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Chapter 180 - Aged Ginger is More Pungen

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 180: Aged Ginger is More Pungent

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    At noon in the Eastern City of Beijing, a low-profile BMW drove slowly into an antique quadrangle house. Nobody dared to question it wherever it passed by.

    Ye Chen carried his daughter and got out of the car. The young man from before gestured at the quadrangle house. “Mr. Ye, our director is in there. After you!”

    Ye Chen walked in without saying anything while carrying his daughter. The door was then shut.

    The decoration in the house was rather simple. Instead, there were many calligraphy works hung on the wall. There was one that said ‘Those Who Offend My Country Will Be Killed Even If You’re Far Away!’. With powerful strokes, it stood out among all the rest.

    At that moment, an old man of approximately 60 years old in traditional attire and of mediocre height walked out of the compartment.

    Although the old man appeared mediocre, his gaze was extremely fierce as if a glance was all he needed to see through everything in the world. Most importantly, there was a sense of righteousness radiating from his body at all times.

    Meanwhile, there was a young man in a suit following behind the old man. He had flat top hair and looked honest with thick brows and big eyes. He looked like he was more than 30 years old, and there was battle intent in his eyes when he glanced at Ye Chen occasionally.

    The old man in the traditional attire was wrapping a tobacco leaf. He looked at Ye Chen kindly. “Should I call you Ye Chen or Mad Southern Ye?”

    “You can call me whatever you want, Old Chen.” Ye Chen smiled coldly while he trained his eyes on the young man standing behind the old man because he sensed a faint battle intent coming from him.

    In reality, he figured out who this old man was the moment he stepped in.

    The old man in the traditional attire stretched his hand out and took a pipe from the young man after wrapping the tobacco leaf. He began smoking it after lighting it up. “Sure, I’ll call you Ye Chen then. Take a seat, don’t just stand there.” He then brought over a stool as he spoke.

    Ye Chen sat while carrying his daughter. He looked as usual, as if the man standing before him was an ordinary old farmer.

    Admiration flashed through Old Chen’s eyes. “There are two reasons why I invited you here today. Firstly, I’d like to invite you to join the special force brigade and take the position of the chief of the Firearms Division.”

    “Old Chen, I’ve already said this before. I’ve got two conditions,” Ye Chen said.

    “You said that the first condition is that you won’t interfere with anything in the Firearms Division after you join and that you won’t join the training. Am I right? I can assure you that.” Old Chen nodded.

    Then, he said while frowning, “As for your second request of looking for Geographical Veins, I can’t promise you that just yet. The reason being the Geographical Veins’ whereabouts are nowhere to be found, but what I can promise you is that if there are any, we’ll definitely find it.”

    Ye Chen smiled lightly. “The day the Geographical Vein is found will be the day I join the Firearms Division officially.”

    “You sure are gutsy. You’re the first person who dares to talk about conditions with me.” Old Chen laughed hysterically and he switched the subject directly, “Let me ask you this. Do you hold a grudge against the Su family?”

    Ye Chen took a good look at him while squinting. He admitted generously, “You sure have sharp eyes, Old Chen.” He was not surprised at all. If the military could not even find out about that, they were nothing compared to trash.

    Old Chen stared directly at him. “So, are you here in Beijing to end the Su family?”

    “That’s right,” Ye Chen declared honestly.

    “Young man!” As Old Chen took a deep breath, the aura around him changed suddenly. “How dare you admit to me that you’re ending the Su family? Do you think you can do whatever you want in my territory?”

    As soon as he spoke, the young man behind him took a step forward. There was no sign of breaking the ground at all, but a magnificent force was charging at Ye Chen through the ground at a high speed.

    Ye Chen stepped onto the ground softly, dissolving the force by doing that. At the same time, the young man behind Old Chen had shock flash across his face. His battle intent was growing when he looked at Ye Chen again.

    “Since I, Ye Chen, dare to come alone, it means that I have the confidence to leave in one piece. Moreover, I don’t think you bear any hostility toward me,” Ye Chen said nonchalantly.

    “You deserve the name Mad Southern Ye. You’re even madder than the rumors say.” Old Chen smiled instead of being angry. The admiration in his eyes was getting more obvious now. “Do you want my advice?”

    “Please do tell, Old Chen.”

    Old Chen put away the smile on his face and said in his deep voice, “This is Beijing, the capital of China. I don’t hope for you to stir things up here. You can’t do that even if you’re Mad Southern Ye and the No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard of China. Understand?”

    “Do you mean you’re stopping me from touching the Su family?” Ye Chen squinted, his smile turning cold now.

    “Touch the Su family?” Old Chen said in all seriousness, “The waters in Beijing run deep…”

    Nonetheless, Ye Chen did not care about his underlying threat.

    “Young man, sometimes violence alone can’t solve anything. So, you’re going in with a sword. What’s next? You’ll face the backfire from the Su family!” Old Chen proceeded to say.

    Ye Chen shook his head and said in an ignorant manner, “I think everything is vulnerable before my absolute power.”

    “So, do you think your power is above the law?” Old Chen looked ferocious without even getting angry.

    Ye Chen replied coldly, “I didn’t say that.”

    Old Chen stared at him for a few seconds before speaking, “Therefore, you’re only allowed to carry out your plan if it’s within the law. If the Su family is corrupted, a Firearms Division general like you has the right to do something about it.

    “Of course, I mean ‘if’. I don’t mean anything absolute, so don’t overthink it. Even more, put away those dangerous thoughts of yours.” Old Chen looked sincere as he spoke to this pint.

    The corner of Ye Chen’s lips twitched slightly. He said mysteriously, “Don’t worry, Old Chen. I know what to do now. Thanks for giving me the sword of state.”

    “What sword of state? I don’t get it! Forget it. Just leave. I won’t make you stay. You won’t get used to the simple meals I eat here anyway.” Old Chen turned around, looking like he had lost interest. “Xiaotian, send them out.”

    Ye Chen carried his daughter and walked out of the quadrangle house. The young man in the suit sent the father and daughter out of the military courtyard in silence.

    “Thanks!” Ye Chen said coldly.

    The man in the suit lifted his head and looked him in the eye. He suddenly spoke after scratching his head, “Did you bully my sister?”

    Ye Chen was slightly stunned and failed to react in time.

    “You bullied my sister. I want to beat you up.” The young man in the suit looked like he was struggling as he looked toward the quadrangle house. “But since the director forbids me from fighting, I feel troubled. How about this? Let’s fight secretly when I’m free one day. No matter who wins, we’ll get even about you bullying my sister.”

    “Sure!” Ye Chen smiled and left while carrying Mengmeng. However, he could not stop thinking to himself while walking, ‘Since when did I bully his sister?’


    In the quadrangle house, a middle-aged man walked out of the house and looked at Old Chen who was practicing calligraphy. He hesitated before speaking, “Old Chen, don’t you think you’ve crossed the line today for hinting to him so hard?”

    Old Chen said nothing as his last stroke completed the big character ‘Su’.

    A faint voice was then heard from him.

    “Some people have forgotten their place throughout the years. They thought we wouldn’t do anything to them, but didn’t someone just send himself to our doorstep?”