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Chapter 170 - You Want to End my Family?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 170: You Want to End my Family?

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    At night, Ye Chen thought about heading to Beijing on his way home. The only thing that bothered him was to look for a reason to convince his parents.

    After all, to his parents, the Su family was the wealthy family of Beijing. They were big shots that were hard to compare with an ordinary family like the Ye family.

    Meanwhile, Ye Chen’s cultivator’s identity was extremely shocking, so he did not want his parents to find out just yet.

    He would definitely have to bring Mengmeng along. Yuhan had been apart from her daughter for three years. Just like the saying ‘mothers and daughters are forever connected by the heart’, nothing could beat letting Yuhan see her daughter again.

    Ye Chen arrived home as he pondered to himself. He had yet to find any reasons to convince his parents.

    As he entered the house, he was surprised to find that his parents were still awake. Meanwhile, Mengmeng was fast asleep, her head buried in his mother, Wu Lan’s embrace.

    Ye Chen took a seat and said calmly, “Dad, Mom, why are you guys still up?”

    “I’m discussing Wenwen’s engagement banquet with your mom.” His father Ye Hai took a puff from his cigarette, appearing to be bothered.

    Ye Chen was slightly stunned. “Engagement banquet?”

    “Yeah, your Second Uncle’s daughter, Wenwen’s engagement banquet.”

    His mother took over the conversation and explained, “Do you remember your Second Uncle who’s working at the development zone office in Nine Dragons Bay? I think he’s the deputy director of the management committee. His superior’s son happens to be courting Wenwen recently. Given that your Second Aunty was trying to matchmake them, they got together within a few days and were engaged three days later.”

    Ye Chen was shocked.

    Ye Wen was engaged?

    Ye Hai sighed and said, “Your Second Aunty called us earlier. She insists that we must go to the banquet. So, I’ve been discussing with your mom what gift we should get them.”

    “Your Second Aunty has never liked us. Now that she’s called us herself, she’s definitely trying to show off.” Wu Lan was pissed off as she spoke. Although she was uncultured, she could read people well.

    Ye Hai condemned her with a grim expression, “That’s just your personal opinion. No matter whether Xiaohui calls us or not, we should go. Moreover, Xiaochen’s Second Uncle and Wenwen called to invite us themselves after that.”

    “I’m just worried that you might embarrass yourself if you go…” Wu Lan scoffed.

    Upon seeing that his parents were going to argue, Ye Chen said in between tears and laughter, “Dad, Mom, let’s just go. I’ll pay for the gift. What’s there to fight about?”

    “Sure, let’s all go together. Although we’re poor, we can’t let the outsiders gossip about us.” Ye Hai nodded.

    Although Ye Chen agreed to that, he secretly sighed. Since he was going to the banquet, he would have to postpone his trip to Beijing for at least three days.

    Soon, his mother carried Mengmeng into the room to sleep with a sullen expression. Ye Chen and his father were the only ones left in the living room. Ye Hai stared at the TV while watching the evening news.

    Ye Chen was distracted as he was hesitating whether he should tell his parents about his plan to go to Beijing or not.

    At that moment, the evening news ended. Ye Hai turned off the TV and got up to return to his room.

    Ye Chen suddenly spoke the moment when he turned around, “Dad…”

    When Ye Hai turned his head to look at him, he seemed rather blur.

    Ye Chen was instantly speechless, but he eventually said, “Alright, go to bed soon. I know what you want to say. I’ll settle the gift.”

    Ye Hai waved and peered at the room secretly. He spoke after lowering his voice, “Your mom is managing our money, but I have a secret stash with me. Don’t tell her…”

    Before he was done speaking, Wu Lan’s doubtful voice came from the room, “What secret stash?”

    Ye Hai jolted and walked to the room with a smirk on his face. Ye Chen seemed to hear him say faintly, “Cough, cough, cough. I was saying I never have a secret stash.”

    Ye Chen was speechless but relieved at the same time.

    Telling his parents would not matter.

    He could not tell Ye Hai that his son had gone to the cultivation world during the five years he disappeared. He then cultivated for 3,000 years and became a Heavenly Emperor and returned out of nowhere.

    Not only was his son a cultivator, but he was also the infamous Mad Southern Ye who had killed a person within ten steps. He was the Tiannan No. 1, and all the wealthy families in Tiannan admired him.

    Besides that, his son was an invisible millionaire who was worth ten billion yuan.

    If Ye Chen were to tell him that one by one, Ye Hai would not pass out but would slap him instead and insist, “I’m only 55. I don’t have Alzheimer’s yet.”

    He returned to his room as he kept his thoughts to himself.

    In the middle of the night, a black puppy rolled its eyes and crawled out of the window. It was running to a club that was close to the district.

    “This damned Xiao Yezi! He brought a snake back after his trip to Miao Village. I’ll just call it No. 2.

    “Although No. 2 is young, his temper is worse than mine, but he’s rather dumb. I was joking two days ago. I can’t believe that he really licked the electric jack.

    “Oh, No. 2, you’re too young to be fighting for attention with me. A little trick of mine will kill you.”

    The patriarch chuckled while walking.

    “I can’t let it happen. I must cultivate diligently. I can’t let No. 2 replace me. Otherwise, I might really turn into a pot of delicious dog meat!”


    The next morning, Su Youwei visited when Ye Chen was cooking in the kitchen after his parents went to work.

    The first thing that lady said was, “I’m leaving.”

    Ye Chen responded in a neutral manner while proceeding to stir-fry the beef with a spatula.

    Su Youwei was pissed at his attitude. “I said I’m leaving. Isn’t there anything that you’d like to say to me?”

    Nevertheless, Ye Chen gave no reaction.


    Su Youwei stomped in rage. She said while clenching her teeth, “Let me ask you this. Does your powerful ability have anything to do with you vanishing for five years?”

    She had very complicated emotions toward Ye Chen. She thought he was useless, but he turned out to be Mad Southern Ye who slaughtered masters like dogs.

    Never mind that, but more importantly, his female disciple was powerful too.

    Su Youwei would never forget that time when she used the opportunity to cause trouble to Xiao Ya when she invited her to a hotel for lunch whereby she had gotten Guo Sheng to attack her.

    It turned out that Xiao Ya defeated Guo Sheng before slapping her in front of everyone. The swell on her cheeks only subsided two days later.

    Noticing that Ye Chen said nothing, Su Youwei suppressed the rage in her forcefully. “Don’t you want to save my sister?”

    Ye Chen turned around to look at her with a rather fierce gaze. “I’m giving you five minutes. Scram after you’re done with whatever you’re going to say!”

    Su Youwei was stunned by the ferocity in his eyes and she stammered, “I-it was my family that underestimated you. With your ability, it’s enough for our family to look up to you. What I’m trying to say is that you should drop by my house with me and talk to my second brother properly. He should agree with you being with my sister…”


    Su Youwei looked at him blankly. “Ye Chen, a-are you really making our family your enemy? You’re only going to hurt yourself doing that. My second brother’s power is beyond your imagination…”‘

    “So what if I make your family my enemy?”

    Ye Chen suddenly smiled. “Since when do I, Ye Chen, need your family to look up to me? My current family situation is all thanks to your family. What I want for your family is despair, fear, and trepidation!”

    “You want to end my family?” Su Youwei’s pitch was extremely high and she was in disbelief.

    “Scram! If you dare speak again, I’ll kill you right away!”