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Chapter 189 - I’m Going to Kill Someone

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 189: I’m Going to Kill Someone

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    “Scram, all of you!”

    Ye Chen tossed Long Hair out while glancing at the ten over men lying on the ground coldly.

    Startled, they carried Long Hair together and left. They moved quickly, scared that Long Hair’s fate would befall them.

    “Wow, Boss, you’re so powerful!” Huang Pei rushed out as soon as they left. She looked at Ye Chen in disbelief as the recent incident was indeed too shocking.

    Huang Fugui and Zhang Daniu only snapped back to their senses then. Doubt filled their eyes when they looked at Ye Chen, especially Huang Fugui, who thought that Ye Chen was just a man who had some money before this. He thought that he would yield to Long Hair’s power. However, what happened made his jaw drop.

    Huang Fugui sighed as he thought to this point. He asked with slight concern, “Boss, will they come to take revenge on us?”

    That was what he was most worried about. After all, the Fast Attack Group was not to be offended. Otherwise, they would not be doing whatever they wanted in Beijing.

    Although his boss could fight ten men alone, could he fight a hundred or 1,000 enemies? What if they had guns?

    “I don’t think so.” Ye Chen shook his head. His attack was considered a threat to the Fast Attack Group. If they dared to come again, he should not be blamed if he were to kill all of them. By then, even Commander Chen could do nothing about it.

    Huang Fugui released a sigh of relief after hearing that. He turned his head to look at the mess on the ground and sighed again. ‘Fighting sure is fun for a while. Sigh, I need to spend money to renovate the store again.’

    “Brother Chen, you’re so skilled in martial arts. Can you teach me?” Zhang Daniu looked at Ye Chen in admiration.

    Ye Chen chuckled softly. “You won’t be able to learn my way of martial arts.”

    Zhang Daniu was extremely disappointed.


    Ye Chen left with Mengmeng after they stayed at the store for a while because the pet shipping company called, saying that they had shipped the Patriarch of Hell over and they asked him to pick him up.

    When Ye Chen arrived at the shipping company, he saw the Patriarch of Hell locked in a cage. He had lost a lot of weight.

    The Patriarch of Hell looked at him in resentment. He wanted to cry from the torture.

    He, the Patriarch of Hell, was being locked in a dog cage! Furthermore, the ride had been very bumpy. His dignity would be completely wiped out if news about that spread to the cultivation world.

    Ye Chen ignored his look of resentment.

    Mengmeng, on the other hand, was excited to see him. She hugged him instantly, feeling over the moon.

    Ye Chen had a meal with his daughter and the dog. He ordered a serving for the Patriarch of Hell before heading back to the villa.

    As soon as they got home, the little girl fed the patriarch with the dishes that they bought.

    The patriarch was moved. ‘At least, his little girl is kind.’

    However, he realized something off after taking two bites because he realized that he had a slice of dog meat in his mouth…

    The patriarch felt disgusted. He glared at Ye Chen who was sitting aside in spite, feeling furious.

    ‘This damned Xiao Yezi! You must’ve done it on purpose. I’m a dog now and you’re feeding me dog meat.’

    Ye Chen spoke through voice transmission, “You’ll stay at home with Mengmeng tonight. I need to head out to run some errands. Is there anything that you’d like to say about this arrangement?”

    The patriarch rolled his eyes immediately. ‘Can I say anything at all?’


    Soon, night fell.

    Ye Chen turned on the tv and switched to the kids’ channel that his daughter loved. He then left the villa. With the Patriarch of Hell around, nobody could hurt her.

    As soon as he got out of the house, he summoned the Almighty Killer Sword directly. With the sword, he flew to Beijing’s 2nd Ring Road. Since he flew high, the people below could not see him at all.

    He landed quietly at the entrance of a luxurious villa on the 2nd Ring Road. After recalling the Almighty Killer Sword, he stood on a tree and stared at the villa before him with a cold expression.

    The Su family!

    That was the family he had admired five years ago, the wealthy family that stood at the peak of China.

    Though that was the case, all Ye Chen needed now was a sword to destroy this giant completely!

    However, Yuhan was still nowhere to be found.

    If he were to attack right now and force the Su family to their limit, they would use Yuhan to threaten him or go to the extreme. The consequences would be awful.

    Although he had definite confidence in himself, he did not want to risk even the slightest mishap.

    Ye Chen controlled his Divine Consciousness to scan a 100-meter range as he thought to this point. He saw every security guard and defenses the Su family had in the compound. However, he did not see Su Yuhan anywhere.

    Ye Chen looked melancholic.

    ‘Yuhan, did they really hide you somewhere else?’

    The second he took a deep breath in, a series of noises rattled in his body as if someone was stir-frying beans. Subsequently, his body began to change in size quickly, including his appearance. Soon, a man who looked exactly like Su Jian appeared on the tree.

    That was the benefit of having an immortal body. He could grow and shrink his body, as well as even transform into anybody that he desired.

    Ye Chen, who had transformed into Su Jian, leaped from the tree and walked toward the Su family’s villa. The guards at the door raised their heads when they saw him. “Young Master Su Jian!”

    Ye Chen walked into the villa without even lifting his head. He could not stop looking around with his Divine Consciousness.

    He was attempting to look for a familiar scent. After all, Su Yuhan and he had dated for many years, so he was familiar with her scent.

    What disappointed him was that, even with Su Jian’s identity, he could not sense Su Yuhan’s scent after strolling through the entire villa.

    ‘It seems like what Su Youwei said is the truth. Yuhan is really being hidden somewhere else. It’s no wonder that Lin Tai’s men can’t find her no matter what.”

    Although he did not find Su Yuhan, he found where Su Youwei’s room was. She was currently taking a shower.

    He also saw Guo Sheng who was doing his rounds with a German Shepard.

    When Guo Sheng passed by him, he suddenly asked, “Where is Su Tao?”

    Guo Sheng was stunned at first, and shock flashed across his face subsequently. He did not seem to have expected Ye Chen to transform into an exact replica of Su Jian.

    He lowered his voice as he spoke, “Master, Su Yao left before you came to Beijing. He’s been out since then.”

    “Left? Where did he go?” Ye Chen frowned.

    If Su Tao were there, he might be able to perform the Soul Searching Tactic on him to retrieve his memory by force. He would then find out about Yuhan’s whereabouts.

    “I’ve no idea.” Guo Sheng shook his head and added, “Su Yao has always been out alone. He prohibits us from following us. Oh yeah, I found out that the representative who’s been in contact with Su Tao is called Bai Li.”

    “Bai Li?” Ye Chen squinted.

    Guo Sheng nodded. “This person is very mysterious. He hardly keeps in touch with Su Tao. I’ve no idea how they’re keeping in touch. I attempted to follow Su Tao earlier but was busted.”

    “Remember to inform me if Su Tao returns.”

    Ye Chen’s expression changed a few times. He left the Su family’s villa after saying that. There were more and more questions in his head.

    ‘What exactly is Su Tao doing? And what about Bai? Exactly who is this mastermind behind this?’

    At that moment, his phone rang. It was Wang Meng calling. “My lord, Zhang Daniu and Huang Fugui have been admitted to the hospital!”

    “What happened?” Ye Chen said in a deep voice.

    1Wang Meng replied, “The Fast Attack Group sent more than ten people over to take revenge earlier. They began smashing things as soon as they came in. They beat Zhang Daniu and Huang Fugui up. They’ve been sent to the hospital now.”

    “Send me the address. I’ll be right there.”

    After hanging up, Ye Chen received the coordinates that Wang Meng sent. He hailed a cab by the street and headed straight to the hospital.


    At the First Affiliated Hospital of Peking University, Ye Chen saw Zhang Daniu and Huang Fugui with gauze wrapped around their faces when he walked into the ward. Meanwhile, Huang Pei sat next to them. She was crying, and her eyes were red.

    “Brother Chen.”


    Zhang Daniu and Huang Fugui struggled to get up when they saw Ye Chen.

    “Don’t move,” Ye Chen comforted and said while looking at Huang Fugui, “Was it the people from the Fast Attack Group who beat you guys up?”

    “Yes, it was them.” Huang Fugui touched the gauze on his head and forced a smile despite the pain. “When I was closing the door half an hour ago, some ten people suddenly rushed in and began smashing everything. They used a staff to beat Daniu and me a few times…”

    Huang Fugui paused as he spoke to this point. He said while still feeling terrified, “Boss, it’s getting out of hand. Should we call the police?”

    He was really scared now. The people from the Fast Attack Group had come to terrorize them every few days. Now that they beat them until they were admitted to the hospital, would they not be sent to their graves the next time they showed up?

    “Will calling the police help?” Ye Chen chuckled.

    Huang Fugui was speechless.

    He was right. If calling the police could help, the police would have been here to record their statements. However, nobody was here.

    “How about we move the store away?” Huang Fugui said after some hesitation.

    “Nope, there’s no need for that.” Ye Chen turned around and walked out of the ward after saying that.

    “Boss, where are you going?” Wang Meng rushed over and asked by instinct.

    “I’m going to kill someone!” Ye Chen said without even turning his head.