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Chapter 174 - Because I, Ye Chen, Am Wealthy

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 174: Because I, Ye Chen, Am Wealthy

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    “I’m asking you to lick it!”

    As soon as Ye Chen said that, Xu Yuanhong’s expression froze. An intense rage flashed through his face, but he dared not say anything.

    “You’re crossing the line, Ye!” Xu Zhong walked over quickly and held onto Xu Yuanhong as he glared at Ye Chen in utter resentment.


    Ye Chen slapped him and stepped on his face. His face deformed as a result of the impact. Ye Chen looked at him in a condescending manner. “The reason why I’m ignoring you is that I purely can. Who do you think you are?”

    Xu Zhong was panting hard while his eyes were bloodshot. He was struggling, but Ye Chen just would not let him up. Nobody had ever treated him like that before.

    Ye Chen continued coldly, “You and your father’s pride are nothing in my eyes. My family doesn’t need to favor some wealthy family because I, Ye Chen, am wealthy!”

    Because I, Ye Chen, am wealthy!

    The bosses dared not say anything hearing that. Instead, they secretly nodded with all of their hearts.

    That was right! A person such as Master Ye did not have to favor any wealthy families. They were not even worth mentioning to him.

    Did they not know that he had killed almost everyone in the Song family, the wealthy family from Jiangbei? He only left behind the women, the children, and those maids who were hired to help.

    Xu Zhong’s mother, who was standing aside, screamed upon seeing what was happening to her son and her husband. She pounced at Ye Chen with her sharp nails, wanting to fight him.


    A slap hit her and she fell onto the ground directly. Even the foundation powder on her face was smudged.

    She attempted to stand up by instinct, but Ye Chen’s cold eyes met her gaze. “If you dare to move, I’ll kill you right away!”

    She could not help but feel shocked. As her face turned pale, she wet her dress before the people.

    Heartbroken, Xu Yuanhong pleaded with total regret, “Please stop, Master Ye. As long as you’re willing to let us go, I’m willing to do anything.”

    At that moment, Ye Hai and Ye Ming coaxed together, “Forget it, Xiaochen. Let them go.”

    Ye Chen nodded and enunciated word for word while looking at Xu Yuanhong and his son, “Let me ask you guys. Do you guys yield?”

    “Yes, I yield,” Xu Yuanhong nodded continuously.

    Ye Chen then looked at Xu Zhong, who was beneath his foot, attempting to fight by instinct. However, all of his resentment was instantly replaced by fear after sensing the killing intent radiating from Ye Chen.

    “I yield, I yield!”

    “Scram!” Ye Chen retreated his foot slowly.

    Xu Yuanhong’s family of three held onto each other and ran faster than rabbits as the crowd watched the scene with complicated expressions. They seemed to be afraid that Ye Chen might take his words back.

    Ye Chen then turned around and looked at Ye Ming who was next to him. He smiled in an apologetic manner. “I’m sorry, Second Uncle. I destroyed a great engagement banquet just like that.”

    “I don’t blame you. It was I who was blind to not have seen through the Xu family.” Ye Ming sighed. In reality, he disagreed with this engagement, but he was helpless since his wife Yang Hui had taken control of everything.

    However, it was a good thing that this happened today. He saw through the Xu father and son’s true colors. His daughter had just dodged a bullet! If she were to marry the son, she would be tortured by the Xu family.

    Yang Hui remained standing aside blankly. She clearly had yet to snap back to her senses from what she just saw earlier.

    Ye Hai looked deeply at his son, clueless about who his son was at the moment. He opened his mouth and attempted to ask something, but he failed to since there were so many people presented.

    “I’m sorry, Brother,” Ye Wen held her head down and said, feeling guilty. One could say that the chaos today was purely stirred by the Xu family.

    “Don’t worry about it as long as you don’t blame me.” Ye Chen smiled coldly and subsequently looked at the 30-odd people before him. Old Master Gu stood in front of the crowd, clasping his fists and seeming guilty, “Master Ye, what happened earlier was our Gu family’s fault. I hope that you…”

    “Old Master Gu, there’s no need for that. Please save you and me some face,” Ye Chen interrupted him directly. He needed friends and allies, not fence-sitters and flaky acquaintances.

    When you did well, there would be people around you buttering you up. When you had trouble, these people would disappear because they were afraid to be dragged into it.

    Old Master Gu forced a smile upon hearing that.

    By the side, Gu Yingying had a slight change in expression on her pretty face. She seemed to want to say something, but the old master stopped her with a look alone. The grandfather and grandchild clasped their fists at Ye Chen, then turned around to leave.


    When they got out of Dongda Hotel, Gu Yingying asked, failing to hold back, “Grandpa, our family is different from them. At least, we didn’t betray Master Ye. But why…”

    “You silly girl.”

    Old Master Gu shook his head, feeling helpless. “There are more than right and wrong, and black and white in this world. No matter what, our family has wronged Master Ye. Forget it. Let’s go home…”

    “Does that mean that we’re getting further away from Master Ye?” Gu Yingying turned her head and looked at the hotel reluctantly.

    The old master sighed after glancing at the people kneeling at the hotel entrance. “The biggest fear in life is making mistakes. Once it is done, you’ll have to pay the price…”


    After Old Master Gu left, Ye Chen looked at the remaining people. He eased his expression and chuckled softly.

    “Thanks for coming here today, everyone. I know what you guys are trying to say. Let’s just remain the relationship that we have. As long as you guys don’t offend me, then we’ll live a peaceful life.”

    “We wouldn’t dare, we wouldn’t dare…”

    The 20 to 30 people shook their heads together and smiled. They did not blush even though their intentions were exposed.

    Indeed, Ye Chen’s battle results shocked them. He would kill masters and destroy wealthy families for nothing. If they had not come over to build their relationship, they would have regretted their lives in the future if something were to happen.

    Ye Ming asked rather cautiously, “Since everyone is here, which is rare, do you guys want to stay for a meal?”

    “It’s alright. There are errands that we need to run.”

    The people rejected her offer and placed a bank card on the table one after another. The password of each card was pasted on it, and they left one after another.

    “Xiaochen, what are they doing?” Ye Ming looked blur when he saw more than ten bank cards appear on the table all of a sudden.

    Ye Chen said while smiling, “Second Uncle, these are the monetary gifts that they’re giving your family. Take it. Otherwise, they won’t be able to eat and sleep.”

    “Are you hearing what you’re telling me? Do you really think that they can’t eat and sleep if I rejected the money that they’re giving me?” Ye Ming was in between tears and laughter as he felt like he was dreaming.

    Ye Chen smiled and said nothing as he shared the same thoughts too. These people knew that money was nothing to him, Ye Chen. They had nothing to butter him up with, so they turned to his uncle’s family to butter him up indirectly.

    Ye Hai looked at the bank cards on the table, feeling rather envious. He subsequently asked, “Xiaochen, what are you going to do to the people kneeling outside?”

    Ye Chen’s face turned slightly cold. He said to the female attendant downstairs who was welcoming the guests, “Let them in!”

    Soon, six old men in traditional attire walked to the third floor of the hotel quickly as everyone watched in amazement. As soon as they arrived, they knelt before Ye Chen one after another, humbling themselves in his presence.

    Ye Hai, Ye Ming, and the rest were dumbstruck again.

    Ye Chen stood with his arms behind his back while looking at them expressionlessly. “Each of you will leave behind a billion yuan. Then, I won’t dwell on whatever has happened in the past.”

    A billion yuan!

    And it was a billion yuan per person…

    Ye Hai shivered and almost screamed from the shock.

    The six of them had a slight change in expression. The Zhang family master from Xiangnan clenched his teeth and said, “I’m okay with that, but I’ll need to go back to gather the money.”

    With him leading, the rest responded instantly, “We’re okay with that too.”

    “Sure, we’re clear now.” Ye Chen nodded and said while looking sharply at them, “But there’s something that I’d like to say before you guys leave. All of my family members are here, so you guys should know them now. If something were to happen to them, I’ll blame it on you.”

    Although he seemed calm while saying that, the temperature in the entire place plummeted as if it had dropped tens of degrees lower.