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Chapter 181 - Lin Tai’s Arrangemen

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 181: Lin Tai’s Arrangement

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    At a window seat on the second floor of a roast duck restaurant, Ye Chen took a napkin and wiped his daughter’s mouth after she finished half an oven-roasted duck. He said while smiling, “My darling, are you full?”

    “Daddy, where did Cutie go?”

    The little girl burped and felt like it was a waste as she looked at the remaining half of the roast duck on the table. “Mengmeng can’t finish it. It’d be great if Cutie were here.”

    “I’ve shipped Cutie over. He should be on the way.”

    Ye Chen was in between tears and laughter. He called the waiter over and left the restaurant after paying the bill while carrying the little girl. He was secretly exclaiming to himself.

    It was no wonder that Beijing was the capital of the country. With all sorts of food, it was like heaven for the gluttons.

    A black Mercedes Benz was parked outside.

    As the car door was opened, a young man walked out of the car. He walked to Ye Chen and called out respectfully, “My lord.”

    Ye Chen could not help but stop walking and looked at him. He subsequently came to a realization. “Are you Lin Tai’s man?”

    “That’s right. My name is Wang Meng, the person-in-charge that Brother Leopard arranged for you in Beijing. I was responsible for finding Ms. Su earlier.” Wang Meng nodded and proceeded to speak, “Brother Leopard called me when you got on the plane this morning. I’ve arranged your accommodation for you.”

    “Lin Tai sure is thorough.” Ye Chen smiled coldly and subsequently got into the black Mercedes Benz. Perhaps because they had just eaten, the little girl fell asleep on his lap.

    Soon, the car drove into a vintage house. It was not big, but the environment was pretty great. To enhance confidentiality, Lin Tai did not even hire a butler.

    Ye Chen got out of the car and walked into the house. He placed his sleeping daughter on the bed and said to Wang Meng after he went to the living room, “Any news about Yuhan’s whereabouts?”

    “Not for now.” Wang Meng was startled at first, then shook his head as he spoke, “To cover our identities after Brother Leopard sent us here, we established a delivery company. We were looking for Ms. Su’s whereabouts under the name of the delivery company, but there’s been no breakthrough until now.”

    Ye Chen shook his head and said in disappointment, “Could she be in the Su residence?”

    Although Su Youwei had said that Su Yuhan might be captured in a temple, Ye Chen did not believe everything she said.

    “That’s impossible,” Wang Meng shook his head and said in determination, “We’ve sent people into the Su residence more than ten times, but we didn’t see Ms. Su anywhere. Even the people in the Su family have no idea about her whereabouts. A few of my men made a mistake earlier which caused the Su family to have their guard up.”

    “What happened after that?”

    “It was hard for our people to get into the Su residence since then. We even got the attention of Beijing’s local underground organization. The people from the Fast Attack Group have been watching us, and we’ve lost more than 100 men since then.” Wang Meng forced a smile.

    Ye Chen could not help but frown. “The Fast Attack Group?”

    Was there such a shady existence under the law?

    “That’s right, the Fast Attack Group. They’re a security company on the surface, but in reality, they’re a gang.” Wang Meng nodded and said, “Also, we’ve found out that the Fast Attack Group has deep ties. It seems to be an organization belonging to the Xue family.”

    The Xue family?

    Ye Chen’s expression turned slightly grim. He had learned about almost all of the organizations in Beijing on the plane. This Xue family was a wealthy family in the same position as the Su family, the Qin family, the Li family, the Weis, the Pangs, and the Yans.

    He came to a realization as he thought to this point. He asked, “How many shrines and temples are there in Beijing?”

    “I’m not sure how many exactly there are,” Wang Meng thought to himself before answering in an unsure manner, “But there are at least a hundred of them added together.”

    At least a hundred…

    Ye Chen could not help but be stunned although he was mentally prepared. He said after falling into silence for a few seconds, “How many people do you have under you?”

    “Less than 200,” Wang Meng replied.

    “Send all of your men out. Check out all of the shrines and temples in Beijing inside out.”

    “My lord, won’t that attract the attention of other organizations that might stop us?” Wang Meng asked in a hesitant manner.

    A mocking smirk appeared at the corner of Ye Chen’s lips. His voice was extremely cold as he stated, “I’ll kill whoever dares to stop me.”

    The Xue family, the Su family…

    Sensing the killing intent from him, Wang Meng clenched his teeth. “Sure, I’ll arrange that. Oh yeah, my lord, we have a business in Beijing. It’s a medicine hall. Do you want to take a look at that?”

    It was Lin Tai who had arranged that too.

    Lin Tai knew that Ye Chen could refine pills. Since he would need herbs to refine pills, he had purchased a medicine hall on purpose.

    “Bring me there.”


    In the Eastern City of Beijing, Ye Chen got out of the car while carrying his daughter when they arrived at a store called the Qi Medicine Hall. He stood by the street while checking out the store before him.

    The store was not big at some 100 square meters. Customers went in and out occasionally.

    Lin Tai was truly reliable, whereby he had done that without even being asked to. It was no wonder that he rose in notoriety in Lin City.

    Ye Chen secretly nodded as he walked into Qi Medicine Hall with Wang Meng’s guidance. The pungent smell of Chinese herbs swept through their noses as soon as they entered.

    An old man who was over 50 years old was serving customers at the counter at that moment.

    Upon seeing Ye Chen and the rest, he put everything that he was doing down and went over. However, he was walking toward Wang Meng with a fake smile, “Mr. Wang, you’re here. You should’ve told me that you’re coming.”

    Meanwhile, he did not even look at Ye Chen from the beginning as he was under the assumption that he was Wang Meng’s underling.

    Wang Meng looked rather awkward. He glared at him instantly and introduced, “This is Mr. Ye, the boss. Mr. Ye, this is the shopkeeper that we hired, Huang Fugui.”

    Huang Fugui was stunned at first. Then, he stretched his arm toward Ye Chen immediately. He was smiling widely as he said, “Ahh, so you’re the boss. I must be blind to not have recognized you. I hope that you won’t blame me for that.”

    “Don’t worry about it.” Ye Chen shook his head and put the little girl down.

    Huang Fugui shouted into the store instantly, “Daniu, where the hell are you? Serve us tea now.”

    Soon, a young man who appeared crude and honest walked out with a cup of tea.

    The young man was stunned when he saw Ye Chen. Emotionally, he subsequently spoke, “A-are you Brother Chen?”

    “What Brother Chen? He’s our boss. Don’t call him whatever you want.” Huang Fugui glared at him angrily.

    “It’s been a while, Daniu.” Ye Chen smiled lightly.

    The young man before him was the Zhang Daniu that he had met on the way to the Wumeng Grasslands the last time. He was the young man who had brought his late sister’s ashes to the grassland in order to make her wish come true.

    Huang Fugui was stunned this time. “Boss, do you guys know each other?”

    “We’ve met before.” Ye Chen nodded and took the tea from Zhang Daniu. He said while smiling, “Daniu, why are you here?”

    “Brother C—Oh, no, I mean, Boss, I buried my sister in my hometown after visiting the grassland.”

    Zhang Daniu scratched his head and said, feeling embarrassed, “My parents got me a lady in the village, but their family is asking for 48,000 yuan as dowry. That’s why I’m working now. I make 2,200 yuan per month whereby I spend 200 yuan and send 2,000 yuan home. I’ll be able to return and marry her in two years.”

    “Then, work hard here. If your performance is good, I’ll give you a raise.” Ye Chen smiled in surprise.

    The impression he had of Zhang Daniu was getting better. He was sincere and honest with a simple mind. He was not as pretentious as the shopkeeper, Huang Fugui.

    Huang Fugui echoed sarcastically with a smile, “You’d better keep it up.”

    “Dad, are you bullying my Brother Daniu again?”

    As a coquettish complaint was heard, a young lady walked in. She was in her early 20s and seemed delicate with her eyebrows that looked like crescent moons. However, she looked irritated at the moment.

    “What do you mean bullying him?” Huang Fugui smiled awkwardly at Ye Chen and initiated the introduction, “Boss, this is my daughter Huang Pei. She’s helping out in the store. Peipei, come greet the boss.”

    In reality, he felt rather guilty. Before today, he thought that there was no boss at the store, so he secretly hired his daughter who did nothing much with a full salary.

    Huang Pei then looked at Ye Chen in shock. She said in utter surprise, “You’re our boss?”

    She was not to be blamed. Indeed, seeming young aside, Ye Chen did not have the look and vibe of a boss at all.

    Even Huang Fugui had been shocked earlier.

    Ye Chen nodded coldly.

    After Huang Pei accepted that with some effort, she placed her hands on her waist instantly. “Boss, you must give my Brother Daniu a raise. He works early and finishes late. Plus, he does everything in the store.”

    “It’s alright, it’s alright. I’m not tired at all as long as Brother Chen doesn’t blame me for being dumb.” Zhang Daniu’s cheeks flushed as he waved instantly.

    Ye Chen chuckled. “I will. I’ll definitely give him a raise.”

    At that moment, there were more and more customers in the store, thus Huang Fugui and his daughter began working. Naturally, they would have to pretend before their boss.

    Just when Ye Chen was leaving, two ladies walked in. The leading lady, who wore a light yellow skirt, was surprised to see Ye Chen.

    “Oh, it’s you, the almighty miracle doctor!”