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Chapter 183 - Yan Ning’s Invitation

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 183: Yan Ning’s Invitation

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    At night, Ye Chen returned to the Qi Medicine Hall.

    It was time to go home, but Huang Fugui had yet to close the door. Ye Chen saw him playing chess with Huang Pei when he arrived while Huang Daniu was reading a medicine book with rapt attention.

    Ye Chen looked at the three of them and asked in slight confusion, “Why are you guys still here?”

    “Didn’t the two ladies say they’d pick you up for dinner?” Huang Fugui brought a stool over, trying to butter him up. “I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to find you if I closed the door.”

    “Dad, what dinner and what ladies are you talking about?” Huang Pei asked curiously. She and Zhang Daniu had been busy at the back of the store during the day, so they did not see Yan Ning and the rest.

    Huang Guifu told her everything. In turn, Huang Fei opened her pretty eyes wide and said to Ye Chen and his daughter, “Boss, you’re a man with a daughter. Why are you still being all flirty?”

    Ye Chen was speechless.

    “Stop spewing nonsense.” Huang Fugui glared at her immediately. “The lady wanted to thank our boss for saving her, so she’s treating him to dinner. Why do you say he’s being flirty?”

    He was eager to choke his daughter to death. He had spoiled her since she was young, so she had always said anything she wanted to before thinking about it properly.

    “I’m sorry, Boss. I always talk too fast. I didn’t mean it.” Huang Pei stuck her tongue out and said in embarrassment, “Uh, can you bring me along? I’d like to see if those rich ladies are always eating expensive food every day.”

    She still did not believe that Ye Chen would purely have a meal with them, so she wanted to see it for herself. Moreover, what she said was the truth. Although she had a decent life since she was young, her family condition was mediocre. Therefore, it was only natural for her to be envious of the life of the rich.

    Just when Huang Fugui wanted to scold her, Ye Chen smiled lightly. “Sure, all of you can go, including Daniu.”

    “Boss, you’re the best!” Huang Pei was so excited that she shook Zhang Daniu’s arm. “Brother Daniu, stop reading. Boss is bringing us out for a feast tonight.”

    “B-but I haven’t finished my medicine book.” Zhang Daniu looked rather at a blur as he struggled a little.

    Apart from making money to marry his lady, another dream of his was to study medicine. It would be best if he could learn some medical skills because if that came true, he would be able to open a pharmacy when he returned to his hometown.

    “Brother Daniu, are you a fool? It’s a feast! You might not be able to eat it for the rest of your life if you miss it this time. You can read the book tomorrow.” Huang Pei glared at him angrily.

    Zhang Daniu gave in completely. While he could only agree to that, he seemed to be a little reluctant.

    “You guys go ahead. I won’t be going with young people like you.” Huang Fugui shook his head. Someone his age would rather go home to sip on some liquor with a plate of peanuts while watching an anti-Japanese film.

    At that moment, the squeal of brakes came from outside.

    Yan Ning, who was dressed to the nines, strutted in with excitement. “Miracle Doctor Ye, I’m here. Have you been waiting long?”

    She wore a burgundy V-neck suit this time. Her long hair grazed her shoulders while her pair of Boston leather shoes were sparkling.

    Huang Pei was envious when she saw her outfit while Zhang Daniu could not take his eyes off her. He wondered how a lady could look so pretty to the point that she was so much prettier than his future wife, Cui Hua, in his hometown.

    “No, I haven’t.” Ye Chen shook his head nonchalantly. “I’ll bring two friends along. Do you mind?”

    Yang Ning peeped at Huang Pei and Zhang Daniu by instinct and said without even thinking about it, “Why would I mind? The more the merrier.”

    “Boss, wait for me. I’ll go to change quickly.” Huang Pei’s narcissism was completely triggered by Yan Ning. She went back to her room and began dressing up immediately.

    Over ten minutes later, she walked out in a pastel pink dress and there was light makeup on her face too.

    “Brother Daniu, do I look pretty?” Huang Pei turned around while flicking the hem of her dress.

    Zhang Daniu said instinctively, “P-pretty! So much prettier than Cui Hua.”

    Huang Pei rolled her eyes at him. ‘What a dummy. Cui Hua is the only person in your eyes.’

    “Let’s go,” Ye Chen said and he carried his daughter out of the store.

    Huang Pei and Zhang Daniu could not take their eyes off the white Porsche Cayenne parked at the door.

    Yan Ning thought that Ye Chen would have a similar reaction as they did. However, she was shocked that Ye Chen had no change in expression. He casually opened the car door and sat in the back. Huang Fei and Zhang Daniu got into the car too.

    “This car is so posh. It’s my first time sitting in such a car.” Zhang Daniu sat rather uncomfortably as if he had hemorrhoids. He seemed to be moving around a lot.

    Huang Pei rolled her eyes at him. “Besides you, Boss and I have never sat in this car.”

    Ye Chen smiled and said nothing.

    After Yan Ning began driving the car, Mengmeng, who was in Ye Chen’s embrace, suddenly asked, “Daddy, what car is this?”

    “It’s a Porsche, little girl.” Huang Pei took over the conversation.

    Mengmeng asked again, “Which one is better: Lamborghini and Porsche?”

    “Lamborghini, of course. I’ve never seen that car before,” Huang Pei said with envy in her eyes.

    Mengmeng blinked her eyes. “Alright, I know now.”

    “What do you know?” Huang Pei was suddenly curious.

    Mengmeng said, “Don’t ask, sister. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to take it.”

    “What? What is there that I can’t take? Tell me now.”

    The little girl hesitated before speaking, “My daddy has never sat in a Porsche before but he’s driven a Lamborghini. He gave it to my aunty.”

    The car went silent for a few seconds.

    Huang Pei could not help but chuckle out loud. She pinched Mengmeng’s nose. “You naughty thing, lying when you’re so young! Can you tell which car is a Lamborghini?”

    Although they had not spent a long time together, Huang Pei could tell that while her boss was rich, he was not extravagantly so. He was a petite bourgeoisie at most. It would be great if he drove an Audi, but it would be ridiculous if he drove a Lamborghini.

    Even Yan Ning, who was driving, laughed upon hearing that. “Miracle Doctor Ye, your daughter is so cute.”

    “I didn’t lie.” Mengmeng panicked and her little cheeks were blushing.

    Huang Pei comforted her immediately, “Alright, alright. I believe you.”

    After that, the little girl cheered up.

    Ye Chen caressed her face as love filled his face. ‘Yuhan, if you could see how cute our daughter is, I wonder how happy you’d be.’

    Yan Ning was driving fast. She took the route with less traffic on purpose. Some 20 minutes later, the car pulled over at the entrance of a famous hotel in Beijing called Pleasantville.

    Under her guidance, Ye Chen followed behind her while carrying his daughter. Huang Pei and Zhang Daniu, on the other hand, were cautious and could not stop looking around.

    They went to the third floor and Yan Ning took them into one of the private rooms. There were already seven to eight young people sitting inside at the moment, all of them dressed glamorously.