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Chapter 186 - Get Him to See Me

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 186: Get Him to See Me

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    “Stop! Stop fighting!”

    Before Ye Chen got to the bathroom, he heard Huang Pei’s wailing and the noises of a scuffle at the bathroom door.

    When he got closer, he saw three men kicking and punching Zhang Daniu. Meanwhile, a fatty with a big gold chain on his neck grabbed Huang Pei tightly. She was delirious from the shock.

    “Stop!” Yan Ning, who caught up to him, stopped them instantly.

    The fatty who was holding Huang Pei smirked coldly and the fat on his face jiggled. “This has nothing to do with you guys. It’s best that you don’t stick your noses into this.”

    “If you guys don’t stop, you’d better believe that I’ll wreck your reputation in Beijing!” Yan Ning’s expression turned cold instantly.

    At the same time, Li Yuanqing, Han Xu, Xue Lei, and the rest walked out of the private room too. They stood behind Yan Ning.

    The fatty’s expression changed upon seeing that Yan Ning had so many people that looked extraordinary with her.

    “Alright, you’d better watch out. This isn’t over.” After saying that, he let go of Huang Pei and left with his men. Zhang Daniu, on the other hand, had a swollen face while blood dripped from his nose all over the floor.

    Huang Pei walked over quickly, crying from the scare. “Brother Daniu, are you alright? Please don’t scare me.”

    “I-I’m alright.” Zhang Daniu wiped his nose and smiled. “I’ve been getting beaten up since I was young. I’ll be fine after resting for a few days.”

    “Let’s go back.” Su Jian glanced at him in utter disdain. Then, he turned around and returned to the private room.


    After taking their seats, Ye Chen looked at Zhang Daniu and asked, “What exactly happened?”

    “Boss, I can tell you what happened,” Huang Pei said, feeling wronged while her red eyes were still moist, “When I was washing my hands after getting out of the bathroom, that fatty earlier groped my butt from the back. I yelled at him, but he then slapped me, so Brother Daniu beat him up.”

    “Shameless! Disgusting! We should’ve beaten him up earlier.” Yan Ning’s cheeks were flushing from rage.

    Mengmeng walked over with her eyes wide open. “Uncle Daniu, are you hurting? Do you want Mengmeng to blow on your wound?”

    She then blew at Zhang Daniu’s face after saying that as if he would get better after she did that.

    A ferocious gleam flashed through Ye Chen’s eyes. He retrieved a tiny snake from his daughter’s hair secretly after stretching his arm out. He spoke through voice transmission, “Go and watch that man and his underlings. Kill them if they run away.”

    1Xiaohei was as thin as a hair. It vanished secretly after falling onto the ground, so nobody saw it at all.

    “Seeing that that man dared to fight in this hotel, he must be someone powerful,” Xue Lei said wryly.

    The rest reacted upon hearing what he said. Han Xu nodded. “If I’m not mistaken, the hotel boss is someone called Third Master Wei and he’s rather famous in Beijing.”

    The people could not help but look at Wei Nan.

    “Don’t look at me. He’s not from my family. Otherwise, I’d definitely know him. We only share the same family name.” Wei Nan shook her head.

    Huang Pei was cleaning the cuts on Zhang Daniu’s face, unable to stop crying.

    Su Jian said in his deep voice, “Stop crying. You guys are in trouble for offending Third Master Wei. You’ll cry even more when he comes to you.”

    “Third Master Wei shouldn’t dare to do as he wishes with me here,” Yan Ning said fiercely. Although the Yan family was a wealthy family, they were strict whereby they prohibited their family members from causing trouble out there.

    Yan Ning could not help but look at Wei Nan sitting next to her as she thought to this point. “Sister Nannan, if Third Master Wei really comes later, will you help them?”


    Wei Nan hesitated. Although she was not afraid of Third Master Wei, she was unwilling to offend such a man for Ye Chen, Zhang Daniu, and the rest that were insignificant to her. Moreover, she did not want to help them.

    Yan Ning panicked.

    Su Jian and Xue Lei looked at each other, noticing the gloat in each other’s eyes.

    In the end, Li Yuanqing spoke after some hesitation, “We’ll decide later.”


    In a private room on the fifth floor of Pleasantville, the fatty from before pushed the door hard and walked in. He sat onto the couch directly and condemned, “F*ck, that b*tch got lucky.”

    “What happened, Director Zhao? Who angered you?” a middle-aged man who was sitting aside said while chuckling. There were two ladies with knockout bodies in provocative clothing sitting next to him. They would peel oranges and feed him every now and then.

    Director Zhao spat out, “Who else would it be? I bumped into a babe in the bathroom. I couldn’t help it, so I groped her butt seeing that it was quite perky. That b*tch scolded me and got someone to punch me…”

    The middle-aged man’s expression turned grim. “Who dares to touch you in my territory? Let’s go. Bring me to them.”


    In the private room where Ye Chen was, Huang Pei finally stopped crying. She turned her head and looked at him. “Boss, should we go home? Brother Daniu is hurt pretty badly.”

    “There’s no rush. Let’s wait for the man to come.”

    Ye Chen shook his head with light sparkling in his eyes.

    The rest were stunned to hear what he said. They thought they heard it wrong.

    ‘Can’t you read the room? Not only are you not leaving, but you’re actually staying and waiting for the man to come to you? Are you out of your mind?’

    “Brother Ye, I think it’s better if you…” Yan Ning hesitated.

    Ye Chen waved. “Don’t worry about it.”

    Wei Nan glanced at him in utter disdain. She almost called him an idiot for pretending at such a time.

    ‘I’d like to see what you’re going to do when nobody is willing to help you later.’ Su Jian grinned.


    Someone kicked the private room door open at that moment. Subsequently, a man with a knife scar on his face led another man in. He looked at everyone, and eventually, his eyes fell on Zhang Daniu. “It’s both of them.”

    “Take them out!” The young man with the knife scar waved.

    Two muscular hunks leaped from behind him instantly and headed toward Zhang Daniu by instinct.

    Huang Pei blocked before Zhang Daniu immediately and looked at them in fear. “What are you guys trying to do?”

    “What are we trying to do? This brat beat up our boss’s VIP, so he’s coming with us,” the young man with the knife scar scoffed.

    Yan Ning said immediately, “You guys can’t take them away.”

    “Who are you?”

    Yan Ning hesitated. “I’m from the Yan family.”

    “The Yan family?”

    The young man’s pupils shrunk, but then he subsequently ridiculed, “I admit that your family has a powerful background, but I’m warning you not to stick your nose in our business. Our boss knows your family too. This is personal.”

    “Yan Ning, get back,” Wei Nan warned.

    Yan Ning stomped her feet. “Sister Nannan…”

    “Get back!” Wei Nan’s expression turned grim.

    She only looked at Ye Chen after Yan Ning stepped back obediently. ‘That’s the end of your staff. I’d like to see what you’re going to do.’

    “Take him out!” The young man with the scar waved.

    “Wait!” Ye Chen suddenly spoke. He looked at the young man expressionlessly. “Who’s your boss? Get him to see me!”