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Chapter 162 - We Can Do Whatever We Want Because We Have Money

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 162: We Can Do Whatever We Want Because We Have Money

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    The man in the military uniform walked to Ye Chen directly after saying that. He extended his hand and said with a smile, “Mr. Ye, I’m Yuan Fei from Squadron No. 1 of the southeastern military base.”

    Ye Chen let go as soon as their hands touched. He said coldly, “Colonel Yuan, you said earlier that you came all the way for me?”

    “Scram now, Yuan. I’ll give you a bottle of green tea later.” Sitting aside, Lu Dingguo’s expression changed. Naturally, he knew that Yuan Fei was here to represent the land unit to steal Ye Chen away from him.

    ‘This damn Big Head Yuan is really irritating.’

    Yuan Fei glared at him in disdain. He then clasped his fists at Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, I’m here representing the land unit in all sincerity to welcome you to join us. As long as you agreed with that, my land unit is willing to make you a lietanent…”

    “Ignore him, Brother Ye. Join the navy and I’ll make you a major,” Lu Dingguo interrupted him immediately as he could no longer hold back. “How is the land unit better than us? They’re always wandering around the mountain doing nothing. Birds will fly out of your mouth when you open it…”

    Yuan Fei argued, “Isn’t your navy always floating on the ocean? I’m sure your mouth reeks of fish.”

    “Yuan, are you seeking a fight?” Lu Dingguo glared at him.

    Yuan Fei rolled his sleeves up. “Let’s go. Let’s go out and fight one-on-one. Don’t be all bark and no bite.”

    At that moment, a cold voice came outside the door, “Stop fighting, you guys. Mr. Ye belongs to us, the air force.”

    After the voice came, a lady in a white air force uniform walked in. She was approximately 30 years old and was very tall. Wearing a pair of white gloves, she had pretty features.

    The rage Yuan Fei and Lu Dingguo displayed vanished immediately.

    The lady did not care about the duo’s expressions as she walked to Ye Chen directly and smiled. “Mr. Ye, I’m going to make it short. Join the Air Force and I’ll make you a colonel. Your position will be the same as these two fellows before you. Apart from that, we’ll pay you 10 million yuan as financial relief…”

    Yuan Fei and Lu Dingguo’s faces looked troubled as soon as she said that.Read more chapter on NovelFull

    ‘Must she throw a cold blanket at us like that? Why did she say that he’ll be in the same position as we are right away?’

    Given that it was a lady, Lu Dingguo faked a cough and said, “10 million yuan as financial relief? Lin Xin, isn’t your Air Force too ruthless to be doing that?”

    Lin Xin glanced at him coldly and smiled lightly. “We can do whatever we want because we have money!”

    Yuan Fei and Lu Dingguo were speechless.

    It was futile for the duo to be furious. The country had been developing the three forces by investing many resources during recent years. The air force got the most and the navy second while the land unit got the least.

    That was the reason why cab drivers were not as handsome as plane pilots. That was the reason why there were air stewardesses that were as pretty as the Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling, but there were only 40- to 50-year-old aunties at the bus station ticketing counters…

    Noticing that Ye Chen said nothing, Lin Xin asked again while smiling, “What do you think, Mr. Ye? You can voice your request if there’s something that you’re unsatisfied with.”

    She had seen the battle on the sea too earlier. Just like the saying, ‘all beauties loved heroes’, so did she. Naturally, the word ‘love’ was more of ‘admiration’ to be exact.

    At that moment, Yuan Fei and Lu Dingguo were looking at Ye Chen at the same time. Although they knew that their offer was not as attractive as Lin Xin’s, they still wanted to try their luck.

    It would be fortunate if Ye Chen was terrible at making decisions.

    Ye Chen was in between tears and laughter when he faced the trio’s stare. The three of them were fighting, but they finally knew that they should ask for his opinion.


    Just when he was going to speak, a loud thud came. Someone kicked the door open in an overbearing manner.

    When Lu Dingguo was going to flip out, in the next second, a young lady in neat black attire walked in. She looked 24 or 25 years old and was approximately 1.7 meters tall. She had sharp features, a high nose bridge, and thin lips.

    However, her gaze was rather fierce. She glared at Yuan Fei and the other two coldly. “You guys can leave now. Mad Southern Ye is ours!”

    “Who are you?” Lu Dingguo was furious.

    ‘Can this person be anymore overbearing? You enter by kicking the door and didn’t even apologize when you came in. Instead, you’re asking us to let go of Mad Southern Ye. Who do you think you are? Where do you think this?’

    Ye Chen, on the other hand, took a good look at her.

    He could not believe that she was an ancient martial artist given her young age. On top of that, she was on the Illuminating Pulse cultivation base. Her ability alone made her a powerhouse even if she were to be compared with the younger generation in China.

    If one talked about her looks alone, she was one of the very few beauties that Ye Chen had ever seen.

    The lady said practically nothing as she tossed an ID to Lu Dingguo directly. “I have this!”

    After Lu Dingguo picked it up and looked at it, his expression changed directly. From the side, Yuan Fei and Lin Xin peeped too. Suddenly, their expressions looked terrible.

    They saw the large characters that were written on the ID: the Firearms Division!

    “Ah, so you’re from the special forces unit. Sorry for being rude earlier!”

    Yuan Fei faked a cough and bowed respectfully to the lady continuously despite his colonel position. He secretly poked Lu Dingguo with his elbow, and after that, Lu Dingguo forced an ugly smile.

    Ye Chen also saw the Firearms Division written on the ID through his Divine Consciousness. However, he had no idea what that meant and how it could have possibly made Yuan Fei and the rest lose all rationale.

    The lady remained still. “Is this enough? If not, we’ll spar outside. The three of you will fight me together while I’ll fight with a single hand!”

    She was overbearing when she said that.

    Regular people might not be able to hold back, but Yuan Fei and Lu Dingguo dared not reject her. They said while nodding continuously, “I-it’s enough!”

    It was not a joke.

    That lady came from the Firearms Division.

    What was the Firearms Division? It was comparable with the Wolf Warrior and the Thunderbolt Forces. The people in the division were all talented, but they were harsh with their words.

    The lady’s eyes were rather cold as she demanded, “Since it’s enough, why are you guys still here?!”

    “Go. Let’s go, Old Lu.”

    Yuan Fei dragged Lu Dingguo who looked like he was unwilling to leave forcefully. Lin Xin turned her head and smiled sweetly at Ye Chen. “Mr. Ye, do consider the air force. There are many pretty ladies in there.”


    Within the blink of an eye, the three of them went out. Ye Chen and the lady in black were the only ones left in the room.

    Ye Chen looked speechless.

    The lady only looked at Ye Chen then. She said expressionlessly, “My name is Qin Yao. Hit me right now. Instantly! Immediately!”

    “What did you say?”

    Stunned, Ye Chen failed to react in time.

    ‘Hit you? Did I hear it wrong or are you crazy?’

    Qin Yao’s expression turned cold and she ordered again, “I’m not going to repeat myself again. Hit me instantly. Immediately!”

    Ye Chen laughed at her demand before he said in all seriousness, “Firstly, I don’t feel like hitting a woman. Secondly, I don’t have time to play. I apologize for leaving. Bye!”

    He lifted his foot in an attempt to leave after saying that.

    The moment he turned around, Qin Yao scoffed and stepped onto the dining table. She crushed the table directly and flew at Ye Chen like a kite with the help of the force from crushing the table.

    At the same time, she charged her long legs quickly. The silhouettes of her legs filled the narrow space.