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Chapter 177 - No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 177: No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard

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    August was a poetic season. A night of mist and heavy rain washed away the stuffy air.

    On the morning of the 12th, Ye Chen got into Lin Tai’s car while carrying his daughter as his parents sent them off. He saw his mother, Wu Lan, covering her mouth through the window. She looked like she was going to cry. Meanwhile, his father said nothing. He was just smoking, allowing the ashes to accumulate on the cigarette.

    The duo knew what would happen after Ye Chen and their darling granddaughter left.

    His daughter, Mengmeng, buried herself in Ye Chen’s embrace.

    The little girl looked reluctant when she looked at her grandparents. She said with red eyes, “Daddy, why can’t Grandpa and Grandma visit Mommy with us? Mommy will be happy to see them.”

    “They’re old, so they can’t travel far. Be good, Mengmeng. We’ll bring Mommy home to take good care of Grandpa and Grandma.” Ye Chen patted the little girl’s head. He gave Lin Tai the signal, and the car drove away. His parents’ silhouettes were all that remained. They were getting far away, then they were nowhere to be seen.

    ‘Mom, Dad, I promise you guys that I’ll definitely bring Yuhan back in one piece this time!’ Ye Chen stretched his arm out to wipe the tears at the corner of his daughter’s eyes.

    He kept a very low profile this time. Apart from his parents and Lin Tai who was driving, even his Second Uncle Ye Ming’s family who was closest to his family, had no idea of his trip this time.

    Over half an hour later, they arrived at the airport. Ye Chen carried his daughter out of the car. He had no luggage as he had put away everything in his storage ring.

    Lin Tai said in a hesitant manner, “My lord, do you want me to go with you? I-I know someone there.”

    “There’s no need. Stay in Tiannan for now and complete the mission that I gave you. Take care of my parents and my company. You’ll come over when the time is right.” Ye Chen shook his head. After saying that, he carried his daughter while walking to the entrance of the airport.

    Meanwhile, he had shipped the Patriarch of Hell to Beijing…

    From far away, Lin Tai looked respectful as he watched Ye Chen’s back that was leaving. He inhaled and enunciated word for word, “The real dragon is going in. Beijing, you’re going to be turned upside down…”


    At the same time, the Martial Dao World that had been quiet for merely a few days was stirred again as there were changes to the Heaven Leaderboard. Moreover, it was the first time the top ten was revealed to the public.

    In the past, the Heaven Leaderboard would calculate the top 50 powerhouses in China according to their combat abilities. They would usually only reveal the top 40, thus making the people curious about the top 50. Now that they had finally revealed it, how could the people not be stirred?

    In a manor in Nanjing, two old men of approximately 50 to 60 years old were playing chess in the garden. They each held black and white chess pieces, but nobody seemed to be winning. They were frowning upon the endgame.

    “Grandpa, Grandpa!”

    At that moment, an excited voice came from the house. Subsequently, a series of hurried footsteps were heard as a beautiful lady in a pink towel ran out of the house wearing a pair of slippers. She looked excited as her fast pace made her busty breasts undulate hard.

    Yue Jiuchong peeped at her and looked away instantly. He said while his lips twitched, “Susu, can you be more conscious about what you’re wearing? Grandpa Shen is here.”

    Upon hearing that, the other old man’s cheeks flushed. He coughed hard and looked away immediately.

    Yue Susu suddenly realized her indecent dressing. Her pretty face blushed and she stuck her tongue out in a playful manner, “But, Grandpa, the Heaven Leaderboard has been refreshed.”

    “It’s being refreshed every year, so that’s normal. Must you run out without even dressing properly?” Yue Jiuchong chided angrily.

    Yue Susu stomped her foot and added instantly, “No, they refreshed the top ten this time!”

    “What? The top ten has been refreshed?”

    Shock flashed across the faces of Yue Jiuchong and the old man named Shen. They rushed into the house after giving up on their chess game. Immediately, they turned on the computer and logged into the Martial Dao World forum. They were even more excited than Yue Susu.

    “Top Ten of the Heaven Leaderboard of China!” The bold, golden words appeared before them. Yue Jiuchong suppressed his pounding heart and looked down.

    “No. 10 on the Heaven Leaderboard—Unquestionable Jian from Luoyang; Age: 40; Level: Intermediate innate stage; known as one of the Four Aces, he’s an expert in Sword Dao.

    “He could consolidate a sword from energy to the point that the sword would be alive. He could even control the sword to behead a person over a hundred steps away. He was awarded the title of the ‘Sword God of China’. Before Mad Southern Ye appeared, he was the most powerful among the Four Aces…”

    Yue Susu asked with her pretty eyes wide open as she read to this point, “Grandpa, is Unquestionable Jian really that powerful whereby he can control the sword to fly over a hundred steps away to behead someone?”

    “That’s right.” Yue Jiuchong nodded and recalled, “This person is different from Yuan Bupo and the rest. He’s very mysterious. I saw him once in Luoyang 20 years ago. We were ten meters away from each other and I could feel the sword intent radiating from him. It was as powerful as a glaring sun.”

    “Grandpa, you were a Martial Dao master 20 years ago, but his intent could affect you from ten meters away?” Yue Susu was shocked.

    The old man named Shen next to him said after a sigh, “There are different levels of masters. A person like Unquestionable Jian has a compelling aura. His energy is extremely powerful. A slightly weak master could lose their battle intent from his stare alone.”

    “Oh, my. Unquestionable Jian is already so powerful and he’s only ranked No. 10. I can’t imagine how powerful those before him rank.” Yue Susu’s jaw dropped.

    The few of them proceeded to check out the leaderboard.

    “No. 9 on the Heaven Leaderboard—Wei Wuya; Age: 38; Level: Intermediate innate stage.

    “No. 8 on the Heaven Leaderboard—Yan Nanfei; Age: 39; Level: Intermediate innate stage.

    “No. 7 on the Heaven Leaderboard—Li Yunxiao; Age: 41; Level: Mastery innate stage.

    “No. 6 on the Heaven Leaderboard—Han Qinhu; Age: 45; Level: Mastery innate stage. He fought three masters alone 20 years back. He killed two and injured one…”

    Yue Jiuchong’s face dimmed a little as he read to this point. He seemed to recall something sad.

    “Grandpa, was it Commander Han who injured you back then?” Yue Susu asked a question that she should not be asking.

    Yue Jiuchong nodded slightly and said in all seriousness, “Your First Senior Uncle, Second Junior Uncle, and I came from the Form-Intention Sect. Your First Senior Uncle killed many for personal revenge, causing the military to take action. Commander Han came to the Form-Intention Sect. To protect our legacy, your First Senior Uncle, Second Junior Uncle, and I could only fight him. Three of us fought him alone. Eventually, your First Senior Uncle and Second Junior Uncle were killed by Commander Han. If not for his generosity, I might’ve died in that battle.

    “Even though that was the case, I was severely injured. My cultivation base deteriorated, and since then, I’ve no longer been a master.” Yue Jiuchong looked down as he spoke to this point.

    Yue Susu’s eyes became red and she comforted him immediately, “Alright, Grandpa. Let that stay in the past.”

    “That’s right. Let’s read further,” the old man named Shen said while smiling.

    “No. 5 on the Heaven Leaderboard—Su Chongming; Age: 42; Level: Mastery innate stage.

    “No. 4 on the Heaven Leaderboard—Pang Yuanqing; Age: 36; Level: Mastery innate stage.

    “No. 3 on the Heaven Leaderboard—Qin Xiaotian; Age: 34; Level: Mastery innate stage. He’s the guardian of the Zhongnan Ocean and has the nickname ‘Madman’. He grew up in the Shaolin Temple with the warrior monk Shi Wushe as his master. He seems honest and loyal and is cultured both inside and outside. He has trained the Shaolin Iron Shirt to its peak whereby neither swords nor spears can penetrate his body. He once killed many foreign Martial Dao masters on his own.

    “No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard—Yang Junlin; Age: 48; Level: Unknown. He’s known as the No. 1 of the Chinese military, a legend in the military field, the Battle God of China. He was already at the peak innate stage when he was 30. He traveled through China as a hero and was undefeated. He also fought abroad. It’s been close to 20 years since he last fought. Rumor has it that he’s getting to the threshold above the innate stage.”

    Yue Jiuchong and the old man named Shen inhaled sharply. They looked extremely shocked. “The Battle God of China!”

    The representation of this name was terribly significant. Although they were self-proclaimed to be from the ancient martial arts world, they had never known about such a person in China. From that, one could tell how deep the Martial Dao World was.

    However, Yue Susu who was next to them did not think so much. She exclaimed suddenly, “Grandpa, look at No. 1 now!”

    Yue Jiuchong scanned the stats quickly, and his brows twitched at that moment.

    “No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard—Mad Southern Ye; Age: 30; Level: Unknown. He was born in Tiannan, but nobody can determine what his cultivation base is. Once, this man disappeared for five years and returned in an overbearing manner five years later.

    “He used to be the No. 11 on the Heaven Leaderboard. He killed Yuan Bupo on the Surge River and fought three masters at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Besides that, he killed Northern Devil Jiang with a swing of his sword, Eastern Superior Ning with a throw of his punch, and Western Overlord Liu after chasing him for 1,000 miles. He also killed a foreign Martial Dao master in our sea territory.

    “This man is suspected to be a cultivation master and Martial Dao master who is on the peak innate stage. He has never been defeated since the first time he fought. Since he kills every time he attacks, leaving no lives behind, it’s suspected that he hasn’t released all of his abilities. Because of that, he’s been ranked the No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard, No. 1 of the innate stage, and the No. 1 master!”

    Yue Jiuchong and the rest were so shocked that they looked like they had turned into stone. They could not speak for a long time.


    Mad Southern Ye, the No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard of China!

    On that day, the Martial Dao World of China was stirred. Everyone was shocked by this ranking. Extremely complicated emotions roiled within them even after they calmed down.

    It was a generation of heroes: Qin Xiaotian, Pang Yuanqing, Han Qinhu, Li Yuanxiao, Yan Nanfei, Wei Wuya, Unquestionable Jian, and Yang Junlin.

    It was a world where heroes fight to win the heart of beauties. Facing so many talents, could he, Mad Southern Ye, claim his glory once again and suppress the heroes?!