground shook, a gigantic crack appeared in the middle. A magnificent force spread with him in the center.

    Within the blink of an eye, everyone in the entire lab had their bones crushed and their flesh smashed from the force.

    Then, Ye Chen walked over and picked up a packet of drugs. He tossed it onto their bodies and performed the Fireball Tactic. The entire underground lab was drowned in sparks instantly.

    He walked out of the sea of fire one step after another with his arms behind his back. With red flames spurting in his eyes, he looked like a fire god.

    In a private manor in the suburbs of Beijing, almost all the mid- and high-level members of the Fast Attack Ground were gathered. It was their actual headquarters.

    It was bright in the manor at the moment. Tens of people gathered around the table that was five meters long, and there were all sorts of wines before them.

    A young man, who was sitting close to the window, raised his glass to the middle-aged man sitting at the main seat. He said as he smiled to butter up to him, “Happy birthday, Deputy Leader Cao. May your year be filled with blessings.”

    The rest mimicked him while raising their glasses as they stood up. “Happy birthday, Deputy Leader Cao. May your year be filled with blessings!”

    The man remained seated while he took it all in. He lifted his arms to gesture and smiled lightly after everyone stopped talking. “Everyone, it’s my 40th birthday today. Thank you for giving me face and coming over to my party. I won’t say all those pretentious things. Everything I want to say is in this wine. Cheers!”

    Someone said while smiling after they bottomed up, “Deputy Leader Cao, why isn’t the leader here today?”

    All of them grew serious instantly upon hearing that.

    The man with the family name Cao looked around and had his eyes on a man who was short and looked ferocious. “Master is working on something, so he won’t be here today. However, he called earlier to ask how’s the task that Young Master Xue ordered.”

    The ferocious man smiled instantly as he spoke, “I got people to destroy that store today, but I didn’t see Ye. Instead, we beat his staff up.”

    “Ye should be hiding. Send more people over again tomorrow. Smash everything you see and beat up everyone you see. You guys can do anything you want as long as you don’t kill anyone,” Cao scoffed, “I don’t believe that Ye will hold back.”

    Just when the ferocious man was going to speak, a loud thud was heard. The window before the people shattered suddenly. Subsequently, they saw a young man walk in from the window with his arms behind his back.

    The people in the house were shocked. Some of them took out their guns immediately and pointed the muzzles at Ye Chen.

    Cao’s expression turned grim. “Who are you?”

    “Where is your leader?” Ye Chen demanded in utter coldness.