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Chapter 185 - Blame Fell from The Sky When He was Chilling At Home

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 185: Blame Fell from The Sky When He was Chilling At Home

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    The entire private room fell into silence as soon as Li Yuanqing was done speaking. Apart from Zhang Daniu and Huang Pei, who were focused on eating, and the little girl, Mengmeng, everyone else looked sober.

    Ye Chen looked stunned as everyone watched him. He had no idea how to answer that question.

    Li Yuanqing shook his head lightly upon seeing his expression. “It seems like Miracle Doctor Ye has never heard of Mad Southern Ye.”

    Han Xu was rather disappointed too. He thought that Ye Chen must come with a powerful background since he had been so calm. However, he had no idea who the famous Mad Southern Ye was. At that moment, he lost his interest to know him.

    “Ms. Yan, who is this Mad Southern Ye that you guys are talking about? Is he famous?” Huang Pei, on the other hand, who was sitting aside, wiped her mouth with a curious expression on her face. She was no longer as nervous as when she had been before eating.

    Disdain flashed through Wei Nan’s eyes when she observed Zhang Daniu and Huang Pei’s eating manners. However, she spoke anyway, “Not only is he famous, but it’s also not an exaggeration to describe him as the champion of China.”

    “That’s right.” Han Xu took over the conversation, seeming very serious as he looked at Ye Chen. “Just like Miracle Doctor Ye, Mad Southern Ye is from Tiannan too. He also bears the family name of Ye, but this man is the legend of Tiannan and China. He’s the Tiannan No. 1 and No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard!”

    The rest of them nodded by instinct.

    All of them came from wealthy families and were naturally different from Zhang Daniu. Especially when Ye Chen dominated the No. 1 of Heaven Leaderboard, they found out about it immediately.

    “Tiannan No. 1?” Zhang Daniu burped after eating, “Who is this Tiannan No. 1? Is he our Tiannan’s governor? Everyone in our village thinks that the governor is the most powerful.”

    “The governor?” Xue Lei glimpsed at him in slight disdain. “Who even is the governor of Tiannan’s three provinces? Moreover, the governor isn’t the most powerful one in Tiannan’s three provinces. It should be the party boss who is most powerful.”

    ‘What a hillbilly!’ Xue Lei thought.

    “Who else is the most powerful if not our governor? And what’s this Heaven Leaderboard that you guys are talking about?” Huang Pei was more and more confused listening to them.

    Yan Ning explained while smiling, “We’re talking about ancient martial artists. Mad Southern Ye is an ancient martial artist, and he’s the best among them. Meanwhile, the Heaven Leaderboard is the statistics ranking of the ancient martial artists.”

    She paused and explained to Ye Chen while looking at him as she spoke to this point, “Miracle Doctor Ye, this Mad Southern Ye is the expert among experts, the No. 1 among experts.”

    “What’s an ancient martial artist?” Huang Pei could no longer eat. She stared at the people with her eyes wide open as if she had just entered a world that was unknown to her.

    “An ancient martial artist is someone on a level that you guys will never be able to come in contact with.” Su Jian chuckled and shot her a smug look. He held onto the wine glass softly. Everyone saw five fingerprints on the glass. However, the glass did not break.

    Huang Pei and Zhang Daniu were dumbstruck watching that as if they had seen a ghost.

    Even Li Yuanqing and the rest were stunned.

    Xue Lei’s face froze and spoke in slight shock, “Su Jian, have your abilities improved?”

    “I accidentally stimulated my conception and governor vessel a few days ago.” Su Jian shook his head while pretending to be calm. However, the pride on his face lingered. As he spoke to this point, he could not help but look at Ye Chen and the rest. He realized that Zhang Daniu and Huang Pei were looking at him in shock.

    A smirk of arrogance was revealed at the corner of his lips. However, the smirk froze when he looked at Ye Chen who seemed calm as usual. He was eating at ease and moving at a neutral pace as if he did not see the fingerprints on the wine glass.

    “Daddy, I want those.” The little girl stood on his lap and pointed at the plate of pork ribs on the table.

    Ye Chen picked up a piece for her while smiling.

    Su Jian’s expression turned grim seeing that. Dense killing intent flashed through his eyes. To him, Ye Chen should be fearful of him just like Zhang Daniu and the rest.

    Li Yuanqing noticed that too, and said in between tears and laughter, “Brother Ye, sometimes I really wonder if there’s anything that can surprise you.”

    Wei Nan was secretly scoffing, ‘Go ahead. Go ahead and pretend. No ordinary person wouldn’t be shocked to hear that. Meanwhile, you’re pretending to be unique before us by pretending to be cool. You’ve no idea that what you’re doing is making me hate you even more.’

    “Wow!” Huang Pei screamed as disbelief filled her eyes, “From what you guys are saying, Mad Southern Ye must be very powerful then?”

    “Of course.” Han Qu shook his head as respect filled his face. “Mad Southern Ye rose in Tiannan and became famous after the battle with Yuan Bupo on the river. He then fought three experts on the snow mountain, killing all three of them. He won glory for our country by killing an American Martial Dao master at sea in an overbearing manner. I must admit that I truly admire him.”

    Su Jiang frowned and looked rather upset. “I think the rumors were exaggerated. I believe that Mad Southern Ye killed Yuan Bupo, but those masters that he killed later on sound like hype.”

    “Hype? It’s news from many sources. Even the military admitted that and you think it’s hype?” Li Yuanqing snickered.

    ‘Su Jian is just upset that Mad Southern Ye’s fame has masked his. So what if you’ve reached the Illuminating Pulse? A blow of breath is all Mad Southern Ye needs to kill you.’

    “I don’t think it’s hype,” Yan Ning shook her head and spoke in determination after some hesitation, “I heard from my Second Uncle that Mad Southern Ye is more powerful than he is. No masters in China are his match.”

    Everyone had a drastic change of expression hearing that.

    Who was Yan Ning’s Second Uncle? He was the navy general, General Yan Nanfei, the legend of the Chinese navy. His fame shook China 20 years ago, and he was even the No. 8 on the Heaven Leaderboard.

    Shock flashed across Ye Chen’s face. ‘Yan Ning’s Second Uncle? Is he Yan Nanfei?’

    Han Xu exclaimed as if Yan Ning’s Second Uncle was a hero of the same kind, “I can’t believe that even General Yan admires Mad Southern Ye too.”

    “It’s not just that,” Wei Nan took a deep breath in and said, “My uncle said something similar too. He said Mad Southern Ye has the potential to break through above the innate stage!”

    Everyone had a drastic change of expression.

    Above the innate stage!

    That was something purely legendary. It had been years since the Chinese ancient martial world developed. Many heroes were born, but they had never heard of anyone achieving anything above the innate stage before.

    Xue Lei chuckled. “Mad Southern Ye rose from No. 11 to No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard. The top ten have yet to fight him, so don’t be so certain just yet. If there’s an opportunity, my uncle would like to spar with him.”

    “Xue Lei, your uncle is just jealous that Mad Southern Ye kicked him out of the top ten on the Heaven Leaderboard. He’s just sour, so why are you sugar coating it?” Li Yuanqing said wryly.

    Xue Lei was enraged.”You…”

    His uncle was Xue Xiao. He had initially been No. 10 on the Heaven Leaderboard, but since Ye Chen rose to No. 1, the ranking was pushed down. Naturally, Xue Xiao who was initially on No. 10 was pushed to No. 11, hence kicking him out of top ten on the Heaven Leaderboard.

    Therefore, Xue Xiao was extremely embarrassed. He became the joke of the Martial Dao World. How could he not hate Mad Southern Ye for that?

    Ye Chen had a gravely odd expression on his face.

    Blame fell from the sky when Xue Xiao was just chilling at home, and he became a joke for nothing…

    “Forget it. Let’s not talk about that any longer. Let’s eat.” Yan Ning mediated instantly when she realized that the duo was going to fight again. They then stopped dwelling on the topic earlier.

    At that moment, Huang Pei stammered, “B-boss, I need to go to the bathroom.”

    “Go with her, Daniu.” Ye Chen nodded at Zhang Daniu.

    Zhang Daniu put down his piece of pork rib unwillingly and went out of the private room with Huang Pei.

    Mengmeng was sweating. She pointed at the mineral water on the table while sticking her tongue out. “Daddy, water, please. It’s so spicy.”

    Ye Chen stretched his arm out and took the bottle to pass to her after opening the cap.

    Yan Ning was in love watching the little girl gulping the water down. She asked by instinct, “Mengmeng, why isn’t your mom here?”

    She just realized that she had only seen Ye Chen and his daughter ever since she knew them, but she never saw Ye Chen’s wife.

    Just when the little girl was going to speak, a din came from outside.

    Ye Chen’s right ear quivered softly while a hard expression was revealed on his face. Then, he carried his daughter and walked out.