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Chapter 188 - How Many Heads Does He Have for Me to Sever!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 188: How Many Heads Does He Have for Me to Sever!

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    After Wei Dong’s drama, there was a subtle change in the way everyone looked at Ye Chen in the private room.

    Even though that was the case, Wei Nan, Xue Lei, Su Jian, and the rest did not care. To them, Wei Dong was merely someone who lingered outside the Beijing wealthy family’s circle and was no one prominent.

    Li Yuanqing, Han Xu, and some of them who were closer to Ye Chen secretly nodded. They began to take Ye Chen seriously now.

    Because Zhang Daniu was injured, Ye Chen wanted to leave first. Yan Ning sent them back out of kindness, so the gathering ended just like that.

    After the bill was paid, the bunch of people walked out of Pleasantville one after another. Xue Lei walked over while smiling after Zhang Daniu and Huang Pei had gotten into Yan Ning’s car while Ye Chen was just getting in.

    He said softly, “I don’t care whether you’re Miracle Doctor Ye or whoever. I’m warning you to not even think of getting close to Yan Ning. Stay away from her, or…”

    “Or what?” Ye Chen looked at him expressionlessly.

    Xue Lei’s voice was deep as he threatened, “Or I’ll make you vanish from this world anytime. You’d better not doubt my ability.”

    “Here’s a warning for you too.” Ye Chen smirked. “You won’t die if you’re not seeking death!”

    ‘Seeking death?!’ Killing intent flashed through Xue Lei’s eyes.

    At that moment, Yan Ning, who was in the car, popped her head out and asked in confusion, “What are you guys mumbling about? Get in.”

    Ye Chen smiled coldly and subsequently got into the car. Yan Ning then drove away.

    Xue Lei stood where he was while watching the car leaving. Su Jian sauntered over with a playful smirk at the corner of his lips. “Do you want me to get rid of him for you?”

    “No need.” Xue Lei left right after saying that. He took his phone out and seemed to be talking to someone while walking.


    Ye Chen got Yan Ning to drive the car straight to the medicine hall.

    Huang Pei helped Zhang Daniu into the store. With bloodshot eyes, she rummaged through the cabinets to look for medication for him while speaking, “Brother Daniu, why don’t I send you to the hospital?”

    “There’s no need. I’m fine. I don’t want to waste money at the hospital.” Zhang Daniu smiled in a foolish manner. He lifted his head to look at Ye Chen, appearing guilty. “Boss, I’m sorry to have created trouble for you today.”

    “Brother Daniu, it has nothing to do with you. It was I who created the trouble and caused you to be beaten up,” Huang Pei covered her lips and said, looking terrified, “Boss, fire me if you want. This has nothing to do with Brother Daniu.”

    “Who said that I’m firing you guys?” Ye Chen smiled in an awkward manner. He looked at Zhang Daniu and assured while smiling, “Daniu, you did great today. You’re courageous. Work hard here.”

    “Thank you, Brother Chen.”

    “Thank you, Boss.”

    Zhang Daniu and Huang Pei were over the moon. She then took out the first aid kit after releasing a sigh of relief. “Don’t move, Brother Daniu. I’ll apply medicine for you.”

    “Peipei, don’t stand so close to me. I’ll be cheating on Cui Hua if you do.” Zhang Daniu blushed deeply.

    Ye Chen was speechless. Zhang Daniu certainly deserved to be single given his behavior.

    He shook his head and asked both of them to go home soon. He then returned to the villa Lin Tai purchased while carrying his daughter.

    The night was quiet.

    The next morning, Wang Meng called to report, “My lord, bad news. The people from the Fast Attack Group are here for protection fees again. They’re blocking the entrance, so our customers can’t go in.”

    “I’ll be right there!”

    After hanging up the phone, Ye Chen urged his daughter to get up. He carried her out after washing up and headed straight to the Qi Medicine Hall in a cab.

    As soon as the car pulled over, Ye Chen saw over ten people gathered at the door of the medicine hall. All of them wore suits and ties. Nobody dared to stop and watch at all as they clearly feared those people.

    The racket of an argument between Zhang Daniu and someone else was heard among the crowd.

    As he got out of the car with Mengmeng, Ye Chen saw Zhang Daniu guarding the medicine hall entrance with a boning knife in his hand. Zhang Daniu was glaring at the unwelcomed group furiously.

    Meanwhile, Huang Fugui and Huang Pei were hiding in the store. Obviously terrified, they dared not get out.

    A young man who had a grim expression and long hair held a cigarette in his mouth. He looked at Zhang Daniu in a playful manner. “Dummy, get your boss to come out. Otherwise, don’t blame me, Long Hair, and my brothers from destroying this stupid store of yours.”

    “I won’t hold back on defending the store from whoever dares to come forward.” Zhang Daniu gripped the boning knife in his hand tightly. Cold sweat filled his palms. He was actually scared, but he put on a strong front.

    Long Hair tossed the cigarette butt onto the floor and waved his hand after stepping on it. A brutal smirk appeared at the corner of his lips as he commanded, “Go, crush this store and cripple him.”

    Zhang Daniu shut his eyes by instinct upon hearing that. Huang Fugui and Huang Pei, who were in the store, had a change in expression. They thought that was the end of Zhang Daniu.

    A cold voice subsequently came booming, “Go ahead and try!”

    The people turned their heads to see a young man carrying a four- to five-year-old girl and walking over slowly. The young man looked calm as if he did not see the terrible commotion before him.

    Elated, Zhang Daniu said anxiously, “Boss, B-Brother Chen, run. Run now!”

    Although he was foolish, he was not stupid. These people were here for Ye Chen. If they captured him, he would end up in devastation.

    “Run? Where are you going to run?” Long Hair snickered and took a good look at Ye Chen fearlessly. “Brat, so you’re the boss of this medicine hall? Aren’t you supposed to pay this month’s protection fees?”

    “Boss, don’t listen to them.” Huang Fugui walked out furiously and said standing behind Zhang Daniu, “You guys are pushing us over. We’ve just paid the protection fees a few days ago.”

    “Whoever told you that you’re allowed to speak, you old fart?!” Long Hair glared dangerously at him and grinned as he spoke, “This is our Fast Attack Group’s territory. We decide how many times you’ll have to pay per month. If you guys don’t pay up, then we’re smashing your store.”

    “You…” Huang Fugui was pissed off, but there was nothing that he could do about it.

    Ye Chen responded to him extremely coldly, “How much are you guys asking for this time?”

    Zhang Daniu and the other two had a change in expression hearing that. Disappointment filled their eyes when they looked at Ye Chen.

    Long Hair laughed out loud instantly, the pride on his face obvious. “You’re wise. Pay 100,000 yuan up now.”

    “100,000 yuan? Why don’t you rob a bank instead?!” Huang Fugui almost spat blood from his rage. They usually paid 3,000 to 4,000 yuan per month, and now the gangsters were asking for 100,000 yuan. Meanwhile, the store only made a clean profit of less than 20,000 yuan.

    “That’s right. I’m robbing you guys. What are you going to do about it?” Long Hair was smirking instead of being pissed. His eyes turned cold suddenly as he yelled, “I’m saying this one last time. You either pay up or I’ll destroy the store!”

    Huang Fugui could not help but look at Ye Chen. He was panicking because he knew that his boss could not pay that kind of money. As soon as the store was destroyed, they would lose their jobs.

    Zhang Daniu held the boning knife tightly. He secretly decided that he would protect Ye Chen no matter what as soon as these bunch of people attacked.

    However, Ye Chen glanced at Long Hair with a dangerous glint in his eyes. “I wonder how much your arms and legs are worth.”

    “What did you say?” Long Hair opened his eyes wide and laughed hysterically. “Worth, my a*s!”


    He charged at Ye Chen instantly and grinned. “Have you seen a fist that’s as big as a sandbag?”

    Zhang Daniu wanted to stop him by instinct.

    However, the crowd felt dizzy from watching whatever that happened before them in the next second. A silhouette was thrown out directly, smashing against the store glass door instantly.

    The glass door crashed into smithereens loudly, leaving shards all over the ground. Meanwhile, Long Hair was groaning while lying sprawled on the glass shards.

    Ye Chen, on the other hand, stood where he was while carrying his child as if nothing had happened.

    There was dead silence. One would hear be able to hear the drop of a pin.

    Everyone’s mouths were wide open as they watched that in disbelief. Their minds were blank as they did not see what happened clearly at all.

    “Kill him!”

    Long Hair got up from the ground. His face was filled with blood, and he looked resentful.

    The ten-odd men who stood there blankly only snapped back to their senses after hearing his instruction. They jostled against other as they charged at Ye Chen with their weapons.

    Ye Chen looked calm as usual. He walked toward Long Hair one step after another while carrying his daughter as if he did not notice the people that were charging at him.

    Bang, bang, bang…

    The charging assailants felt a terrifying force coming at them as soon as they approached him. Subsequently, they were shot out with either their arms or their legs broken.

    During the commotion, Ye Chen did not do anything. Meanwhile, the assailants did not even touch the hem of his shirt.

    Both Zhang Daniu and Huang Fugui were stunned. Disbelief filled Huang Pei’s face. Their boss was so powerful!

    Long Hair was horrified by what just happened. He could not help but take a step back upon seeing Ye Chen approaching him one step after another. He said ferociously, “Wh-what are you trying to do?”

    “How much are your arms and legs worth?” Ye Chen looked at him expressionlessly.

    Long Hair was stunned at first, then fear flashed through his face. He said instinctively, “N-no…”

    Before he was done speaking, he felt a force that he could not withstand land on him. He knelt onto the ground, the glass pieces piercing deep into his thighs.

    He failed to move.


    The cracking of joints was heard.

    Long Hair’s right arm twisted on its own. Soon, it looked like fried twisted dough. His left arm subsequently twisted.

    “Let me go. I’m begging you…” Long Hair begged while groaning. Fear filled his eyes that were looking at Ye Chen desperately.


    Another cracking sound came.

    Both of his legs twisted 180 degrees and his kneecaps twisted towards his butt.

    “Monster, y-you’re a monster!”

    Long Hair felt like he was going to pass out from the agony.

    Ye Chen said coldly, “Who sent you here? Who is the Fast Attack Group leader?”

    “Our leader is an ancient martial artist. He won’t let you go. You’ll die a devastating death.” Long Hair’s whole body was twitching.

    “Really? Neither will I let him go.” Ye Chen grinned. “Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. Go back and tell your leader that I, Ye Chen, am asking how many heads he has for me to sever!”