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Chapter 161 - Honoring the Country, Salute from the Three Forces

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 161: Honoring the Country, Salute from the Three Forces

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    The crowd watched the silhouette that stood proudly above the ocean.

    Compared to the wailing from the American sea territory, it was dead silent on the Chinese side. Everyone’s eyes were filled with all sorts of expressions including shock, disbelief, horror, emotions, pride, respect, and more. There were so many expressions.

    “Amazing, amazing!” Old Master Gu, who was in the helicopter, slapped his thigh and screamed in excitement while his cheeks were flushing.

    Before this, Western Overlord Liu tried to run into the American sea territory. Within the short 2,000 meters, when everyone had given up and dared not go further, it was Ye Chen who went after him for the thousands of meters. He killed Western Overlord Liu when he was less than 20 meters from the American territory, thus winning China’s dignity back.

    Nothing was more exciting than that.

    Gu Junwei felt the same. He took a good look at Ye Chen who was above the ocean. There was respect and admiration in his eyes. “I, Gu Junwei, have only admired Commander Han in my life. There’ll be one more from now on. Master Ye, I’ve underestimated you!”

    Gu Yingying looked at Ye Chen blankly.

    Killing three masters within a day aside, he even killed an illegal intruder in their own territory.

    She clenched her teeth as her beautiful eyes sparkled. “From now on, Mad Southern Ye’s name will be spread everywhere. His light can no longer be suppressed!”

    One could imagine that Ye Chen’s various battle results would stir the country as the news spread. Besides the Martial Dao World, even the regular people from all walks of life would know his name too.


    On the Chinese navy ship, Commander Lu took a deep breath in and shouted while suppressing his shock, “Attention, everyone, get ready!”


    At the land unit headquarters, an old man in a military uniform said, “Attention!”Read more chapter on NovelFull

    Meanwhile, at the air force headquarters, a weak middle-aged man said, “Attention!”


    At that moment, the officers from the three forces stood ramrod straight without rehearsing.

    “Salute to our country’s hero!”

    Everyone performed a standard military salute toward the screen in perfect synchronization.

    In reality, many people from the three forces did not know Ye Chen. They had never met but were deeply connected at the moment.

    While their faces were flushed, they breathed heavily. All of them clenched their fists hard and their veins were bulging.

    That was the country’s honor.

    That was justice for the people!

    ‘That’s right! Those who offend my country will be killed even if you’re far away!’

    At the Beijing military base headquarters.

    “Hahaha! Those who offend my country will be killed even if you’re far away…Well said!”

    An old man in traditional attire laughed out loud. He held a pen brush and wrote a big ‘kill’ character on the paper while swinging his arm.

    There was a sharp gleam that sparkled as soon as he put the pen down.

    The old man turned his head and ordered the lady behind him, “Get Qin Yao to pay them a visit. That young man named Ye is ours. The position as Chief of the Firearms Division will be definitely his. If the three forces dare to take him away from us, we’ll beat them until they cry!”

    The lady nodded and walked out with an odd expression on her face.

    Then, the old man sighed and picked up the phone to make a call. “The U.S. navy ship has been sliced open, so the experts on that side might be triggered. Contact Commander Han, Commander Li, and General Yan. Get the three of them to fly to the Chinese sea territory. Mark my words. Guard every inch of our territory!”


    Ye Chen glanced at the ship that he had sliced open and put away the Almighty Killer Sword into his storage ring after shaking his head. As he headed back while stepping on the waves, he ignored Old Master Gu and the rest in the helicopter.

    At that moment, a speedboat whizzed out of the Chinese navy ship. The leading lady was pretty, she gave out an experienced charisma.

    “Mr. Ye, our Commander Lu extended his invitation,” the lady took a good look at him while she said with her pretty face flushing.

    With a frown, Ye Chen glanced at the ship and said, “Commander Lu? I don’t know him. Why is he inviting me?”

    “Mr. Ye, don’t misunderstand. Our Commander Lu only wants to meet you, the hero. It won’t take too much of your time. Apart from that, we can send you back to the shore,” the lady explained immediately.

    After some hesitation, Ye Chen nodded eventually and followed them into the ship. A crude middle-aged man appeared laughing out loud. “Welcome, Mr. Ye!”

    Ye Chen looked at the two rows of four stars on his shoulders. He was a colonel. Surprise flashed through Ye Chen’s eyes involuntarily.

    “Mr. Ye, my name is Lu Dingguo. I’m currently the colonel from squadron No. 3. You don’t have to care about my identity. All you need to know is that we’ll be brothers.”

    Lu Dingguo clearly warmed up immediately. He took Ye Chen to a lounge while introducing himself. Meanwhile, someone brought two cups of tea over instantly.

    “Mr. Ye, I’d like to apologize to you,” Lu Dingguo looked at him and said with a teacup in his hand, “We chose to stay put and not retaliate when Barton attacked you. We’ve our reasons, so we hope that you can understand that. To show my sincerity, I’ll give you a toast with tea instead of wine.”

    He finished the whole cup of hot tea as soon as he was done speaking.

    Ye Chen took a sip and said calmly, “Don’t worry about it.”

    Lu Dingguo was just like the saying, ‘kindness is always returned tenfold’. He was direct and hated beating around the bush. It was easier to chat with people like this.

    “Seems like you’re also a straightforward person, Brother Ye.” Lu Dingguo was getting friendlier and friendlier while grinned as he spoke, “Since we’re talking, the battle on the ocean you displayed earlier was eye-opening. You’ve won our country’s honor. Apart from General Yan, you’re the second person that I admire.”

    Ye Chen smiled lightly.

    Lu Dingguo passed him a cigarette and coughed. He could not help but ask, “Brother Ye, I wonder if you’re interested in being in the force?”

    It was only natural that Ye Chen knew what he was trying to say. Just when he was going to speak, quick footsteps came from outside.

    Subsequently, a man in the land unit uniform marched in with long strides. There were also two rows of four stars on his shoulders.

    Lu Dingguo said angrily as soon as he saw him, “Yuan, what are you doing here instead of bringing your teams into the mountain? I’m telling you not to wait for that box of green tea of mine. It’s gone.”

    “Haha, look at you being petty, Old Lu. I’m embarrassed for you. I merely drank an ounce of your green tea secretly at the last gathering.”

    The man in the military uniform forced a smile. He cared nothing about Lu Dingguo’s rage. Instead, his focus was on Ye Chen. “Moreover, I’m not here for your lousy green tea. I’m here for Mr. Ye.”