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Chapter 175 - A Dragon Has Been Born into Our Family

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 175: A Dragon Has Been Born into Our Family

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    That evening in the Nine Dragons Bay villa, Ye Chen sat helplessly on the couch. He was surrounded by his parents and his Second Uncle’s family. They were interrogating him like a criminal.

    His father, Ye Hai, checked out the luxurious decorations in the villa cautiously. Ye Chen had brought them there right after the engagement banquet ended.

    When they found out that the villa that was priced over 50 million belonged to Ye Chen, the shock in Ye Hai and Wu Lan’s hearts lingered.

    It was a villa. They had never thought of staying in one throughout their entire life.

    Compared to their shock, Ye Ming, on the other hand, was calm. After all, he already knew that this villa belonged to Ye Chen before this. He coughed and looked at Ye Chen in a questioning manner. “Xiaochen, why did they call you Master Ye?”

    As soon as he said that, everyone except Ye Wen looked at Ye Chen. His parents’ expressions especially seemed to be saying that they would beat him up if he dared to keep secrets from them again.

    Indeed, the engagement banquet that day had given them a great shock. It was no exaggeration to describe it as terrifying. Forget that all of the bosses in Tiannan had turned up uninvited, but they were even respectful toward Ye Chen. Even the mayor did not receive such treatment.

    What was most shocking was that the masters of the few wealthy families of Tiannan had knelt to Ye Chen and promised to transfer a billion yuan to Ye Chen’s account within three days.

    Ye Chen’s Second Aunty Yang Hui hid behind Ye Ming. She dared not look at Ye Chen, afraid that he would take revenge on her.

    Understanding that he could no longer hide his burning fire, Ye Chen shook his head and stretched his arm out slightly. A fireball the size of an adult fist appeared in his palm.

    The temperature in the entire living room increased significantly as soon as the fireball appeared. Although they were far away, the few of them could feel the scorching high temperature coming from it.


    Their pupils shrunk as they watched that blankly. Ye Chen just made fire out of thin air! Apart from magic, they could not think of anything else that could explain this.

    Even Ye Wen, who already knew that Ye Chen was powerful, could not help but cover her red lips. Shock was evident on her pretty face.

    Ye Chen glanced at them and said, “Dad, Mom, Second Uncle, there’s something that I’ve been hiding from you guys. In reality, something happened to me during the five years that I disappeared. I obtained the power to control supernaturals.”

    He recalled the fireball in his palm as he spoke. He thought to himself and performed the Frost Method. A ball of cold air materialized in his palm. Eventually, a thick layer of ice covered his entire hand as if it was a frosted hand.


    Ye Hai’s lips quivered in disbelief. Whatever that was happening before him was too mind-boggling.

    “That’s right!” Ye Chen nodded. He lifted his arm and pressed the achiote wood table before him, softly. A palm print that was five to six inches deep appeared on the table.

    Yang Hui gasped upon watching that. Her face was extremely pale, and she almost passed out. She secretly felt fortunate that Ye Chen had not attacked her earlier.

    “Anyway, I possess an ability that can change my own destiny and even control the life and death of others. Therefore, you guys saw those people earlier showing me fear, terror, and respect!”

    Ye Chen could no longer speak further as he spoke to this point. Instead, he looked at his parents and the rest in silence. He knew that they might not be able to accept whatever he had just said immediately.

    He was the one to blame since he did not tell them that he had gone to the cultivation world during the five years that he disappeared. Eventually, he even went to the Immortal World and became the Heavenly Emperor of the era.

    He never told them that within the two months since he returned to Earth, he had killed five Martial Dao masters one after another as well as hundreds of people. Otherwise, his parents might have gone insane from the shock.

    The house fell into dead silence at the moment. It was so quiet that they could hear each others’ heavy breathing.

    “Nobody speak. Let me digest this.” Ye Hai took a deep breath in and paced in the house while pressing his chest. His heart seemed to be unable to take it.

    In contrast, Ye Ming was the first to react. He laughed out loud at that moment while his voice shook a little. “Brother, a dragon has been born into our family. A real Dragon of the Nine Heavens!”

    The Ye family’s ancestors had been poor farmers for eight generations. They had considered getting out of poverty since Ye Ming’s generation whereby they no longer worked on a farm.

    However, compared to Ye Chen, what was that even?

    Did they not know that all of the bosses of Tiannan came to worship Ye Chen during the day? His nephew had become the Master Ye that they looked up to!

    How was that not the Dragon of the Nine Heavens?

    “No matter what you’ve become, you’re still my son. I’ll still hit you if you disobey me,” Ye Hai sighed and said weakly, “I just want to know, since you possess such a powerful ability and so many people know about it, will the government capture you for experiments?”

    That was his biggest concern.

    Wu Lan scoffed and said, “Let’s see who dares to capture my son. I’ll be the first one to fight them!”

    Ye Chen was in between tears and laughter after hearing that, but he felt warm inside. That was what parents were for. He said after shaking his head, “Dad, perhaps you guys don’t know that there are quite many people like me in the world. They’re called ancient martial artists. It’s something like martial artists in novels. It’s illegal to capture us for experiments.”

    Ye Hai only released a sigh of relief.

    At that moment, Ye Chen’s Second Aunty, Yang Hui, walked out. She looked at Ye Chen guiltily. “Xiaochen, I’d like to apologize to you. I shouldn’t have treated your family like how I used to. I was too mean. I’m sorry…”

    However, Ye Chen said nothing. He was fine with his Second Uncle Ye Ming while the misunderstanding with Ye Wen had been solved. His Second Aunty was the only person that he could not get over with.

    He was not being petty though. His daughter had been sick before he returned to Earth, and his parents had nowhere to turn for help. They went for usury since they were helpless, but they were still short of 10,000 yuan.

    Was 10,000 yuan a lot?

    As Ye Chen’s closest family member, not only did Yang Hui refuse to help them, but she had added insult to their injury. She even stopped his Second Uncle Ye Ming from helping his family.

    Seeing that Ye Chen was silent, Yang Hui could only look at Ye Ming in a begging manner. Ye Ming turned his head around, pretending not to see her.

    That was the gap between the two families. As long as Ye Chen’s family did not clear the situation, the gap would be there forever.

    Yang Hui then looked at her daughter. Ye Wen moved her lips and had sympathy on her face. However, she said nothing in the end.

    Yang Hui’s face turned pale as she knelt while forcing a smile. “It’s my fault. I’ll kneel to you now.”

    Before she managed to kneel, she felt a strange force coming from her knees. It felt like a pair of invisible hands were supporting her legs and stopping her from kneeling.

    At the same time, Ye Chen’s cold voice came into her ears, “No seniors should kneel to juniors. Although I’m mad, I know about filial piety as well as respecting the elderly and loving the young ones. Alright, Second Aunty, my family forgives you.”

    “Thank you.”

    Yang Hui’s eyes turned red while she was drowned in regret. If she had been forced by the situation earlier, at that moment, she really understood her mistakes.

    “That’s right, Xiaohui. Let it be in the past. Remember this. We’re a family forever. That’s a fact that nobody can ever change,” Ye Hai said after a sigh.

    Yang Hui nodded while wiping her tears.

    Ye Chen thought about it and took out a car key then passed it to Ye Wen who was standing aside. “This is the key to my Lamborghini. I wanted to give it to you at your engagement banquet, but since it didn’t happen, treat this as my apology.”


    The few people in the house were so shocked that they could not speak. Ye Wen could not stop waving her hands in protest. “It’s too much, Brother. I don’t want it.”

    She had seen that Lamborghini before. It was a top luxurious car that cost at least ten million yuan.

    “Take it.” Ye Chen forcefully shoved the car key to her and said, “My company is hiring. If you don’t mind, start from the position of vice president. I’ll get people to guide you.”

    Ye Ming and Yang Hui were shocked to hear that.

    “Xiaochen, that’s…” Ye Ming moved his lips.

    Ye Chen said while smiling, “Alright, Second Uncle. Take it if you treat me like your family. You and my father are brothers. We hope that everyone lives a comfortable life.”

    Ye Ming nodded in all seriousness.

    After the two families chatted for over an hour, Ye Ming left with his daughter and wife. Emotions filled his face.

    ‘Are you guys seeing this, Ye ancestors? Your descendant Ye Chen is well-to-do now. Our family will blossom from now on.’


    At night, Ye Hai turned the volume on the TV to the loudest after Wu Lan took Mengmeng into the room to sleep.

    Subsequently, he looked at Ye Chen in all seriousness and said all of a sudden, “Tell me honestly. Are you planning to go to Beijing?”