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Chapter 163 - Did You Have Fun? Do You Want to Do it Again?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 163: Did You Have Fun? Do You Want to Do it Again?

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    Ye Chen sensed the moment when Qin Yao attacked.

    He could not help but frown. He thought that this lady must be born under the Chinese zodiac of a tiger whereby she would fight whenever she was in disagreement.

    Given that she had no killing intent, Ye Chen dodged aside slightly, so Qin Yao’s left leg missed his chest. Then, he extended his arm and grabbed her ankle, lifting it up gently.

    Although he did not put much force into his action, Qin Yao felt immense pressure. There was a slight change of expression on her pretty face as she pressed her leg down with all of her might, appearing to want to crush Ye Chen.

    In the next second, her left leg landed on Ye Chen’s shoulder directly. The full length of her thigh was up-close in his field of vision.

    Before Ye Chen could react, she lifted her right leg and charged at him. He stretched another arm out to grab her right leg before taking a step forward.

    Now, he was gripping both of Qin Yao’s legs. Her legs extended into a split. Since she was wearing a short skirt, everything underneath was exposed by this pose.

    She wore panties with a panda cartoon under her skirt.

    At that moment, both of their expressions froze.

    Shivering, embarrassment was revealed on Qin Yao’s cold, pretty face instantly. “You pervert!”

    At the same time, in the surveillance room of the ship, Yuan Fei, Lu Dingguo, and Lin Xin stared blankly at the computer screen. It was showing the scene of Ye Chen and Qin Yao sparring.

    The three of them were dumbstruck when they saw the duo’s questionable pose. They failed to understand what was happening at the moment.

    ‘What’s happening?’

    ‘Isn’t she here to take him?’Read more chapter on NovelFull

    ‘Why are they flirting now?’

    “Amazing!” Yuan Fei sighed and gave a thumbs-up to Ye Chen who was on the screen.

    It was really amazing.

    One must know that Qin Yao was a violent lady. She was the violent lady of the special forces unit, yet Ye Chen still dared to take advantage of her. How was that not amazing?

    Lu Dingguo was chuckling instead. “She totally deserves it. This violent lady ignored the three of us as soon as she came in. Now, Brother Ye has taken advantage of her, so she deserves it just like the saying ‘a wicked person will be tortured by another person of the same kind.'”

    “All men are bad!” Lin Xin scoffed while looking at the two douchebags in slight disdain. She turned around and walked out of the surveillance room.

    “All men are douchebags!”


    The corner of Ye Chen’s lips twitched slightly as Qin Yao glared at him furiously. He let his hands go by instinct. The three people out there had wronged him.

    By then, Qin Yao’s legs were free.

    After landing, overwhelmed with rage, she threw a punch at Ye Chen while feeling humiliated and mad. She no longer dared to use her legs this time mainly because she was scared of being taken advantage of by that pervert.

    “Aren’t you done?”

    Ye Chen’s expression turned grim as his very last bit of tolerance for her vanished completely. When he flicked his sleeve, Qin Yao’s body was thrown out. She only managed to stand still after staggering for many steps.

    1Ye Chen had reached the door when she looked at him again. She could not help but shout, “Don’t you dare leave. If you’re a man, fight me with real swords and guns. Moreover, even if you manage to escape today, you won’t be able to escape tomorrow!”

    As soon as she said that, Yuan Fei and Lu Dingguo, who were in the surveillance room, almost spat a mouthful of blood out. ‘Dear God, can you not be so rude when you talk? You’re misleading us.’

    ‘Even if I managed to escape today, I won’t be able to escape tomorrow?’ Ye Chen stopped walking and turned around to look at her. He frowned.

    “Sure, I’ll satisfy you. Fight me!”

    As soon as he said that, he walked toward Qin Yao one step after another. The aura from his body grew with every step he took. It was a sign of his fury mounting.

    Qin Yao’s pretty face underwent a drastic change. Under such an aura, she was surprised to find that it was rather hard to breathe.

    Most importantly, as Ye Chen was getting closer, a unique, dense, and overbearing masculinity came sweeping from his body. It made her panic out of nowhere.


    She clenched her teeth instantly while charging her palm with all of the strength within her body. She was determined to beat Ye Chen up properly to avenge herself from being taken advantage of earlier.


    A big hand came whistling before slapping her face hard. Immediately, she was thrown out directly and landed hard on the wall.


    Qin Yao covered her face that was stinging in pain and looked at Ye Chen in disbelief. She was from the special forces. No matter whether it was her skill or her appearance, she was the top in the entire unit.

    However, someone had just thrown her out with a slap alone.

    Ye Chen looked at her coldly. “Did you have fun? Do you want to do it again?”

    Only men who thought with their d*cks or were dumb or pretentious would say things like they would not hit women.

    1How could you not fight back when a lady was chasing after you with a knife? Should one just stand there and let her stab one to death?

    Clearly, Ye Chen was not one of those men.

    The fact that he did not feel like hitting women did not mean that he would not do it. Apart from his mother and his daughter’s mother, he would attack without hesitation as soon as any other woman challenged his limit.

    The phrase ‘women should be treasured and loved’ was nonsense to him.

    1Qin Yao’s face turned pale after sensing the killing intent that came from Ye Chen. After she got up from the ground while biting her lip, she retrieved a little book from her pocket and tossed it at Ye Chen. Then, she left angrily.

    “Take your stuff back,” Ye Chen reminded.

    Qin Yao glared at him coldly. She picked the little book up after a moment of hesitation and left without even turning her head.

    As soon as she left, Yuan Fei and Lu Dingguo walked out immediately. Clearly, they knew about the mess that had happened in the room.

    However, Lu Dingguo asked while pretending not to know anything, “Brother Ye, did you reject her offer?”

    Ye Chen nodded coldly. He knew about Qin Yao’s background very well.

    “Mr. Ye, why don’t you join the land unit? The offer remains.” Yuan Fei extended his offer again.

    Ye Chen smiled while shaking his head. “Thank you, both of you. However, I’m not interested in being in the military. Moreover, I’m a father and I have a kid to raise.”

    He walked out of the room before waiting for them to respond. Then, he leaped into the sea directly and walked to the shore by stepping on the waves.

    Lu Dingguo sighed as he watched Ye Chen’s back while standing on the deck. He felt devastated to have missed out on a talent such as Ye Chen.

    “Everyone has ambitions of their own. Let him be.”

    Yuan Fei, who was standing aside, was more optimistic. He seemed to recall something, so he said while smiling, “Old Lu, since I’m here, which doesn’t happen very often, you must sacrifice 55 grams of that green tea from your collection.”



    In a helicopter flying toward Tiannan, Qin Yao made a phone call. She complained while feeling wronged, “Brother, I’ve been beaten up. Do what you’ve got to do!”

    She hung up right after saying that.

    She had gone there that day to offer Ye Chen to be the chief commander of the Firearms Division. However, young people would despise young people, even more so when being the chief commander was such a significant position.

    Therefore, she had attempted to test Ye Chen’s skills to see whether he was as powerful as the rumors said. It turned out that she was taken advantage of instead.


    “Did someone beat Yaoyao? Sounds like she must be beaten really badly, or she wouldn’t have complained to me.”

    At the Beijing military headquarters, a young man in a suit looked speechless after hanging up the phone. He then looked at the old man in the traditional attire before him while scratching his head.

    “Sir, I must avenge Yaoyao by beating that guy up. Don’t worry. I definitely won’t kill him.”