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Chapter 173 - My Shoe Seems to Be A Little Dirty

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 173: My Shoe Seems to Be A Little Dirty

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    “Let them kneel!”

    Ye Chen’s voice was at a normal volume, but it echoed through every corner of Dongda Hotel’s three floors. Everyone felt dizzy just hearing his voice.

    Those people out there were the wealthy families of the entire Tiannan. Their stomp alone could make Tiannan shake.

    Who exactly was Master Ye? Forget it that he did not welcome them himself, but they could not believe that he got them to continue kneeling!

    Only a portion of them was stunned at first. Then, they subsequently had a drastic change in expression as horror filled their eyes.

    They seemed to have figured out who Master Ye was.

    Startled, they continued looking at the third floor with a burning desire in their eyes. Was Master Ye in this hotel too?!

    Most of them were secretly waiting to watch Ye Chen get himself into trouble. Master Ye dared to get all of the wealthy families of Tiannan to kneel. He was definitely seeking death.

    Even the attendant who welcomed the guests was stunned too. She suppressed her shock and walked outside, stammering as she spoke, “M-master Ye said t-to ask you to kneel!”

    She was ready to be scolded after saying that.

    What shocked her was that the people nodded together and said, “Sure, please tell Master Ye that we apologize. As long as he’s willing to forgive us, we’re willing to kneel no matter how long we have to.”

    “Sure…” The attendant who was welcoming them shivered. She turned around and said to the third floor while feeling troubled, “M-master Ye, they say as long as you forgive them, they’re willing to k-kneel.”


    The people in the entire Dongda Hotel gasped.


    It was dead silent on the third floor of the hotel.

    Xu Yuanhong remained still since the beginning. If one were to look closely, they would notice that he was shaking. Sweat the size of beans dripped from his hair. He knew what was happening no matter how dumb he was.

    All of these bosses were here today for Ye Chen, and any of them could make them fall into eternal doom.

    ‘Who exactly did I offend?!’ he could not stop screaming inside while feeling immensely regretful.

    Xu Zhong had fear written all over his face. He had lost his arrogance and ferocity from earlier. While his lips quivered, he repeated, “H-how is this possible? How is this possible?!”

    The people who were most shocked were none other than Ye Chen’s parents and Ye Wen’s family. It was still fine for Ye Wen. After all, she already knew that her cousin was Master Ye.

    Ye Hai, Wu Lan, and Ye Ming seemed dumbstruck. They thought those people had gotten the wrong person by instinct.

    Yang Hui’s face twitched hard as she forced a smile that was uglier than a cry. “Ye Chen, w-why are they calling you Master Ye?”

    “Because I’m Master Ye!” Ye Chen responded coldly. Then, he glanced through the crowd of more than ten standing before him expressionlessly. He did not know most of them and had never seen them before.

    He fixed his focus on Old Master Gu and Old Master Han, understanding things now.

    The Gu family wanted to seize the opportunity of the engagement banquet today to give glory to the Ye family. Unfortunately, that exposed a part of Ye Chen’s identity.

    “Xiaochen, what…” Ye Hai could not help but start to ask.

    “Dad, I’ll explain to you later.” Ye Chen smiled, his eyes turning cold. “Which one of you is Director Xiao of the Municipal Public Security Bureau? Show yourself.”

    As soon as he spoke, a middle-aged man with a big belly who was dressed casually walked out and smiled. “Master Ye, it’s me, Xiaoxiao.”

    Ye Chen took a good look at him and pointed at Xu Yuanhong before him. “Do you know this person?”

    Xu Yuanhong closed his eyes in despair as soon as he heard that. ‘I’m dead! I’m definitely dead!’

    Xu Zhong, on the other hand, looked like he had just seen his life savior as he begged, “Uncle Xiao, it’s me, Xiaozhong…”

    Xiao Ju glared coldly at the father and son and shook his head while looking numb. “Master Ye, I don’t know any of them.”


    Xu Yuanhong buried his head onto the ground. “Uncle Xiao, y-you…”

    He opened his eyes wide and looked at Xiao Ju in disbelief. Never had he thought that Uncle Xia,o who used to treat him as his godson, would be so cold to him now.

    “Do you really not know them?” Ye Chen looked at Xiao Ju doubtfully. He said while smiling, “Director Xu said that you’re someone that I can’t afford to offend. He also said that you’d support him. As long as he gives you a call, you’ll put me behind bars for eight to ten years.”

    “Master Ye, I really don’t know this person. I’m sure he must be using my name to threaten people out there.” Xiao Ju’s heart sank, then he said with a grim face on, “Don’t worry. The father and son’s actions damaged the image of the country’s government employees. I’ll definitely get to the bottom of this and I won’t let go of any black sheep.”

    Xu Yuanhong’s scalp went numb upon hearing that. He knew that his family’s future was considered to have fallen into an abyss. He knelt before Ye Chen instantly as fear rose in him. He was kowtowing so hard that he looked like he was crushing garlic with his head.

    “Master Ye, I must be blinded to have looked down on you. I didn’t know who you were. I’d like to apologize to you. Please forgive us. I’m willing to marry my daughter off to Ye Ming’s family.”

    Xu Zhong looked at Ye Chen in resentment and said, “Dad, get up. Don’t beg him!”

    “Shut your mouth, you b*stard!” Xu Yuanhong turned his head and glared at him ferociously. ‘You dumb fool, can’t you see what’s happening now? This man before us is the local king of Tiannan. As soon as we offended him, besides our name being stained, we’d be accused even if our name was clean.’

    Ye Ming and Yang Hui watched that scene with complicated feelings. The director of the management committee was kneeling before their nephew and begging.

    Yang Hui was especially bewildered. The reason why she did all she could to matchmake her daughter with Xu Zhong was the Xu family’s fortune. She thought that they were a wealthy family.

    However, she just found out that her nephew Ye Chen that she had always thought was useless was the actual wealthy man to whom all wealthy families would have to look up.


    Ye Chen lit a cigarette slowly and lifted his foot onto the table. He said expressionlessly, “My shoe seems to be a little dirty.”

    “I-I’ll wipe it for you!”

    How would Xu Yuanhong not know what was the underlying meaning of him saying that? He crawled a few steps forward immediately and used the sleeve of his designer suit to wipe Ye Chen’s Playboy casual shoes that cost over 100 yuan gently.

    Seeming experienced, he would lift his head and smile at Ye Chen every now and then. One could tell that he had done that many times.

    Xu Zhong watched that furiously.

    His father that he was proud of, the man who could summon everything he wanted with a snap of fingers, was wiping the shoe of a useless man like he was a shoe cleaner who cleaned shoes for people by the street!

    Ye Chen flicked the cigarette ashes onto Xu Yuanhong’s face. His voice was utterly cold as he then demanded, “I’m asking you to lick it!”