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Chapter 176 - Yuhan, I’m Bringing You Home with Our Daughter

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 176: Yuhan, I’m Bringing You Home with Our Daughter

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    Ye Chen was secretly shocked when he heard what his father said. “How do you know, Dad?”

    In reality, he had been ready to go to Beijing since the beginning. It was just that Ye Wen’s engagement banquet had delayed his trip by a few days. Also, he had yet to find a reason to tell his parents.

    Since his identity was now somewhat exposed a little, even if Ye Hai had not asked him, he would have told them himself.

    “Because I know you!” Ye Hai put the smile on his face away and said seriously, “You love hiding your feelings and take all the burden onto yourself. You exposed yourself today, but I’ll look past the fact about your identity.

    “You giving Wenwen a car and hiring her to work at your company alone exposed that you’re going somewhere far. If it’s like the vacation you took before, you’d have definitely told us beforehand. However, you didn’t this time…”

    Ye Hai could no longer go on as he spoke to this point

    “That’s right,” Ye Chen nodded and said, “I’m going to Beijing tomorrow. It’s been five years exactly since I parted with Yuhan. Mengmeng hasn’t seen her mother for three years now.”

    He looked at Ye Hai with slight anxiety as he murmured, “Dad, I…don’t suppose that you’re stopping me?”

    “Will it work if I were to stop you? I’ve been nothing much throughout my life and I’ve no greed. I’ve never had high expectations of you in the past.”

    Ye Hai fell into silence for a few seconds and laughed at himself suddenly. “But who would’ve thought that a brat like you would win the heart of the Su family’s young mistress? And she even gave birth to the little Mengmeng!”

    Ye Chen was quiet.

    Ye Hai walked to the cabinet and got a bottle of white wine on the top shelf. He took out two glasses and poured the wine into them. “Your mom and I are old. The biggest wish we have for you is to marry a regular lady and give us a chubby grandchild. We’ll live a peaceful life.”

    He gave a glass of wine to Ye Chen as he spoke to this point. After the father and son made a toast with their glasses, he finished the wine and coughed.

    “Your mother and I couldn’t really accept that you brought Yuhan home back then.”

    Ye Chen took a sip and listened in silence.

    “The reason being she is too beautiful and outstanding. Your mother and I thought that she’s too good for you, especially when we found out about Yuhan’s background. We were worried. She came from a wealthy family. She was sheltered and well-fed since she was young and she was so spoiled. How would she be able to live a poor life with us?

    “However, the truth had proved that your mother and I were wrong. Yuhan is a good girl. Since she joined our family, she had no complaints about simple meals at home every day. She would even basically insist on doing the house chores at home. She’s good to your mother and me.”

    Ye Hai took another sip, his cheeks already slightly red. “Your mother and I talked about it later on. We agreed to let you and Yuhan be together no matter what. Even if I had to sacrifice my face to kowtow at the Su family’s door, I must make this marriage happen. However, you disappeared.

    “Yes, you disappeared. It went on for five years exactly. For the entire month after you disappeared, your mother and I almost went crazy for you. If Yuhan hadn’t found out that she was pregnant, your mother and I might’ve killed ourselves.”

    Ye Hai slammed the wine glass hard on the table. He stretched his arm and seemingly wanted to slap Ye Chen. However, he failed to do so eventually. “How could you do that to your parents?!”

    Ye Chen knelt onto the ground and said nothing.

    “Mengmeng was born within a year after you disappeared. We hadn’t heard anything about you, so your mother and I thought you were dead, but Yuhan remained in our home.”

    Ye Hai did not ask him to get up and proceeded to speak, “Your mother and I thought that we couldn’t waste Yuhan’s life because of you, so we advised her. We advised her to give you up, but she was determined. She said she would take care of us even if you were really dead. She must take care of Mengmeng.”


    Ye Hai slapped Ye Chen directly. It was a hard slap. “It’s our fault that you aren’t filial. However, you don’t deserve to be a husband. You weren’t responsible for your wife and girlfriend. You deserve this slap!”

    Even though Ye Chen could have dodged the slap, he chose not to. Instead, he removed the shield on his flesh.

    “Since Mengmeng was born, the burden at home grew. The monthly milk powder and diapers were expensive. Given that the little girl was weak, whereby she would get sick every now and then, we had to spend a huge sum at the hospital. Yuhan didn’t even finish her confinement because of that and she began working.”

    Ye Hai rubbed his eyes and said chokingly, “Your mother and I noticed all that. We were heartbroken. We talked to her many times, but she was stubborn. You had no idea that your mother and I hated you at that time. We also hated that we were helpless.

    “Yuhan performed very well at work when Mengmeng was two. She achieved great sales, and her salary rose too. The burden at home was dropping day by day.

    “Just when your mother and I thought everything was going well, the Su family sent three of their people here..”

    Fear and rage flashed through Ye Hai’s face as he spoke to this point. “They took Mengmeng, who had just turned two, from Yuhan. They threatened Yuhan with your mother and me as well as Mengmeng. They said they would kill your mother and me, and even drop Mengmeng to her death if she didn’t go with them.”


    Ye Hai gave Ye Chen another slap. Ye Chen removed the shield on his body for that slap, thoroughly feeling the fresh sting of pain on his cheek.

    “You weren’t here when our family needed you the most. You weren’t here when Yuhan needed you the most, and that was because you loved a lady out of your league and did not know your limit.

    “Eventually, Yuhan went with them. There’ve been no news of hers since then. We’ve no idea how much torture that girl has been through. Soon after that, Mengmeng was found to have leukemia…”

    Ye Hai completely collapsed as he spoke to this point.

    Ye Chen remained silent, filled with guilt. That was right. He did not deserve to be a son, a husband, and even more so a father. However, he was not to be blamed for all that.

    If the Su family had not hit him and tossed him into the river, how would he have had the opportunity to travel to the cultivation world? How would he have disappeared for five years?

    He never regretted being with Yuhan. He only hated himself for being incapable back then, as well as underestimating the Su family’s ruthlessness.

    “Forget it. It’s useless that I’m saying all these now.”

    Ye Hai finished the entire bottle of wine. He subsequently stood up and smashed the bottle onto the ground as he stood in a wobbly manner. He stared directly at Ye Chen with his drunk eyes.

    “I’ve been a coward my whole life, but I’ve had enough! Go. Even if you need to turn the sky upside down, ask whether there’s still justice in this world on my behalf. Tell me whether a person’s power or a relationship is more powerful!”

    He staggered back to his room after saying that. Then, he said extremely softly as he walked, “You must bring Yuhan home. And the Su family…”

    A strong wind came blowing, causing the curtains to flutter.

    “It’s windy. It’s going to rain…”

    As rustling noises came, Ye Chen heard his father’s snoring noise and his mother’s grumbling.

    Ye Chen lifted his head to look in the direction of Beijing.

    ‘Yuhan, I’m bringing you home with our daughter!

    ‘That’s right! It’s going to rain! Killing on a rainy day is the best!’