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Chapter 171 - Engagement Banque

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 171: Engagement Banquet

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    In the morning three days later at Dongda Hotel, which was a five-star hotel ranked right after the Auspicious Manor, the reservations were fully booked for the day. People filled all three floors, so it was crowded.

    There were various decorations for a joyous event at the entrance. Numerous well-trained female attendants stood at the door, welcoming the guests with all smiles.

    It was the day of Ye Wen’s engagement.

    Dressed neatly, Ye Ming and Yang Hui stood at the door to greet the guests who were coming excitedly. In the hotel, Ye Wen wore a white gown and lace gloves as she softly held onto a young man with her right arm.

    The young man, who was dressed in a designer suit, had features that were considered handsome. He held onto Ye Wen and could not stop smiling at the guests milling around them.

    Compared to his smile, Ye Wen’s expression was clearly much colder. She would glance outside the hotel every now and then. She could not help but feel rather disappointed after realizing that the person that she was waiting for was not among the crowd.

    Noticing her disappointment, the young man asked softly, “What are you looking at?”

    “Nothing.” Ye Wen shook her head and secretly sighed. It seemed like her cousin would not be coming today.

    The young man studied the crowd slightly and said while frowning, “Is that cousin’s family of yours here yet?”

    “Perhaps they’re busy,” Ye Wen replied while smiling.

    “Busy?” His expression turned grim.

    Xu Zhong was the son to the director of the management committee after all. He ran a real estate company himself and was considered a celebrity in the entire Lin City.

    As soon as the engagement started, countless business celebrities came early. Even his father, Xu Yuanzhong’s friends in politics had taken their seats, but her Ye family’s poor relatives had yet to show up. Were they trying to throw a cold blanket on the occasion?

    Xu Zhong scoffed and walked to his father, Xu Yuanzhong’s table to drink with the guests, leaving Ye Wen alone.


    At the hotel entrance, Yang Hui checked the time upon seeing that almost all the guests had arrived. She looked sharply at Ye Ming. “Look at that big brother of yours. He’s not here yet. Does he think that his family is some big shot whereby they’re the grand finale?”

    “Something must’ve come up.” Ye Ming shook his head, feeling helpless. He took out his phone and said, “Maybe I’ll call to check on them.”

    A peal of laughter interrupted them.

    “There’s no need for that, Second Uncle. We’re here.”

    Yang Hui and Ye Ming lifted their heads to see Ye Chen walk in front while carrying his daughter, Mengmeng. Meanwhile, Ye Hai and Wu Lan followed him from behind. They were dressed pretty formally, but it was still nothing impressive.

    Yang Hui’s expression turned completely grim when she noticed that Ye Chen’s family came empty-handed. Everyone else had brought various gifts along with them such as home electronics and couches. Meanwhile, they brought nothing.

    “Sorry, Second Uncle. Something came up when we were on the way here, That’s why we’re late.” Ye Chen walked to Ye Ming and smiled in an apologetic manner.

    “Don’t worry about it.” Ye Ming waved and walked to Ye Hai immediately. He said while smiling, “Brother, Sister-in-law, let’s go in since you guys are here.”

    “Congratulations, Brother. Your Wenwen has finally found her love. We sure are getting old!” Ye Hai exclaimed as he walked in with Ye Ming.

    Yang Hui suddenly asked, “Wait, did you guys come here by cab? How come the others weren’t stuck in traffic and you guys were?”

    “It was Xiaochen’s friend who sent us here. His tire got punctured when we were on the way,” Wu Lan piped up.

    Yang Hui snickered. “Then, why didn’t you guys call us? Perhaps we could’ve gotten Xu Zhong to pick you guys up in his Mercedes Benz.”

    She enunciated the word “Mercedes Benz” extremely loudly as if she was worried that Ye Chen and the rest could not hear her.

    “Alright, stop it.” It would have been ridiculous if Ye Ming did not hear the braggadocio in what his wife said. He glared at her irritatedly.

    However, Yang Hui ignored him and said, “Since we’re family, I’ll just be straightforward. Most of the guests are Xu Zhong’s friends in business and guests from his father’s side. They’re wealthy, so talk less and stuff your mouth with food when you guys go in.”

    Ye Chen frowned.

    Wu Lan looked pissed, but Ye Hai tugged the corner of her dress when she seemed to want to speak. Ye Hai said with an unnatural expression on his face, “We get it, Sister-in-law.”

    Yang Hui scoffed and walked in on her own.

    Ye Ming looked awkward. “Brother, that’s how Yang Hui is. Don’t take it to heart. Let’s go in.”

    They walked into the hotel under his lead. Ye Hai asked while lowering his voice as they walked in, “Xiaochen, I suppose your aunt is upset that we didn’t bring a gift. Didn’t you say that you’ve prepared a gift? Where is it?”

    “It’s still on the way,” Ye Chen said.


    Everyone had taken their seats in the hotel.

    As Ye Chen and the rest walked in, countless eyes were trained on them. They had various expressions in their gazes, but there was mostly disdain and scorn.

    Ye Wen was listening to Xu Zhong’s mother nagging on the third floor when her pretty eyes lit up suddenly. She ran to the first floor while everyone was watching and she welcomed them, “Brother, you guys made it.”

    Ye Chen nodded.

    Ye Hai and Wu Lan smiled and said sincerely, “Wenwen, congratulations. Give your father a grandchild soon.”

    “Thank you, Uncle and Aunty.” Ye Wen smiled shyly and held her head down bashfully.

    “Alright, Wenwen. Why are you here instead of spending time with your future mother-in-law? Go now before they think that you’re rude,” Yang Hui said angrily.

    “Mom, I want to talk to my cousin’s family.” Ye Wen was slightly hesitant.

    Yang Hui was furious. “You…”

    “Alright, it’s a happy day today. Don’t stir things up and become a joke to the people,” Ye Ming said while frowning.

    Ye Wen nodded slightly and smiled at Ye Chen in an apologetic manner. She turned around and went upstairs.

    “Brother, let’s go. We’ll go up and I’ll introduce you to some people,” Ye Ming suggested with a smile, taking the lead.

    When they got to the third floor, they saw a table with approximately seven to eight people seated.

    There was a middle-aged couple in the middle. The man had a square face that looked fierce without him even having to be furious while the woman was sophisticated. She took good care of herself, making her appear merely 30 years old.

    “Brother, let me introduce you. This is Xu Yuanhong, the director of the management committee. This is Xu Zhong…” Ye Ming introduced Xu Zhong and the rest to him.

    Upon hearing that Xu Yuanhong was the director of the development zone’s management committee, Ye Hai stretched his arm out instantly and carefully. “Director Xu, I’ve seen you on TV. Never have I thought that our family would be one now.”

    Xu Yuanhong frowned as he faced Ye Hai’s courtesy. He said softly, “I don’t have the habit of shaking hands with people.”

    The smile on Ye Hai’s face froze.

    At that moment, the air stagnated.

    Xu Zhong revealed a smirk at the corner of his lips while Yang Hui pretended not to see that. The middle-aged woman sitting next to Xu Yuanhong also had disdain in her eyes when she looked at Ye Chen’s family.

    Meanwhile, Ye Wen had a slight change of expression on her face.

    Ye Ming’s expression turned grim instantly while he looked at Xu Yuanhong in annoyance although this man was his superior and future in-law.