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Chapter 172 - Let Them Kneel!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 172: Let Them Kneel!

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    Ye Chen squinted and was about to walk to him. However, Ye Hai grabbed onto him tightly.

    “I’m sorry. I forgot that I didn’t wash my hands before heading out today. It’s better that we don’t shake hands.”

    Ye Hai pulled back his hand instantly and gave himself a way out while smiling. He secretly tugged the corner of Ye Chen’s shirt, indicating for him not to act on impulse.

    Since it was a happy day for Ye Ming’s family today, it made sense for him to be more forgiving since he was the elder brother. He should not humiliate the family.

    Ye Chen glanced at Xu Yuanhong while squinting, then he looked at Ye Wen who looked like she was begging. He said nothing eventually.

    At that moment, Xu Zhong lifted his head to glance at Ye Chen and ask, “I wonder what you do for a living, Brother Ye?”

    Ye Chen did not even bother to look at an ant like him. He gestured his parents to take their seats.

    “Him? He’s unemployed now,” Yang Hui could not help but respond on behalf of Ye Chen. She got Ye Wen and Ye Ming’s glare in return, so she shut her mouth instantly although she looked like she did not care.


    “Unemployed? You’re already so old. Shouldn’t you be getting a job?” the middle-aged woman next to Xu Yuanhong said in a sarcastic manner.

    Xu Zhong snickered, the disdain in his eyes getting obvious. “My company needs someone to look over the construction site. Since you’re Wenwen’s cousin, you can come and look for me at my company tomorrow.”

    “Xu Zhong, what do you mean by that?” Ye Wen’s pretty face turned stiff.

    She had no idea why Xu Zhong’s family was so arrogant. If she had known about it earlier, she would not have agreed to be engaged with Xu Zhong no matter what.

    Nevertheless, that insignificant arrogance was nothing in the eyes of her cousin.

    “Nothing. Aren’t I helping your relative?” Xu Zhong said coldly.

    He thought to himself, ‘You’re going to belong to my Xu family soon, so shouldn’t I be helping your family?’

    Seeing that the atmosphere was getting worse, Ye Ming took a deep breath and said, suppressing the rage within him, “It’s time, Xu Zhong. Get them to serve the dishes.”

    He was disappointed in Xu Zhong.

    “Brother Ye, I’m sorry. There’s something that I need to handle, so I’ll make a move first. You guys have fun,” Xu Yuanhong suddenly got up and said.

    Ye Ming’s expression changed and he challenged, “What are you trying to say, Xu Yuanhong?

    “Ha, you’re asking me what I’m trying to say? I should be asking you that!”

    Xu Yuanhong smiled. “Ye Ming, it’s your family’s fortune that my Xu family likes your daughter. Everyone was punctual, but your relatives came late. Are you throwing a cold blanket at me?”

    “So, are you saying that you’re canceling the marriage?” Ye Ming was enraged now.

    Xu Yuanhong said coldly, “You said that yourself.”

    “I get it now!”

    Ye Ming nodded and turned his head to look at Ye Wen who was next to him. “Wenwen, I’m asking you in all seriousness. Do you really like Xu Zhong?”

    Xu Zhong smiled proudly as soon as he heard that. He did not feel any anxiety at all. Instead, he was looking at Ye Wen smugly.

    Xu Yuanhong was in disdain. To him, Ye Ming was doing it for the benefit too. The reason why Ye Ming had agreed to marry his daughter off to his son was for his political resources.

    “What are you doing, Ye Ming?” Yang Hui’s expression changed slightly when she seemed to notice Ye Ming’s intention.

    “Shut your mouth!” Ye Ming suddenly screamed at her, “The men are talking. Why are you interrupting?”

    “Ye Ming, y-you…”

    Yang Hui looked at him with her eyes wide open. She did not seem to expect her husband to be so overbearing all of a sudden.

    Ye Ming inhaled deeply and said as mockery filled his face, “I’ve been tolerating you for 25 years since you married me. No matter how stingy, mean, or petty you are, I can look past all that.”

    He paused and pointed at Ye Hai next to him as he continued, “But Ye Hai is my brother by blood from the same mother. My parents passed away when we were very young. If my brother hadn’t raised me, I would’ve been dead.

    “I had a high fever when I was five. It was my brother who walked over 80 kilometers while carrying me to the town to see a doctor. He walked from morning until the sky turned dark. Then, he passed out when he finally carried me to the hospital entrance. He was only eight at that time, eight!

    “That was how I managed to live. I don’t have parents, so my brother was like my father. I’ve told you so many times. Why do you keep doing this to him?”

    Ye Ming’s lips were trembling. “You’re always controlling me, worrying that I will secretly give my brother money. Especially when Mengmeng was sick, you even woke up in the middle of the night to check my wallet. Yang Hui, why are you so cold-blooded? Why are you so mean?”

    Ye Hai turned his face over and rubbed his eyes. He shifted back and said while forcing a smile, “Alright. Let’s not talk about this. Let’s just not. It’s in the past.”

    Wu Lan covered her mouth while crying softly while Yang Hui said nothing as if she had been struck by lightning.

    Ye Wen walked to Ye Hai suddenly and knelt onto the ground in all seriousness. She kowtowed three times. “Uncle, our family is sorry to you. Especially my mom and I…I’d like to apologize to you.”

    She had no idea that all this had happened.

    “Oh, god, please get up.” Ye Hai stretched his arms to help her up immediately. He said while choking, “Your dad is right. We’re brothers by blood. Since we’re family, there’s no need to do this.”

    Ye Wen wiped her tears and got up to look at Ye Ming. She enunciated word after work, “Dad, let me answer your question. In reality, I don’t like Xu Zhong at all. It was Mom who forced me to get engaged to him.”

    Xu Zhong was stunned when he heard that, and so was Yang Hui.

    The smirk at the corner of Xu Yuanhong’s lips froze.

    “Alright!” Ye Ming laughed out loud. He turned around to say to Xu Yuanhong and the latter’s son, “You guys have heard what my daughter said. Forget about this engagement. Do whatever you guys want!”

    “Ye Ming, you’d better think this through,” Xu Yuanhong cautioned solemnly.

    “There’s no need to think it through!” Ye Ming waved. “My family is too lowly compared to your family. My Wenwen doesn’t deserve your son.”

    “Sure. Since you want to do this, then I’ll say something worse. This is the end of your career as the deputy director of the management committee! Let’s go!” Xu Yuanhong turned around to leave.

    “Wait!” a cold voice interrupted.

    Ye Chen stood up slowly and walked to Xu Yuanhong. He said extremely coldly, “Did I allow you guys to leave?”

    “What? Will you bite me? Piece of sh*t!” Xu Zhong smiled in rage.

    Xu Yuanhong was also smirking with anger. “Young man, I admire your courage, but do you know who you’ve offended?”

    “Oh? I’d like to know that,” Ye Chen gave a short response.

    Xu Yuanhong said with a plastic smile on his face, “My senior is Director Xiao of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Do you believe that I can put you behind bars for eight to ten years with a phone call alone?”

    “Then, do you know who you’ve offended?” Ye Chen picked up a banana and gave it to his daughter in his embrace after peeling it.

    “Xiaochen, let them go.” Ye Ming’s expression changed.

    At that moment, a welcome message came from the first floor, “Director Xiao of the Municipal Public Security Bureau has arrived!”

    Everyone was surprised.

    What was happening?

    Why was such a big boss here too?

    Xu Yuanhong was stunned at first. Then, he was subsequently over the moon as he taunted, “Director Xiao is here. You’re dead!”

    Ye Hai, Ye Ming, and the rest had a change of expression as soon as he said that.

    Xu Zhong glanced at them in pride. It was now too late for them to regret what they had done.

    Soon, a middle-aged man in casual clothes walked in. Xu Yuanhong went to him immediately with all smiles, “Senior…”

    However, Director Xiao walked directly to Ye Chen as if he did not see Xu Yuanhong. He said respectfully, “Greetings, Master Ye!”

    It was dead silence in the place.

    Xu Yuanhong seemed like he had been turned into stone. Ye Hai, Ye Ming and the rest were dumbstruck.

    A welcome message came from the first floor again.

    “Ou Fashion International Limited Company director, Ms. Ou Lan, is here!

    “Mr. Huang Hao, the director of Emperor Construction Material is here!

    “Mr. Zhao Jian, the director of Yingjia Technology is here!

    “Hongtai Entertainment’s director, L-Lin Tai is here!”

    “Old Master Han, Han Helin, of the Han family is h-here!”

    “O-old Master Gu of the Gu family is here with Ms. Gu Yingying!”

    They welcomed over 30 people who were all famous bosses of the business world in Tiannan. Some were them were even leaders in politics.

    Lin Tai was also called Brother Leopard. He was considered the underground king of the entire Lin City, so nobody expected him to come.


    What shocked them the most was that even the two wealthy families in Tiannan, the Han family, and the Gu family’s old masters were here.

    They were seniors who could shake Tiannan with a stomp alone, so it was no exaggeration to describe them as virtuous.

    The crowd gasped as their ears buzzed from the series of names and their hearts pounded.

    Xu Yuanhong, Xu Zhong, and the rest were completely frozen.

    Ye Ming was purely dumbstruck.

    ‘I don’t think I’ve invited all these bosses to my daughter’s engagement. Even if I did, they wouldn’t have come. Why does it look like they’re arriving at a market?’

    Before they could think more about it, Old Master Gu and an old man with gray hair led over ten people in.

    Everyone walked to Ye Chen. With Old Master Gu in the lead, they clasped their fists at Ye Chen.

    “Greetings, Master Ye!”

    Subsequently, he said to Ye Ming who was dumbstruck while smiling, “Congratulations, Mr. Ye. Your daughter is an amazing person.”

    Just when Ye Ming was going to speak, a stammering welcome came from outside.

    “The Yao family, the Zhao family, and the Lu family of Diannan, as well as the Zhangs, the Wens, and the Fengs from Xiangnan are here w-with their people k-kneeling at the door! T-They’re asking to see Master Ye!”

    Upon hearing that, everyone felt like they were about to black out.

    All of the wealthy families of Tiannan were harem, and they were kneeling at the door, asking to see Master Ye!

    Ye Ming, Ye Hai, Yang Hui, Xu Yuanhong, Xu Zhong, and the rest looked at Ye Chen with shock in their eyes.

    If they remembered correctly, these people were calling him Master Ye!

    Xu Yuanhong gulped hard. He had a feeling that he had brought great trouble upon himself!

    “Let them kneel!” Ye Chen said to the attendant who welcomed the people downstairs without even lifting his head.