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Chapter 187 - Slap Yourself 30 Times, and Then Scram!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 187: Slap Yourself 30 Times, and Then Scram!

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    The young scar-faced man was stunned. He thought he heard it wrong. “What did you say?”

    Besides him, even Wei Nan and the rest were stunned too. They looked at Ye Chen as if they were looking at an idiot. Was he asking Third Master Wei to go to see him?

    Li Yuanqing secretly sighed. He thought he would have stood up for him earlier. He believed that the scar-faced man would let him go and give the Li family face. However, there was no turning back as soon as Ye Chen said that.

    Xue Lei could not help but laugh out loud as he gloated. ‘He thought he’s someone prominent.’

    Facing everyone’s stare, Ye Chen’s extremely cold voice was heard. “Get your boss to see me. I don’t want to repeat myself again.”

    “You’re seeking death!”

    The scar-faced young man was furious and was about to charge at Ye Chen. At that moment, Zhang Daniu, who was sitting aside, suddenly spoke, “Don’t beat Brother Chen. I’ll go with you guys. I’ll beat the responsibility.”

    “It’s too late.” The scar-faced man squinted. Just when he was going to walk to Ye Chen, a terrifying voice came from outside. “I’d like to see who is so insane to dare to ask me to see him.”

    Zhang Daniu and Huang Pei had a drastic change in expression as soon as the voice rang out.

    Sitting aside, Su Jian could not stop himself from scoffing, ‘You’ll take the responsibility? The few of you are in trouble today.’

    Wei Nan could not help but look at Ye Chen with a playful expression on her face. ‘Miracle Doctor Ye, I wonder if you’d be as calm as you are right now after someone cripples you. I wonder if you can treat yourself.’

    Subsequently, a middle-aged man with a pale face and a beard walked in in an overbearing manner. There were tens of ferocious muscular hunks behind him.

    “It’s him, Third Master!” The young scar-faced man stretched his arm out and pointed at Ye Chen. A gloating smirk appeared at the corner of his lips.

    The middle-aged man looked toward the direction he was pointing at. There was a young man carrying a girl while watching him in utter coldness.

    “Brat, were you the guy who asked me to get here to see—” The man froze directly when he saw Ye Chen’s face clearly as if he had just been struck by lighting. He could not finish what he was saying no matter what.

    “Third Master Wei, my friend didn’t mean it. I hope that you’ll forgive what he said.” Yan Ning clenched her teeth and subsequently turned her head and said to Ye Chen, “Brother Ye, apologize to Third Master Wei.”

    However, the people heard a thud in the next second.

    They saw Third Master Wei fall weakly to the ground. He looked at Ye Chen like he had just seen a ghost.

    “Boss, are you alright?” the scar-faced man wanted to help him up by instinct. However, he realized that his body was like a corpse. It was cold.

    Wei Dong gulped as he shook his head at Ye Chen. He had cold sweat dripping from his head. “Y-ye…”

    That was right. Third Master Wei was Wei Dong.

    Since Ye Chen summoned the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder in Tiannan and crushed the Elder Priest Qingyang that Wei Dong had hired into pieces before everyone, the scene of Ye Chen bathing in bolts of lightning had become his nightmare. He would not be able to sleep whenever he thought of it.

    Therefore, with the help of his people, Wei Dong moved his entire family to Beijing. He thought he would keep himself far away from Ye Chen, but never had he thought that he would bump into his nemesis after living a good life for merely a short while.

    The people were dumbstruck to see him acting like that.

    Did he not come here to teach them a brutal lesson Why did he fall weakly to the ground within a blink of an eye as if a mouse had just seen a cat?

    Yan Ning was surprised when she snapped back to her senses while Wei Nan had disbelief on her face. At the same time, the smile on Su Jian and Xue Lei’s faces froze instantly. Li Yuanqing and Han Xu were a little shocked at that moment.

    “Wei Dong, it seems like you still remember me!” Ye Chen looked at him with a mysterious expression. Nobody knew that in Wei Dong’s eyes, his expression was like a death god reaping life.

    Wei Dong jolted and said, “T-this is all just a misunderstanding. I-I didn’t know that you were here before this.”

    “A misunderstanding?” Ye Chen raised his brows. “Your man beat my friend up and you’re telling me it’s a misunderstanding? I’d like to see how you’re going to handle this.”

    “Sure, I’ll deal with them and report to you soon.” Wei Dong could not stop nodding. Subsequently, he spoke to the scar-faced man next to him. Shock flashed through the young scar-faced man’s eyes. However, he went out anyway.

    At that moment, the people could not help but stare at Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen took a sip of water on his own while carrying his daughter. Seeming like he did not care, he looked exactly the same as earlier.

    If they thought that he had been pretending to be calm earlier, there was a mysterious vibe from him when they looked at him again.

    ‘Is he from some wealthy family?’ Han Xu squinted and thought to himself.

    Soon, the scar-faced young man came back. He went close to Wei Dong’s ear and spoke softly,

    In the next second, Wei Dong gaped at Ye Chen in an even more frightened manner now. “M-Master Ye, they’re already d-dead.”

    The scar-faced man just informed him that Director Zhao and his three men were dead in the private room. There were four skeletons on the ground when he went in, with no signs of flesh on the skeletons at all.

    They looked like…they had been eaten by something.

    Connecting what happened to Director Zhao and Ye Chen, as well as the ridiculously powerful technique that he performed last time, Wei Dong knew that Ye Chen had done it without even thinking about it.

    Zhang Daniu and Huang Pei were dumbfounded.

    They had still been doing alright earlier, but they were dead within the blink of an eye. However, they thought that Wei Dong had sent his men to kill them.

    “Oh, that’s karma,” Ye Chen gave a short response.

    “I-I shall make a move, ” Wei Dong retreated while speaking. He was dying to leave, not wanting to spend another second with Ye Chen.

    “Wait!” Ye Chen suddenly said, “Did I say you could leave? Your men have been punished, but what about your crime of not being strict?”

    “S-so, what do you want me to do?” Wei Dong forced an ugly smile on his face.

    Ye Chen said expressionlessly, “Slap yourself 30 times, and then scram!”

    Everyone gasped in shock.

    Was he not being too much?

    ‘The man has taken the initiative to apologize to you. He gave you face and you’re asking him to slap himself in front of his underlings?’

    Zhang Daniu said immediately, “T-there’s no need for that.”

    However, what Wei Dong said in the next second shocked everyone again, “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”

    He lifted his right arm and slapped both sides of his face continuously. To everyone’s surprise, he seemed as if a burden had been lifted from him.

    Pa! Pa!

    Each slap was hard. The force was extraordinarily strong, while it was loud.

    They had no idea that to Wei Dong, his life was much more important than his dignity. He believed that as long as he dared to reject that command, his head would be severed and placed somewhere else at anytime.

    Soon, both sides of Wei Dong’s cheeks were swollen. He said in a dazed manner, “I-is this enough for you, sir?”

    “Now scram!” Ye Chen waved.

    “Yes…” Wei Dong released a sigh of release. He fell onto the ground and rolled out of the private room’s door. Yes, he really rolled out.

    Everyone’s jaws dropped upon seeing that.

    After Wei Dong left, the door was closed, and Zhang Daniu and Huang Fei felt relieved.

    At that moment, everyone looked at Ye Chen slightly differently now. Some were doubtful while some were fearful.

    They thought that Ye Chen and the rest would be in trouble when Wei Dong came in. Never did they expect that the ending would be so ridiculous.

    Yan Ning looked at Ye Chen with her pretty eyes wide open as she asked in confusion, “Brother Ye, why is Third Master Wei so scared of you?”

    “Because I once terrified him.” Facing everyone’s suspicious gazes, Ye Chen said coldly, “That’s why his knees turn weak whenever he sees me now.”