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Chapter 168 - No, I Must Go in to Catch Adultery in the Ac

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 168: No, I Must Go in to Catch Adultery in the Act

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    Soon after Wang Qing and the rest left, another lady came to the villa after Ye Chen gave Ah Hu his orders and was about to go home.

    It was Xiao Ya.

    She was wearing a tight light blue dress. She exuded a completely different aura from the cold charisma when she fought the Kongtong Sect earlier.

    Xiao Ya seemed to be rather surprised as she looked around the decorations in the villa. She said while smiling, “Master, I’m going back to Miao Village.”

    “What time is your flight?” Ye Chen asked.

    “Five in the afternoon.”

    Ye Chen checked the time and realized that it was only past ten in the morning. Since it was still too early, he could only nod and did not ask her to stay.

    In reality, Ye Chen was not exactly a suave ladies’ man. Apart from Yuhan, the atmosphere awkward would turn awkward whenever he spoke to other women.

    Eventually, it was Xiao Ya who broke the ice. “Master, who was that lady who was with you earlier?”

    “She’s Mengmeng’s aunt,” Ye Chen said honestly.

    Stunned, Xiao Ya’s red lips parted softly. “W-what about Mengmeng’s mom?”

    In reality, she did not know much about Ye Chen. Most of her impression of him remained as it had been in high school. She only had a deeper impression of him after he revealed how powerful he was in battle.

    Before that, Xiao Ya had no idea about Ye Chen’s family at all, including his parents and Mengmeng’s mother.

    She suspected that Mengmeng’s mother might have passed away. Otherwise, why was she nowhere to be seen? Therefore, she was extra gentle to Mengmeng.Read more chapter on NovelFull

    “Her mom…”

    Ye Chen’s expression changed slightly, then he subsequently shook his head. “Forget it. I noticed that you’ve improved a lot when I saw you fighting Sect Leader Tang from the Kongtong Sect. You must cultivate diligently when you get back.”

    He had taken this disciple in spontaneously back then mainly to cut off whatever Xiao Ya had in mind, as well as to disrupt what the people from Miao Village were planning.

    However, the reality had proven Ye Chen wrong.

    Xiao Ya was considered a loyal person. After learning that the three masters were challenging him, she was determined enough to come all the way to help him.

    Seeing that he was unwilling to talk about it, the light in Xiao Ya’s pretty eyes dimmed, but she nodded while appearing as usual anyway.

    Ye Chen thought about it and went to the second floor of the villa. Soon, he took out a bag the size of a palm and gave it to Xiao Ya.

    “This is a storage bag with six cubic meters of space in there. Drip your blood on it to perform a sacrificial refining method. You can put important items in there. Of course, you can also put the herbs that I ask for the next time when you send them to me.”

    “This is a storage bag?” Xiao Ya looked at the cloth bag the size of a palm blankly. She was rather stunned. How could such a small bag carry anything?

    “That’s right. Don’t underestimate it. It has six cubic meters of space,” Ye Chen said while smiling upon noticing her surprise, “It’s actually something that’s similar to a virtual space. You’ll learn about it slowly, but you’ll have to keep this a secret. Most importantly, don’t tell anyone about this. Otherwise, you’ll only draw trouble to yourself.”

    After retrieving the Sky Stone from the General Cemetery, he had gathered other materials to refine a storage ring and three storage bags.

    It was not valuable in the cultivation world, but on Earth, any organization would go crazy for it.

    Xiao Ya bit her finger and dripped a bead of blood onto the storage bag. After she followed Ye Chen’s sacrificial refining method to refine it, elation filled her pretty face.

    With this, it would be so much more convenient for her to bring her cosmetics with her whenever she went out. She would not have to worry about not being able to carry her bags when she went shopping. It was something that was made for women.

    If Ye Chen knew that this was what she was thinking about, he might have killed her instantly…


    At the same time, a black BMW parked by the street at the entrance of the Nine Dragons Bay villa.

    As Su Youwei sat in the car, she would look at the entrance every now and then. She turned her head to ask Guo Sheng next to her, “Brother Guo, did you really see that the woman go in?”

    Guo Sheng nodded.

    Su Youwei’s expression turned grim. “How long has she been in there?”

    “Approximately an hour,” Guo Sheng said in an unsure manner.


    Su Youwei slapped the seat angrily as her face turned red. “Ye Chen, you b*stard! So, you’re hiding your mistress in a nicer place and having a secret rendezvous with her. No wonder she looks like she’s eaten some candies every time she looks at you…”

    An hour was enough to do many things.

    ‘How can you do this to my sister, douchebag?’

    She opened the car door and walked into the villas directly as she thought to this point. She was furious. “No, I must go in to catch adultery in the act!”

    “Second Young Mistress, please don’t…”

    Guo Sheng’s expression changed. Ye Chen had performed Psychic Hypnosis on him earlier, thus he was considered Ye Chen’s puppet now, so how could he do something that would betray Ye Chen?

    Without pausing, Su Youwei stormed in angrily. At that moment, Xiao Ya walked out of the villa alone, and there was a lingering smile on her pretty face.

    Both ladies stopped walking as they locked eyes. Nobody spoke, but hostility and killing intent filled their eyes.

    Standing aside, Guo Sheng had no idea what to do. He was scared that the duo would pull each other’s hair and choke each other to death.

    However, Su Youwei scoffed and said while suppressing the rage in her, “Ms. Xiao, am I right? I’m Mengmeng’s aunt. I wonder if I could have the honor to buy you lunch.”

    She glanced at Xiao Ya in a taunting manner after saying that. ‘Hmph, you promiscuous vixen! I’ve shown my cards. Let’s see if you dare to take it.

    Xiao Ya smiled lightly. “Sure!”


    Nobody knew what happened to the two ladies. After lunch, Xiao Ya left the restaurant as if nothing happened. She took the plane and returned to Miao Village that afternoon.

    Meanwhile, there were two slap prints on Su Youwei’s face when she went out. The prints were so red that they looked almost purplish…


    At the Hongtai Club that night, Ye Chen and Lin Tai sat in a private room. There was nobody around, not even an attendant.

    Lin Tai suppressed his shock and said to Ye Chen, “My lord, have you decided to go to Beijing? It’s the Su family…”

    “I’ve been waiting for this day for too long!” Ye Chen looked up to the sky and looked at the moon. He said while staring intently, “The entire Beijing will either be under my feet or be crushed under my sword when I visit!”

    A pretty face that was so beautiful that it made one suffocate appeared in his head. Memories from the past bubbled up in his mind.

    ‘Yuhan, I still remember you passing out from military training the first time we met. I sent you to the school infirmary. I’ll never forget the way you looked at me when you woke up. Really, I still remember it although it’s been over 3,000 years now.

    ‘I’ve killed a man within ten steps before, but the way you looked at me brought all my defenses down and defeated me!

    ‘Wait for me, Yuhan!’

    “My lord, why don’t I go with you? If I go, I can share the burden,” Lin Tai said while clenching his teeth.


    Not only was Beijing a place Ye Chen wanted to conquer, but it was a childhood nightmare for Lin Tai. A trauma that he could never erase in his entire life had happened there before.

    However, why would it matter even if he, Lin Tai, had to kneel to that man for his lord’s sake?

    “No!” Ye Chen turned his head to look at him.

    Then, his expression relaxed. “You’ve been with me for a while now. I’ll give you a great fortune today as a gift. I hope that you’ll become one of my two warriors in the future!”