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Chapter 184 - You’ll Definitely Die A Devastating Death Within A Month!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 184: You’ll Definitely Die A Devastating Death Within A Month!

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    “Guys, let me introduce you to Miracle Doctor Ye that I told you guys about.”

    After Yan Ning spoke, the people could not help but fix their eyes on Ye Chen and the rest. There was shock, doubt, and disdain on their faces.

    Ye Chen looked casual while Huang Pei and Zhang Daniu were very nervous. It seemed to be their first time experiencing such an awkward moment.

    Wei Nan was among the crowd too. She secretly frowned upon seeing the newcomers’ way of dressing. ‘What a bunch of embarrassing hillbillies! This silly girl Yan Ning is trying to wreck her reputation.’

    At that moment, the atmosphere in the private room became rather awkward. As everyone remained sitting, Yan Ning had a slight change of expression. Just when she was going to speak, a young man with thick brows and big eyes sitting in the corner stood up and said while smiling “Welcome, Miracle Doctor Ye.”

    He gave up a space for Ye Chen as he spoke. Subsequently, the two young men next to him made some space too.

    “Thanks!” Ye Chen said coldly and took his seat. Zhang Daniu and Huang Pei held hands as they sat next to him in an uneasy manner.

    The young man waved and pounded his chest. “Don’t worry about it. Since you guys are Yan Ning’s friends, then you’re my friends too. I’m Li Yuanqing.”

    Yan Ning looked at him in utter gratefulness. Subsequently, she signed to the waiter to serve the dishes.

    “Li Yuanqing, why do you call everyone your friend?” A handsome young man smiled casually, obviously mocking Ye Chen.

    Li Yuanqing chuckled. “Xue Lei, as your father, I’m happy and willing. What are you going to do about it?”

    “Li Yuanqing, stop calling yourself my father. My father isn’t someone you can afford to offend.” Xue Lei’s expression turned grim.

    Li Yuanqing got excited now. “Ooh, are you going to tell your father about me when you get home? My father isn’t someone that you can afford to offend either. If you want, I’ll get my Second Uncle to fight your First Uncle.”

    “You…” Xue Lei was enraged.

    ‘What’s wrong with Li Yuanqing? He knows that I’m courting Yan Ning, and he’s still embarrassing me to show off to that bull crap Miracle Doctor Ye. Why did he bring Li Yunxiao and Xue Xiao out of nowhere?’

    “Alright, stop fighting you guys,” Wei Nan, who was sitting aside, interrupted during the critical moment. She probably held a high position among them as Li Yuanqing and Xue Lei shut up right after she said that.

    A decent-looking young man with black-framed glasses observed Ye Chen and the other two secretly. Surprise flashed through his eyes.

    Since coming in, Zhang Daniu hung his head held low, not daring to look at the people while his hands that were on his thighs were clenched hard. He clearly had not experienced such an event before.

    On the other hand, Huang Pei appeared above average. Although she was smiling, her smile was rather stiff. She was clearly disguising her anxiety. She might have experienced some social events but not many.

    Ye Chen was the only person that threw the young man in glasses off by a little.

    From the looks of it, Ye Chen dressed and seemed mediocre. Nobody would really remember him. However, if one were to observe him, they would notice that he looked calm from head to toe. He did not seem to notice the people’s hostility.

    Apart from that, he interacted with his daughter who was in his embrace and would reveal a natural smile every now and then.

    Such a person either had low EQ or had no idea how to read a room. To put it simply, he was dumb. Perhaps he was a really prominent man who was innocent or in disguise.

    Meanwhile, the young man in glasses dared not agree that Ye Chen was a miracle doctor.

    He pushed his glasses up as he thought to this point. Deciding to test Ye Chen, he took the initiative to ask while smiling, “I wonder where you are from, Miracle Doctor Ye? You don’t look familiar. Oh yeah, let me introduce myself. My name is Han Xu.”

    Everyone had their eyes on Ye Chen as soon as he spoke. They recognized the mockery in one another’s eyes.

    Ye Chen answered coldly, “I’m from Tiannan.”

    “So, you’re a foreigner.”

    Another young man who looked solemn said while pretending to look surprised, “I heard there are many mountains in Tiannan. It’s a land of poverty whereby people are so poor that they can’t even eat well. Moreover, they’re barbaric. They call them the Barbarians of the South, am I right?”

    There was a mixture of people in Beijing. No matter whether it was the descendants of Manchu or the wealthy families, the circles they were in were important to them as people from different circles would not mix. Meanwhile, his goal was to separate Ye Chen from their circle.

    As soon as he was done speaking, the cowardly Zhang Daniu lifted his head to glare at him because he was from Tiannan too.

    Yan Ning scowled at him instantly. “Su Jian, what do you mean by that? What do you mean by they can’t even eat well? What do you mean when you call them the Barbarians of the South?”

    Even Han Xu glanced at him and secretly frowned. ‘The people from the Su family are terrible. He’s saying something so dumb! How can he call someone a Barbarian of the South?’

    “I heard it from someone else. Don’t take me seriously.” Su Jian smiled feebly upon realizing that he had misspoken.

    However, Ye Chen lifted his head to look at him with a smirk. “Is your name Su Jian? Are you from the Su family?”

    “I wonder if you are going to teach me a lesson for asking that, Miracle Doctor Ye?” Su Jian said wryly.

    “I can’t afford to teach you a lesson,” Ye Chen shook his head lightly and said while smiling, “But I can predict your fortune.”

    “Predict my fortune?” Su Jian seemed to have heard something funny. “You want to predict my fortune? Aren’t you a miracle doctor? When did you start picking up fortune-telling?”

    The rest could not help but laugh out loud after hearing that.

    Su Jian’s remark completely exposed Ye Chen as a scammer. They were even secretly mocking Ye Chen as a dumb fool.

    The expression on Yan Ning’s pretty face changed slightly, She said softly, “Miracle Doctor Ye, don’t spew nonsense. Su Jian isn’t someone that you should offend.”

    “Let’s do it then. I wonder how much it is.” Su Jian took a deep breath and looked at Ye Chen with disdain.

    Ye Chen ignored how the people were looking at him and said coldly, “I’ll charge you with the fact that you’ll definitely die a devastating death within a month!”

    Everyone was shocked as soon as they heard that.

    The smile on Su Jian’s face froze. Just when he was going to speak, Ye Chen continued, “I won’t be charging you any money. After all, you’d be dead by then, so you can’t be paying me joss paper.”

    Everyone gaped at Ye Chen in disbelief with their eyes wide open. Even Li Yuanqing and Han Qu frowned. They clearly did not expect him to cross the line. He really dared to say anything.

    Was he not cursing Su Jian to death by saying that?


    Su Jian slammed the table hard and glared at Ye Chen with his sullen eyes. He smiled instead of being furious. “I’ll die a devastating death within a month, huh? Sure, I’ll give you a month. If nothing happens to me in a month, you might be the one who ends up dead.”

    Yan Ning wanted to stand out to mediate by instinct, but Wei Nan held onto her tightly, so she could not move.

    Wei Nan shook her head secretly. ‘You idiot, do you really think you can do anything you want just because you know Yan Ning? Su Jian’s background is definitely no weaker than Yan Ning’s. Moreover, you’ve offended the people here with your behavior today. By then, Yan Ning can’t even protect you alone.’

    When everyone thought that Ye Chen would look afraid or regret his words, he smiled coldly. “Sure, come and look for me when you’re still alive in a month.”

    “Miracle Doctor Ye, you…” Li Yuanqing could not help but speak.

    “Don’t worry about it.” Ye Chen shook his head.

    With a sigh, Li Yuanqing gave Yan Ning a look that said ‘I’ve done all I could. It’s this brat who is seeking death himself’.

    Han Qu looked intensely at Ye Chen. ‘What exactly gave him such confidence? Can he really tell someone’s fortune?’

    At that moment, someone knocked on the door of the private room. Subsequently, over ten waiters came in serving dishes one after another.

    Soon, all sorts of delicious dishes were placed on the table. Huang Pei and Zhang Daniu were drooling just to see that.

    Han Qu opened two bottles of red wine. After pouring everyone a glass of wine, he tried to break the awkward atmosphere. “Alright, let’s stop dwelling on that. Cheers.”

    “Miracle Doctor Ye, here’s one to you!” Yan Ning toasted with her glass up.

    Ye Chen nodded and clinked glasses with her. He then did the same with Huang Pei and Zhang Daniu who seemed cautious.

    “Daddy, I want to eat crab.” The little girl Mengmeng buried herself in Ye Chen’s embrace while looking lustfully at the hairy crab placed before Su Jian.

    “I’ll get it for you.” Yan Ning got her one and put it into her bowl while smiling.

    “Thank you, sister,” Mengmeng said courteously and began eating after putting on a pair of gloves.

    However, the atmosphere remained stiff.

    Li Yuanqing smiled and started a topic while looking at Ye Chen. “Miracle Doctor Ye, since you are from Tiannan, I wonder if you’ve heard of Mad Southern Ye.”