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Chapter 169 - Asura Heaven-suppressing Kill

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 169: Asura Heaven-suppressing Kill

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    “Great fortune?”

    Lin Tai was stunned at first when he heard that. Then, elation flooded his face. “M-my lord?” He seemed to have guessed something faintly.

    “Don’t speak. Calm your mind!” Ye Chen’s expression was cold.

    Lin Tai took a deep breath and suppressed his excitement.

    Noticing that he was almost ready, Ye Chen pointed a finger between his brows. As Lin Tai released a low hum, he felt a ginormous and insane memory sweeping through his head. His head almost exploded from the information overload.

    ‘I-it hurts…’

    He wanted to fight back by instinct, but Ye Chen’s stern voice cautioned, “Don’t move. I’ll give you the Asura Heaven-suppressing Kill today. It’s the divine method that the Asura Tribe used to suppress their people.

    “The Asura Heaven-suppressing Kill can kill living spirits and common people, cut mountains and rivers, and destroy heaven, earth, and the stars. It can turn hell upside down, crush the sky, and kill immortals and gods, as well as tear the three realms apart.”

    Ye Chen’s voice sounded like it came from a Buddha as it was echoing in Lin Tai’s head. He tolerated the pain forcefully and tried his best to digest the memories.

    Eventually, his face twitched from the pain while sweat the size of beans drenched his whole body. However, he tolerated all the sensations forcefully.

    Ye Chen stepped aside and looked at him expressionlessly. If Lin Tai could not even tolerate that little pain, he was destined to not be able to mold into a talent. Ye Chen would remove the memories off his head by then.

    There was a tribe in the Immortal World called the Asura Tribe. They were also called the Immense Strength God that was half-human and half-god. They were born powerful whereby a three-year-old toddler from the tribe could carry heavy weights. Asura Tribesmen were born to fight. They were courageous and performed well in battles.

    Unfortunately, Ye Chen had killed almost all of the Asura Tribesmen, especially the patriarch. Back then, he had severed the patriarch’s head with the Heavenly Emperor Sword at Mount Taihao. As a result, the patriarch’s body turned into mountains that spread across the land for thousands of years.

    In conclusion, no matter whether it was his physique or his character, Lin Tai was suitable for cultivating the Asura Tribe’s methods. Although Ye Chen had only given him the first half of the methods, he would have no regrets if Lin Tai betrayed him in the future.Read more chapter on NovelFull

    With the methods, Lin Tai would be able to suppress people with a plan alone!

    Two hours later, he finally digested the memories in his head after some effort. He opened his eyes suddenly, and his aura had changed. He knelt on one knee before Ye Chen immediately. “Thank you, my lord, for giving me this. I, Lin Tai, will follow you until I die!”

    He was shaking intensely when he said that. Even his heart was pounding.

    He was delighted to learn that the Muscle-Tendon Changing Classic and the Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms were utter rubbish compared to the methods he had just obtained.

    However, to his shock, there were definitely no methods like the one he had just learned on Earth, so one could tell who his lord was.

    ‘My lord is truly a god!”

    1At that moment, Ye Chen’s position skyrocketed in Lin Tai’s heart. He was like a Heavenly God, giving Lin Tai the urge to kneel to him on all fours.

    “I’m the Heavenly God and I’ll kill all the enemies in this world!”

    Ye Chen placed his arms behind his back and looked at him in a condescending manner. “Meanwhile, you’re the killer sword in my hand. Although a sword is great, I hope that you won’t betray your master. Otherwise, I don’t mind destroying the sword.”

    His words sounded calm, but there was infinite killing intent in his tone.

    Lin Tai jolted and buried his head immediately. “I’d never dare do that. If I dare have the intention to betray you, my lord, I’ll be struck by the Five Thunder Strikes and die!”

    “Get up.” Ye Chen nodded as a white jade bottle then appeared in his hand. “These are Qi Cultivation Pills for cultivating. There are ten of them here. Eat one every three days to accelerate the progress of your cultivation.”

    Lin Tai took the bottle and opened the cap. The fragrance of medicinal pills came sweeping through the air. He had goosebumps all over after merely taking a whiff, feeling utterly refreshed.

    “Eat one now. Try meridian and bone marrow cleansing with it!”

    Lin Tai suppressed his emotions and popped a Qi Cultivation Pill into his mouth. The medicinal pill melted immediately, turning into pure energy and penetrating his organs and bones through his esophagus. It swept through his meridians.


    Subsequently, a series of noises that sounded like one was stir-frying beans exploded in his body. Black dirt penetrated from the pores of his face. As a stench emanated out of his body, his physique grew.

    It was really meridian and bone marrow cleansing!

    Lin Tai stretched his arms out and looked at the changes on his body blankly. Excitement filled his eyes, then he knelt to Ye Chen on one knee again.

    The ground shook from his kneeling. A tile was crushed as though it could not take the external force.

    Ye Chen accepted his kneeling at ease and said expressionlessly, “You know best just how much fortune you’ve received. You should know the theories of not revealing your fortune. Don’t create trouble for yourself because of the fortune. That’s all I’m going to say.”

    Lin Tai was reverent at that moment.

    If outsiders were to find out about the methods and medicinal pills, they would go crazy for them. The current version of him had no ability to deal with this at all. He would definitely die a devastating death if anybody were to find out.

    “I’ve got a mission for you before I leave. You’ll have to fulfill it no matter what.”

    “Do tell, my lord!” Lin Tai said while listening carefully.

    “Establish an organization for me. I don’t want too many people. 800 would be enough, but they can’t be over 40 years old. I don’t want those from wealthy families either. The candidates have to be loyal and decisive when it comes to killing. I’m only giving you ten days,” Ye Chen said coldly.

    2“Your humble one will definitely fulfill it.” Lin Tai was in high spirits. He asked again after some hesitation, “My lord, what should this organization be called?”

    “The Star Pavilion!”

    Ye Chen sat down and looked into the distance. “You’ll be the temporary deputy pavilion master of the Star Pavilion. Bring the people to Beijing to look for me when you’ve gathered them.”

    He christened the organization without even thinking about it. Compared to those pretentious names like the Killer God Alliance that could be easily misunderstood as a cult, he thought that calling it the Star Pavilion would be better.

    Lin Tai nodded immediately.

    “You should also know what to do about my parents.” Ye Chen looked profoundly at him. After Lin Tai left, he left Hongtai Club too.

    Ye Chen’s skin was crystal clear like frost under the moonlight on the streets of Lin City. Meanwhile, there seemed to be an emptiness that would last forever in his eyes.

    “Yang Tian, the future is in your hands. If you can complete my test for you, you’ll be the second warrior under me. If not, being a regular person is great too.”

    He turned around and left after saying that.


    320 kilometers away at the intersection between Jiangbei and Subei, a middle-aged man with messy hair and stubble all over his face held a torn burlap sack with his left hand and a wooden stick in his right. As he walked on the highway, the passing drivers could not help but stare at him.

    Perhaps because he walked too fast, the middle-aged man staggered forward and fell.

    His torn burlap sack fell onto the ground, causing many bottles to fall out of it. They were all mineral water bottles and cans…

    The middle-aged man got up and put the bottles away without saying anything. Then, he picked the bag up and continued walking.

    When he got to a forest that was devoid of humans, the middle-aged man squatted onto the ground and wailed. He said while wiping his tears, “Damn you, Old Ye. You’ve got me good!

    “Five days…it’s been a whole five days. Do you know how did I, Yang Tian, spent the last five days?

    “I’ve no money with me. I either sleep in a forest or under a bridge. I haven’t had a full meal, and it’s been five days since I last shaved. There’s a hole in my shoes now.

    “I deserve this! Instead of being a CEO and having a job with up to a million yuan in annual salary, I believed what the scumbag Old Ye said and began my journey to the north. I live a life of picking trash.


    “Really, I’m disgusted when I see myself now.

    “I want to go home. I miss my son.

    “But I know that if I go back now, Ye Chen and I will be people from different worlds. I can still be a general manager and even a CEO in the future. I won’t be picking trash any longer.”

    Yang Tian fell to the ground, crying in devastation. He spoke to himself like a lunatic, “I will never pick trash even if I die of hunger.”


    His stomach growled at that moment.

    Yang Tian patted the torn burlap sack next to him and lay his head on it directly. He treated it like treasure. His voice was so soft that nobody could hear him as he comforted himself, “Forget it. Let’s sleep. I’ll go to the county tomorrow morning and sell these to some recycling place.

    “Then, I’ll be able to buy an egg…”