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Chapter 178 - Please Help Me. I Don’t Feel Well

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 178: Please Help Me. I Don’t Feel Well

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    On the plane to Beijing, Ye Chen sat in the aisle seat while looking at his phone quietly. He would look like he was in deep thoughts every now and then.

    Meanwhile, Mengmeng sat next to him. She laid her pillow on Ye Chen’s lap and fell asleep.

    She had been unwilling to leave her grandparents. Her eyes were red from crying, but she became excited as soon as she got onto the plane.

    Given that it was her first time riding a plane and the fact that she was a kid, she was asking Ye Chen all sorts of questions such as how could a plane fly and silly questions like whether the plane would fall.

    Ye Chen had to answer her many questions before she finally stopped.

    “There are eight major families in Beijing: the Su family, the Qin family, the Xues, the Lis, the Hans, the Pangs, and the Weis…”

    Ye Chen could not help but frown as he put down his phone after taking some effort to digest the documents that Lin Tai had given him. He did not look thoroughly into the other families, but he had studied the Su family for awhile.

    The rough information that he got was that the Old Master Su was a war veteran. He had two sons and a daughter. His eldest son was Su Changlin, his second son Su Chongming, and his daughter Su Ting.

    Su Changlin was Su Yuhan and Su Youwei’s father, but he had died of illness when they were young. Meanwhile, Su Chongming was Su Qilin and Su Tao’s father. He was currently in a high position in the military. Su Ting, on the other hand, had been abroad.

    Four years ago, Old Master Su died at the First Affiliated Hospital in Beijing basecamp when he was 82. Since then, Su Chongming had taken over the Su family.

    Two of Old Master Su’s brothers were in politics. One of them was working for the state, and it was no exaggeration to describe him as having compelling power.

    One could tell that the Su family was a very wealthy family. They were the top wealthy family whose family members were bosses in military and politics.

    ‘I don’t care how powerful the Su family is. They’re nothing before my absolute power. One of the reasons for coming to Beijing is to end the Su family. My main goal is to find Yuhan and bring her home.’

    Ye Chen squinted and secretly planned in his head, ‘As for that guy who is marrying Yuhan, I don’t care who you are. You’re already dead the second you wanted to marry her!’

    He could not help but felt a little emotional no matter how mature he was as soon as he thought of reuniting with Su Yuhan.

    At that moment, a weak moan was heard. Ye Chen lifted his head and looked toward the direction of the moan and saw a lady, who seemed to be cold, sitting across him.

    The lady was approximately 23 or 24 years old and was dressed fashionably. She had an oval face with arched eyebrows while her hair was long and wavy. However, she was currently frowning while clutching onto her abdomen. The expression on her face would make one’s heart break.

    There was nobody around her.

    Ye Chen looked away after peeking at her. He shut his eyes to rest but soon felt somebody hold onto his arm.

    He opened his eyes to see that lady who was sitting across him. While her beautiful face had turned pale, she held onto his arm. Sweat was dripping from her face as her body fragrance evaporated into the air with her sweat.

    The entire situation would make one’s heart pound a little.

    “Sir, please help me. I don’t feel well…” she moaned softly.

    ‘Help you?’ Ye Chen frowned, about to reject her. However, he scanned her body with his Divine Consciousness by instinct and found out what was the matter with her body.

    It was menstrual pain.

    The lady’s face was pale from the agony as sweat covered her forehead. She looked at him in a begging manner, “Please help me get the…”

    Ye Chen shook his head and grabbed her hand.

    “W-what are you doing? I just want to ask you to get the air stewardess. P-please stop whatever you’re going to do.” The lady was confused by Ye Chen’s sudden behavior. She wanted to struggle but realized that she was weak.

    Just when she was going to call for help, her soft and weak voice stopped, and she looked at Ye Chen in disbelief. Suddenly, she realized there was a warm stream flowing in her hand that Ye Chen was grabbing.

    As the stream penetrated her body, the menstrual pain that had been killing her was gone now.

    At that moment, shock flashed through her pretty eyes. ‘So, this pervert isn’t taking advantage of me but is treating me instead. Also, his method is so magical. He merely touched me and the pain went away!’

    She looked embarrassed when she snapped back to her senses, She said, “I’m sorry for my behavior, sir. Thank you. Oh yeah, what’s your name?”

    “Stop talking to me if that’s all you’re going to say,” Ye Chen said as he retreated his hand coldly. He shut his eyes again and used his spiritual energy to remove the clot in the lady’s body that he detected earlier.

    His words stunned the lady.

    ‘Stop talking to you? You make me sound like I’m annoying.’ Yan Ning pouted and felt wronged. She thought she had a pretty great body. Since young, guys always lingered around her.

    However, someone had rejected her today.

    Yan Ning turned her head over, feeling mad as she thought to this point. She was pissed.

    Ye Chen had no idea about what she was feeling. Even if he did, he would not care. However, he soon heard her soft moan again.

    Annoyance flashed across Ye Chen’s face. He noticed that she seemed like she was in pain again when he opened his eyes.

    Yan Ning’s pretty face flushed. She stammered as she spoke, “H-hey, can you touch me again? I-I don’t feel well again.”

    Touch you again?

    An uncle who was reading the newspaper behind Ye Chen almost fell from his seat upon hearing that.

    ‘Sigh, young people nowadays! I can’t believe they’re doing this in public…’ The uncle looked at both of them with a strange expression on his face. He shook his head and began reading the newspaper again.

    “Please, o-one last time…”

    Yan Ning’s cheeks were blushing deeper and deeper. She was dying to bury her head in a hole. People would think that she was promiscuous if they did not know that she was in pain. However, menstrual pain was indeed torture.

    Ye Chen frowned and controlled his Divine Consciousness to take a look at her body. He could not help but raise his doubt, “What did you eat? Some masculine herbs?”

    Men were masculine while women were feminine.

    However, Ye Chen found out that the lady had too much masculinity within her body. The imbalance of masculinity and femininity caused her to have too much qi blood in her body, as well as a heavy load of menstrual blood. He had just unclogged her body, but it was clogged again.

    “What are masculine herbs?” Yan Ning was confused, and her pretty face turned pale. She said fearfully, “D-did I contract some terminal illness?”

    Ye Chen did not bother to explain to her. As he stretched his arm with the attempt to clear the block for her, a sarcastic voice came. “Hey, can you really treat her? Or are you taking advantage of her?”

    As soon as the voice asked the question, Ye Chen saw a young man, who was sitting in the row in front of Yan Ning, currently looking at him.

    There were deep disgust and disdain on his face.

    Having witnessed Ye Chen treating Yan Ning earlier, the disdain grew in him. To him, Ye Chen treating Yan Ning by merely his hand was pure nonsense to him.

    Ye Chen ignored him directly while his eyes were fixed on Yan Ning. “Give me your hand.”

    Never had he thought that his ignoring the young man looked like guilt. The young man was going for it as he said while looking at Yan Ning, “Hey, pretty girl, don’t listen to him. He’s taking advantage of you.”

    He paused and spoke again, “My family has been in the medical field for generations. If you don’t mind, I can take a look. It’s better than being taken advantage of by some people.”

    Pride flashed through his face as he spoke. He thought that Yan Ning would most probably agree to him upon hearing that he was a doctor.

    “No, I want him to treat me. Go somewhere else.”

    However, Yan Ning pouted in annoyance. She left her seat and went to Ye Chen. She held his arm and could not stop shaking it. “Sir, touch me again. I promise that it’ll be quick. I’ll treat you to a meal later if you want.”

    The smile on the young man’s face froze.

    Her plea caused a stir in the cabin. Pure envy and jealousy were revealed on many people’s faces.

    Sensing their judgemental look, Yan Ning’s face blushed.

    The young man clenched his teeth and scoffed, “Some people have thick skin. He’s clearly scamming and taking advantage of a girl.”

    “Are you saying that I’m scamming her?” Ye Chen looked at him expressionlessly.

    “Yes, that’s what I said. If you really have medical skills, can you tell me what illness I have?” The young man walked over and showed him his palm, determined to expose Ye Chen.

    Sensing the tension between the duo, the people in the cabin started looking at each other expectantly like there was going to be a show. Most of them were on the man’s side.

    Clearly, they did not believe that Ye Chen had medical skills. After all, which doctor would be so flirtatious when they treat their patients whereby he would touch his patients and ask for a meal?

    Ye Chen merely peered at him and said while shaking his head, “You’re beyond cure and aren’t far away from death. Instead of embarrassing yourself here, it’s better that you go home to prepare for your funeral.”