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Chapter 179 - You’ll Definitely Die Within Seven Steps!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 179: You’ll Definitely Die Within Seven Steps!

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    The young man was furious at first when he heard what Ye Chen said. Subsequently, he said with a scoff, “I’m beyond cure and not far away from death? What a joke…”

    “Your family must be in the medical field for generations, huh?” Ye Chen asked.

    “Your eyesight isn’t that bad at all. Let me tell you. I’m from the Zhang family of Wannan.” The young man lifted his head proudly and bragged about his family

    A commotion was stirred in the cabin at that moment. Even Yan Ning was moved.

    Someone exclaimed, “The Zhang family of Wannan? Is it the Zhang family that is known as the Family of Art?”

    “That’s right.” The young man smiled with pride.

    An old man’s jaw dropped. “I heard that the Zhang family’s specialty has been passed down for up to 1,000 years. The current Old Master Zhang is known to be the saint of medicine in China. Since you’re from the Zhang family, I’m sure your skills are excellent too.”

    The pride on the young man’s face seemed to swell upon hearing the people’s discussion. He looked at Ye Chen like he was a winner now.

    Ye Chen did not seem to hear what the people were saying as he said while looking at the young man, “Now that explains the smell of up to 1,000 medicines on you. I’m sure you’ve been studying medicine since you were young and even prescribed medicines for your own body.”

    Just when the young man was about to nod, Ye Chen continued, “That should be a good thing, but unfortunately, you’re not good in medicine and you haven’t completely mastered medicine prescriptions. Mixing thousands of medicines has caused toxins to linger in your body.

    “I dare to guarantee that there are at least 100 types of toxins in your body now. The toxins are even deeply embedded in your organs and bones.” Ye Chen smiled coldly as he clarified to this point. “That’s why I said you’re beyond cure and not far away from death. Besides that, I’m also the only person in the world that can treat you. Even the Old Master Zhang can’t do anything about it.”

    He saw all that through his Divine Consciousness.

    The young man laughed in rage as his face turned red. “So, how long do you think I’m left with?”

    “Seven steps!” Ye Chen shook his head and explained, “Your rage has caused the qi in your blood to grow and accelerate the spread of toxins. I dare to guarantee that you’ll definitely die within seven steps.”


    Everyone in the cabin gasped upon hearing what he said.

    It was their first time hearing someone predict that a person would die within seven steps in determination. A human aside, even hi-tech medical equipment with special sensitivity could not determine that.

    The people could not help but shake their heads as they thought that Ye Chen was boasting over the line.

    Even Yan Ning, who was standing next to him, secretly pulled his shirt, gesturing him not to speak nonsense.

    However, Ye Chen remained standing.

    “How dare you say that I’ll definitely die within seven steps?” The young man seemed like he just heard something funny. He took a deep breath and said, “Sure, I’ll take seven steps to show you now. If I’m fine after that, don’t blame me for tossing you off the plane.”

    He lifted his left foot and took the first step right after that. “Watch that with your eyes wide open. This is the first step. I have six steps left.”

    He turned his head and scoffed at Ye Chen. He then took another step. Two steps, three steps, and he finally took his sixth step. “I’m left with my last step. I’m excited to see your face later.”

    Ye Chen shook his head softly. It was his first time seeing someone who was eager to die. However, such a useless person did not deserve his sympathy.

    Many people looked at Ye Chen with gloating expressions.

    Yan Ning comforted, “Don’t worry. He won’t dare to toss you off the plane. I won’t let that happen to you.”

    The young man chuckled as he lifted his foot and took his seventh step. Just when he lifted his foot, the smile on his face froze.

    In the next second, he felt his body jolt all of a sudden. Subsequently, he felt like his heart was being sliced with a knife. It seemed as if his heart was going to explode.


    He spat a mouthful of black blood out, but he dared not put his foot that was hung midair down. While he turned his head to look at Ye Chen and his body wobbled, he begged in an extremely hoarse voice, “H-help me…”

    At that moment, he was completely overwhelmed by fear. It was his first time on the brink of death.

    Everyone could not help but scream instinctively seeing that. They looked horrified.

    What Ye Chen said had come true!

    Would he definitely die within seven steps?

    Yan Ning opened her beautiful eyes wide while looking at Ye Chen in disbelief. ‘I-is he really that powerful?’

    “H-help me. I-I’m begging you.” The young man felt his body’s condition getting worse. He even began to choke in fear.

    “Since the beginning, jealousy grew within you when you saw this beautiful girl being intimate with me. You wanted to beat me and you tried to get her attention by belittling me. What you did was extremely dumb.” Ye Chen smirked while pointing at Yan Ning next to him.

    “I reminded you that you’d be dying out of kindness and you thought I was trying to provoke you. You insisted on telling me off, you ridiculously dumb fool. What makes you think that a dummy and idiot like you is worthy of my help? Scram and stop bothering me!”

    Ye Chen shut his eyes and ignored everyone after saying that. The rest went to get the air stewardess immediately.

    Seeing that Ye Chen refused to help the young man, someone could not help but urge, “Brother, be generous and save him. The plane will make an emergency landing if something happens to him. Moreover, the police will interrogate us.”

    “That’s right. Please save him. That’s a human life,” Yan Ning encouraged, feeling sympathy for the young man.

    Ye Chen only opened his eyes then and glanced at the young man with an unfriendly stare. “Do you want me to save you?”

    “P-please save me. I-I don’t want to die.” The young man nodded strenuously. Half of his face turned black as the toxic gas had clearly rushed to his face. He would definitely die when the toxin got to his brain.

    “Kneel!” Ye Chen said expressionlessly, “You must stand straight to be beaten. Humans must pay the price for their foolishness!”


    The young man’s expression changed. However, his life was more important than his pride. With the help of a few men, he knelt with one knee before Ye Chen while maintaining the other leg of his in the air.

    “I-I’m sorry. I’ve underestimated you,” the young man said while looking humiliated.

    Ye Chen raised his brows while remaining sitting coldly. Subsequently, he flicked his fingers at the young man. A spiritual energy seed then penetrated the young man’s body.

    In the next second, the toxin in the young man’s body subsided quickly as everyone watched in disbelief. Soon, he looked much better.

    At that moment, everyone was convinced by Ye Chen’s knowledge. He was an expert!

    The young man said in utter gratitude, “Thank you, magical doctor, for saving my life. I, Zhang Zijian, am forever grateful. If you go to Wannan one day, you must visit my house.”

    He really yielded.

    This man before him really had amazing medical skills, especially what he did earlier. Even his family’s grandmaster could not do that.

    “Scram far away,” Ye Chen said without even lifting his head, “I saved you not because I sympathized with you, but I didn’t want to delay my trip because of your death.”

    Zhang Zijian forced a smile and went back to his seat obediently, not daring to have any complaints.

    Yan Ning, who was next to him, took a good look at Ye Chen. She said weakly, “Uhh, touch me again please…”


    A doctor rushed over but did not find anything happening. Over an hour later, the plane landed in the Beijing Xijiao Airport.

    Ye Chen then carried his daughter off the plane. Just when he was getting out, Yan Ning called to him, “Hey, almighty magical doctor. Let’s add each other on WeChat so that we can keep in touch!”

    “I’m sorry. I don’t have WeChat.”

    “You should have a phone number at least!” Yan Ning was pissed as she proceeded to ask, not wanting to give up.

    “I’m sorry. I don’t have that either.”

    Ye Chen walked out after saying that. Yan Ning was so annoyed that she secretly cursed Ye Chen as a douchebag while stomping her feet. She thought he was being very mean.


    Mengmeng held onto Ye Chen’s neck and looked around the entire airport curiously. She said in her baby voice, “Daddy, I’m hungry…”

    “Alright, I’ll bring you to eat something good.” Ye Chen smiled and walked out of the airport. As he was about to go to a restaurant nearby, two young men walked towards him. They exuded an intense military vibe.


    Ye Chen frowned.

    The leading man took off his sunglasses. “Mr. Ye, our director would like to see you.”

    Ye Chen’s expression turned slightly grim. “I’m sorry. I’m busy. If your director wants to see me, get him to come over himself. Also, please step aside. Get out of my way.”

    “Won’t you come even if it’s about the Su family?” the young man said coldly.