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Chapter 164 - The Stirred Martial Dao World

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 164: The Stirred Martial Dao World

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    Ye Chen left the ocean after more than half an hour later. He saw many people gathered at the shore. Most of them were those who had watched the battle at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain earlier.

    There were a few familiar silhouettes standing in front. They were Xiao Ya, Su Youwei, Yao Yu, and the rest. Xiao Ya carried the little girl Mengmeng in her embrace.

    “He’s back!” someone shouted, causing everyone to focus on Ye Chen. All of them had complicated expressions on their faces.

    Mad Southern Ye had gone after Western Overlord Liu. Now that he was back and Western Overlord Liu was nowhere to be seen, there was only one explanation—Western Overlord Li was dead!

    The little girl struggled out of Xiao Ya’s embrace. She could not stop waving at Ye Chen emotionally. “Daddy!”

    Ye Chen leaped to the shore in a single step. The little girl ran into his embrace and held his neck in a clingy manner. “Daddy, where have you been? I thought you didn’t want me anymore.”

    “Daddy went after a bad guy.” Ye Chen caressed her face, relieved after making sure that the little girl was alright. He lifted his eyes to glance at the people before him. He had his eyes on Xiao Ya as he said with a smile, “Thanks for taking care of Mengmeng.”

    “It’s my responsibility to look after my little junior sister.”

    Xiao Ya looked at the little girl with love on her face. It seemed like both of them had gotten along while making their way there.

    Little Junior Sister?

    Ye Chen was stunned at first, but he subsequently smiled.

    His darling daughter would inherit his mantle, so she would not have to compete with his other disciples. It made sense for Xiao Ya, as the second senior sister, to call her Little Junior Sister.

    “Daddy, Aunty Xiao kept calling me Little Junior Sister along the way. What’s little junior sister?” The little girl blinked curiously.

    Ye Chen said gently, “It means ‘sister’.”Read more chapter on NovelFull

    “But Aunty Xiao is so much older than me that she can be my mom.” The little girl was still confused.

    Xiao Ya blushed when she called her mother.

    Meanwhile, Su Youwei, who was standing aside, noticed Xiao Ya’s odd expression. She secretly scoffed after connecting what the little girl said unintentionally. She was sure of her speculation now.

    ‘Hmph, I knew it. These two filthy animals are having an affair!’

    Seeing that the father and daughter were chatting as if they did not see the crowd around them, someone finally could no longer hold back and asked, “M-master Ye, may we ask where Western Overlord Liu is?”

    Everyone paid attention when they heard that.

    “He’s dead,” Ye Chen said coldly without any expression on his face at all. It was as if that was something normal.


    Everyone sucked in a breath.

    When Ye Chen had gone after Western Overlord Liu on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, everyone hurried there with some effort as they wanted to know the result.

    Although they were mentally prepared, they could not help but be shocked when they heard the news.

    Western Overlord Liu was really dead.

    Even Su Youwei’s expression on her pretty face changed.

    “Let’s go. We’re going home.”

    Ye Chen picked his daughter up and walked out of the crowd. In reality, he cared nothing about what they were thinking about.

    Xiao Ya hesitated for a second and followed him.

    At that same time, a black Mercedes Benz pulled over by the street quietly. Lin Tai got out of the car and sprinted to Ye Chen. He said while suppressing his emotions, “Let me send you back, my lord.”

    Lin Tai was too emotional.

    In reality, he had no confidence in Ye Chen fighting the three masters. However, compared to those wealthy families of Tiannan, he could not betray Ye Chen.

    In the end, Lin Tai guessed it right. Ye Chen killed the three masters consecutively and chased after Western Overlord Liu. His feats were definitely shocking.

    Ye Chen nodded and got into the car after gesturing Xiao Ya to get in. Just when Lin Tai was closing the door, a pretty silhouette followed them.

    “I need a ride too.”

    Su Youwei sat next to Xiao Ya who raised her brows slightly.

    Unsure if it was an illusion, she had a feeling that this lady named Su bore some hostility toward her.

    Lin Tai looked at Ye Chen by instinct. He only started the car upon seeing Ye Chen nod in silence.

    Perhaps Su Youwei was present, the atmosphere in the car seemed to be a little down along the way.

    Eventually, Su Youwei glanced at Ye Chen. She could no longer hold herself back, so she asked, “So should I call you Ye Chen or Mad Southern Ye?”

    “Whatever,” Ye Chen said without even turning his head.

    Upon hearing that, Su Youwei could not help but feel angry. She wanted to kill him now. Ye Chen was a useless bum to her. If not for her sister, she would not even look at him.

    However, since the battle on the snow mountain whereby she found out that Ye Chen was Mad Southern Ye, she was shocked especially when he fought the three masters alone as well as killed all of them.

    She could not accept that entirely.

    Most importantly, she had even secretly compared Ye Chen and Mad Southern Ye before this. She thought one was a bug while the other was a dragon whereby they could not be compared.

    However, reality gave her a hard slap. She was pissed and humiliated, and was even enraged.

    She scoffed as she thought to this point. She wore a grim expression. “Since you’re so powerful, why didn’t you tell me at the very beginning?”

    “Why should I tell you?” Ye Chen said coldly.


    Su Youwei glared at him angrily and kicked the car door while pouting. “Pull over. I’m getting off!”


    At the same time, the battle result at the snow mountain that was anticipated by the entire Martial Dao World in China was like a storm that swept through the entire country.

    The entire Martial Dao World of China was completely stirred.

    As technology and the internet advanced, even ancient martial artists would have to lead a mortal life by surfing the internet. On the forum that was encrypted exclusively for China’s Martial Dao World, the topics were all about Ye Chen at the moment.

    “Shocking news, shocking news! Mad Southern has killed Northern Devil Jiang with the swing of sword and Eastern Superior Ning with a single punch on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Western Overlord Liu ran 1,000 miles away. From today onwards, there won’t be Eastern Superior, Western Overlord, or Northern Devil. There will only be the Mad Southern and the Unquestionable Sword.”

    There were over 10,000 replies and follows. Within half an hour, the thread was posted to everyone’s horror.

    Someone commented in disbelief: ‘Is that true? Forget that Mad Southern Ye didn’t lose the battle versus the three masters, but he even killed all three of them! Tell us. How much did Mad Southern Ye pay you to say this?’

    “Why would I joke about this? Although many people are in disbelief, I can prove that it’s true because I was on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain when it happened.”

    Someone confirmed below: “In reality, Mad Southern Ye didn’t just kill the three masters. Master Jinguang from Mount Wutai also died the most horrifying death.”

    “In that case, did Mad Southern Ye killed four masters? Holy cow, this is ridiculous! Can he not be so insane?”

    “Brother, video please.”

    “I don’t have any. Who would dare to take videos at the battle? Moreover, the cold weather at the snow mountain aside, there was no signal there.”

    Someone felt like it was a waste. “What a pity. Otherwise, we’d be able to see Mad Southern Ye’s glory. I’d like to see if he has three heads and six arms.”

    Countless people commented with crying emojis.

    A sock puppet with the username Ancient Martial Artist Bai Xiaosheng spilled another shocking piece of news: “Hehe, I’m afraid you guys have no idea that Mad Southern Ye has actually killed five Martial Dao masters!”