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Chapter 167 - Russian Roulette

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 167: Russian Roulette

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    As soon as Ye Chen stated his answer, everyone in the house was shocked. Disbelief filled their faces and they thought they heard it wrong.

    The smirk on Zhuo Wei’s face froze and he looked terrible. “Are you crazy? Do you really want to play that?”

    Russian roulette was a rather cruel betting game. Compared to poker and mahjong, the betting tool was a revolver while the wager was human lives.

    Either one or a few bullets would be inserted in the six slots in the barrel of the revolver. Then, the cylinder would be spun simply and the players would point the revolver against their heads and pull the trigger.

    It would determine who would win and who would die. It was cruel as it tested one’s luck and courage.

    That was the reason why Zhuo Wei was shocked after he heard Ye Chen’s answer. Wang Qing and Qin Yao also looked like they were staring at a mad man.

    “Do you have the guts?” Ye Chen said coldly.

    Zhuo Wei’s face flushed. “I don’t accept such a request from you. I…”

    “Then, you’re useless!” Ye Chen chuckled. “You don’t even dare to play this, so what gives you the right to be reluctant to let me take up the position?”


    Zhuo Wei was enraged. As an elite in the military, when had he ever been condemned like that? Rage took over him whereby he clenched his teeth and said, “Sure, I’m in.”

    “Don’t, Zhuo Wei. Are you out of your mind? It’s going to kill one of you.” Wang Qing’s expression changed and she stopped him immediately.

    As soon as one played this game, unless they gave up halfway, someone would definitely lose their life. No matter whether it was Zhuo Wei or Ye Chen who would be killed, it was bad news.

    Qin Yao glared coldly at Ye Chen. “Is that fun for you?”

    Ye Chen ignored her. Instead, he looked at Zhuo Wei who had already agreed to that. He wanted to give up, but he did not want to be embarrassed before Qin Yao. He could only ask, “Do you have a revolver?”

    From the beginning, he thought Ye Chen was merely scaring him. After all, it was impossible for a regular person to have a gun, let alone a revolver.

    “I happen to have one.”

    Ye Chen saw through his thoughts. As he smiled, a revolver appeared in his hand. He had gotten it from Barton.

    Upon seeing the revolver materialize, Zhuo Wei looked terrible as if he had eaten a fly.

    Ye Chen picked it up and opened the barrel to find six bullets in there.

    He took out one bullet and left five inside. He said while looking at Zhuo Wei, “There are five bullets inside, so only one slot is empty. That means that each of us has a chance of firing…”

    Zhuo Wei staggered as soon as he heard that. He fell from the couch onto the ground directly.

    ‘Mad! He’s really crazy…’ Wang Qing and Qin Yao opened their eyes wide. They suspected that Ye Chen had really gone insane.

    Every time the revolver was shot, the cylinder would spin. If there was only one empty slot, someone might be killed on the first shot. If the first shot did not kill the person, the second shot would.

    In other words, as soon as they played the game, either Ye Chen or Zhuo Wei would die as soon as the revolver was fired.

    Zhuo Wei looked at Ye Chen in fear. His lips quivered. “Lunatic! You’re really a lunatic. I’m not playing with you. I surrender, I surrender.”

    “Useless b*stard!” Ye Chen squeezed those two words out of his mouth coldly. Subsequently, he put back the bullet that he had removed earlier.

    When everyone thought that he would give up, they saw him pick the revolver up before spinning the cylinder gently. He pointed the muzzle against his head when the cylinder stopped spinning.

    Wang Qing wanted to stop him by instinct because the barrel was full and he would definitely die once he fired!

    However, the gun fired in the next second.

    Wang Qing could not help but close her eyes. She seemed to be unwilling to see the gory scene. Qin Yao did the same too. Although she did not get along with Ye Chen, it was not to the point that she wanted him dead.

    Among the three of them, Zhuo Wei was the only one who kept his eyes open. However, his face was filled with shock. “H-how is that possible?!”

    The moment the shot was fired, he saw Ye Chen extend two fingers quickly to grip the bullet.

    1Most importantly, the muzzle was less than ten centimeters from his head. Ten centimeters aside, one should not have been able to dodge that even if the muzzle was 100 meters away.

    However, Ye Chen managed to catch the bullet.

    Upon hearing Zhuo Wei’s voice, Wang Qing and Qin Yao opened their eyes immediately. They looked horrified.

    They could not believe it no matter what if they did not witness that with their own eyes.

    Ye Chen did not seem to have seen their faces. He smiled and pointed the muzzle against his head again.


    A shot was fired.

    The second the gunshot was heard, the three of them saw Ye Chen’s fingers on his forehead without even knowing when they moved. There was a bullet between his two fingers.

    The three of them were shocked.

    If they had still been suspicious earlier, only shock remained now.

    Subsequently, Ye Chen picked up the revolver and fired at his forehead. Instead of grabbing the bullet this time, he allowed the bullets to hit him.


    Zhuo Wei and the rest heard a twang as if the bullet had been fired at a metal board.

    When they looked again, they realized that nothing had happened to Ye Chen’s forehead. Meanwhile, there was a bullet that seemed to have been crushed on the ground…

    Dead silence filled the scene.

    Zhuo Wei looked as if he had just seen a ghost while Wang Qing and Qin Yao were dumbstruck.

    Even bullets could not hurt him…

    “Haha…” Ye Chen chuckled for a while. Then, he looked at Zhuo Wei indifferently. “Let me ask you again. Are you willing to let me take up the position now?”

    “I-I do…” Zhuo Wei gulped as he felt a hum echoing in his head.

    Ye Chen nodded and looked at Wang Qing. “I can be the Firearms Division chef commander, but I have two conditions!”

    “Please do tell, Mr. Ye!” Wang Qing bowed immediately. Now that she had seen his many techniques, she yielded to him wholeheartedly.

    “Firstly, after joining the Firearms Division, I won’t be reporting myself or training with you guys. You guys can’t restrict me.”

    Wang Qing forced a smile. “Mr. Ye, we’re hiring you to train us. If you don’t go, then…”

    Ye Chen said, “Then, I won’t go in during a short period of time since the Military Base Competition usually happens during the New Year. Worst case, I’ll show up a month before the Military Base Competition.

    “Secondly, I need you guys to find Geographical Veins for me.”

    That was the reason why he was willing to join the Firearms Division. It would be difficult for him to find Geographical Veins on his own, but it was a different story for the government.

    “Geographical Veins?” Wang Qing was slightly stunned and she subsequently looked at Zhuo Wei and Qin Yao. Both of them shook their heads to indicate that they had no idea about it.

    “They’re volcanoes in layman terms, especially extinct volcanoes or frozen ponds, the kind whereby people will freeze to death if they fell in. Chilly wind gap1 would work too as those can slice a person’s skin,” Ye Chen explained.

    Compared to Spiritual Veins, they produced spiritual stones while Geographical Veins were a unique, harsh environment.

    Just like extinct volcanoes that had stopped erupting, the flames within the veins had been accumulating to the extent that a fire spirit might even be produced. Another example would be chilly wind gaps. The gaps were filled with strong wind that was powerful enough to cut a person’s skin.

    Meanwhile, one would need a Geographical Vein for building one’s foundation.

    Wang Qing came to a realization since she was a wise person. She knew what to ask and what not to. She said after taking a deep breath in, “Mr. Ye, I can’t agree to the two conditions that you’ve raised. I’ll need to speak to my superior.”

    “Sure, contact me after that.” Ye Chen nodded. He did not expect Wang Qing to say yes to him right away. After all, Geographical Veins were rare.

    After getting his response, Wang Qing and the rest stayed for a little while before leaving.

    On the other hand, Qin Yao glared at Ye Chen before leaving. Her pretty face looked pissed off. “You’d better watch out. My brother won’t let you go.”