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Chapter 182 - Monkeys Gathering Around The Dragon Spitting Mis

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 182: Monkeys Gathering Around The Dragon Spitting Mist

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    To Ye Chen’s surprise, it was Yan Ning whom he had met on the plane earlier.

    Yan Ning was clearly rejoicing. She could not stop talking while lingering around him. “Why are you here, almighty miracle doctor? Don’t tell me that this medicine hall is yours?”

    She was surprised and thrilled.

    She asked to keep in contact with Ye Chen when they got off the plane, but he had refused to. She was pissed because of that for a long time. Never had she thought that she would bump into him when she was out with her friend at the medicine hall.

    Ye Chen said coldly, “It’s considered mine.”

    “Sister Nannan, he’s that almighty miracle doctor that I told you about.” Yan Ning grabbed onto the lady’s hand next to her and introduced to Ye Chen while smiling, “Miracle doctor, this is my friend Wei Nan.”

    Meanwhile, Wei Nan was checking Ye Chen out too. She secretly frowned upon noticing that Ye Chen looked and dressed mediocrely. Although she generally would not judge a person by his or her cover, she had no interest in Ye Chen at all.

    Was this man the miracle doctor who treated Yan Ning and determined that Zhang Zijian would die within seven steps?

    Could both of them be scammers?

    Although she thought about that, she forced a neutral smile at Ye Chen. After all, it would be nice for her to even glance at him.

    “Almighty miracle doctor, we bumped into each other twice within a day. Do you think that’s destiny?” Yan Ning gushed to Ye Chen, failing to notice Wei Nan’s expression. “Since it’s destiny, tell me your name. We’ll be friends in Beijing from now on.”

    Ye Chen could no longer tolerate her clinginess, so he said coldly, “Ye Chen.”

    “My name is Yan Ning. ‘Yan’ as in swallow bird and ‘ning’ as in peace,” Yan Ning began to introduce herself, oblivious to Ye Chen’s coldness.

    At that moment, Huang Fugui, who was standing aside, walked over. He said while smiling, “Are both of you here to purchase medicine?”

    “No,” Yan Ning shook her head and said, “I want to ask what masculine herbs are.”

    She had had menstrual pain when she was on the plane and she clearly remembered Ye Chen asking if she consumed masculine herbs. That was the reason why she brought her friend along to check it out so that she would not eat the wrong thing again.

    Masculine herbs?

    Huang Fugui looked confused. He had been dealing with herbs for decades, but it was his first time hearing such a term as ‘masculine herbs’.

    Could it be aphrodisiacs?

    Ye Chen explained, “Masculine herbs are herbs that can stimulate a person’s blood. You ate that and it caused your menstrual load to be heavy, as well as blood clots and menstrual pain.”

    Yan Ning looked like she understood. Just when she was going to speak again, next to her, Wei Nan urged, “Alright, Yan Ning, we should leave since you’ve found out what it is.”

    She did not want to stay there even for a second. ‘What masculine herbs? That’s pure nonsense. Only Yan Ning would believe that. She’s being fooled because she’s so gullible.”

    “Sister Nannan, we’ve just gotten here.” Yan Ning’s pretty face turned disappointed.

    “I’m leaving even if you aren’t,” Wei Nan said coldly.

    Yan Ning held onto her immediately. She turned her head and said to Ye Chen, “Almighty Miracle Doctor Ye, you saved me on the plane. Why don’t I treat you to dinner tonight and introduce a few friends to you? Then, your business will flourish.”

    Just when Ye Chen wanted to reject her, next to him, Huang Fugui agreed instantly, “Sure, that’s great.”

    As a wise man, a glance was all he needed to tell that the two ladies before them came from extraordinary backgrounds. That would mean that their friends were prominent too. With those people as the store customers, business at the store would flourish. In turn, he would get a raise too.

    “That’s settled. I’ll pick you up in the evening, Almighty Miracle Doctor Ye.” Yan Ning did not wait for Ye Chen’s rejection and left after that.

    After they left, Ye Chen looked at Huang Fugui expressionlessly. “Are you the boss or am I?” He hated others deciding for him.

    “You are, you are.” Huang Fugui gave a start. Then, he forced a smile that looked even uglier than if he were to cry. “Boss, I won’t do it again, but if we really can know them better, perhaps we won’t have to pay the commission any longer.”

    “What commission?” Ye Chen looked serious.

    Wang Meng, who had been quiet all the while, explained immediately, “It’s the protection fee. This entire street is under the Fast Attack Group that collects money from us every month.”

    He did not want to have conflicts with the Fast Attack Group and end up delaying the business, so he could only do whatever they said. After all, he had to lower his head in their territory.

    “Commission…interesting.” Ye Chen scoffed. With a smirk, he looked at Huang Fugui extremely dangerously. “No more next time.”

    “Boss, if we don’t give them the money, what if the Fast Attack Group stir things up at the store?” Huang Fugui’s expression changed. A regular person like him could not afford to offend the Fast Attack Group.

    “Get them to ask me for the money directly.”

    Ye Chen walked out of the medicine hall after saying that while Wang Meng followed closely behind him.


    In a Porsche, Wang Nan rolled her eyes at Yan Ning and said angrily, “Aren’t you dumb to be inviting him for dinner?”

    “But he saved me.” Yan Ning pouted and ignored her.

    Wei Nan frowned. “How would you know if he played a trick on you so that he could get closer to you? I’ve met too many people like him. Cut ties with him.”

    “No, Sister Nannan. Ye Chen really has magnificent medical skills. Believe me. I want to introduce him to treat my grandpa.” Yan Ning began to panic.

    “Whatever.” Wei Nan sighed helplessly and drove away.

    She was secretly scoffing inwardly, ‘So what if you’re really a miracle doctor? This is Beijing. Miracle doctors are insignificant. I’d like to see what happens to you after those men who are courting Yan Ning find out that you’re close to her, dumba*s.’


    In the afternoon, Ye Chen stood by a pile of gravel. There was an artificial park before him. A vintage pavilion was erected in his field of vision and lush trees filled the place.

    An artificial lake was spread out in the middle of the park. The lake was winding, and the end of the lake was right before Ye Chen. It looked like a dragon that was spitting mist out.

    Meanwhile, there was a dried tree stump next to the lake. Countless monkeys were scratching themselves while standing on the tree stump and having fun.

    At that moment, a security guard in uniform came out of nowhere. He chased the monkeys away with an electric baton in his hand. However, after he left, the monkeys came back.

    Ye Chen said, “What is this place?”

    “My lord, this used to be a private zoo called the Imperial Wind Pavilion,” Wang Meng introduced, “A couple who lived abroad once owned this place. The couple was addicted to gambling later on and they got into huge debt, so they jumped off a building and killed themselves. Since one of their creditors was a state-owned enterprise, the government could only close the zoo for now. They’re planning to pawn the place for money.”

    ‘Monkeys gathering around a dragon spitting mist.’

    Admiration flashed in Ye Chen’s eyes. He had no idea whether that couple had been lucky to have built a private zoo on a mini dragon vein.

    In the context of a dragon spitting mist, it was dragon energy that was being spat out. The circulating energy made it a treasured land. However, the couple knew nothing about feng shui. They placed the dragon’s head, which was the end of the lake, facing outside the park. That would imply spilling their fortune out. It was no wonder that they became addicted to gambling later on.

    The monkeys knew that it was treasured land. That was the reason why they would not leave no matter how the people tried chasing them away.

    If Ye Chen were to purchase this park, he could remodel it by building a great formation on the dragon vein. With the dragon energy as the source and the formation as the skeleton, he would make this place a natural spiritual land that could accelerate one’s cultivation.

    Ye Chen could not help but ask when he thought about it, “This park hasn’t been sold yet, has it?”

    “No.” Wang Meng shook his head and spoke again, “But there’s already a buyer. The Su family happens to like it, and they’re planning to purchase it as a gift. The other families naturally won’t fight them for this. Therefore, this park is basically the Su family’s.”

    ‘The Su family purchased it as a gift? Haha, they’re going to give this to the man behind Su Yao. It’s such a big gift. Is it dowry?’

    Ye Chen squinted. “I want this park.”

    Currently worth over tens of billions, it was a piece of cake for him to purchase the park.

    Shocked, Wang Meng said after taking a sharp inhale, “My lord, the Su family wants it. I don’t think we should be stirring things up with the Su family now. Moreover, we haven’t found Ms. Su yet.”

    “It doesn’t matter!” Ye Chen stood with his arms behind his back while his tone was extremely severe. “I never planned to be low profile since the beginning. This will be the first gift that I’m giving the Su family. When they’re hurt, they’ll naturally show their true colors.”

    ‘To the man behind the Su family, this is my test for you. Will you be able to hold back? Show yourself. Show me who you are so that I can reap your lives one after another.’