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Chapter 158 - Why Are You Going to America? Hell Suits You Better!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 158: Why Are You Going to America? Hell Suits You Better!

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    Ye Chen lifted his head and glanced at them. He coldly said, “Don’t worry, I can definitely kill these bastards within 2,000 meters!”

    The old master and the rest on the helicopter were shocked as soon as he spoke.

    There were only 2,000 meters left. The speedboat was moving at high speed and could go ten meters per second.

    It would only need 200 seconds to cross a distance of 2,000 meters, which would only be a little over three minutes. They could totally get into America’s sea territory.

    Was it possible to kill 20 to 30 people on that speedboat within three minutes? Not just that, they also won’t stop firing shots.


    At the same time, Western Overlord Liu’s hysterical laugh came from the speedboat. “Mad Southern Ye, you’ve chased me for 1,000 miles. I’ll enter America’s sea territory in less than 2,000 meters. By then, you won’t dare kill me even if I stood right before you.

    “Let me ask you, what can you do about it?”

    His voice was filled with gloat.

    Meanwhile, the 30 people who were on the speedboat stopped firing shots. Instead, they were flipping Ye Chen off in their own way while cursing.

    “Come at us, you sick man of Asia!”

    “Daddy is waiting for you, you yellow-skinned dog. Come kill daddy if you can.”

    “Chinese monkey trash, not only did we enter your country illegally, we’re leaving in a glorious way. What can you do about it?”



    Old Master Gu and Gu Junwei were furious. They could not help but curse. Both of them were soldiers. To soldiers, the country’s honor was everything.

    “Give me a gun, Ah Hu. I’ll kill them today!” The old master was shaking from the rage. He was eager to directly jump off the helicopter to fight them.

    Gu Junwei immediately held onto him. “Don’t act impulsively, dad. We can only see if Commander Lu and the rest can make it in time.”

    He clearly had a little confidence in Ye Chen.

    Western Overlord Liu’s mean comments came from the speedboat again. “Mad Southern Ye, I’ll definitely come back one day. I heard you have a daughter, right? Don’t worry, I’ll treat her well after I’ve captured her. I’ll give her the taste of being a woman in advance.”

    “Congratulations, Peasant Liu. You’ve successfully angered me. Now, it’s game over!”

    A ferocious gleam flashed through Ye Chen’s eyes as soon as Western Overlord Liu said that. His aura skyrocketed as his voice echoed a couple of miles away, causing high waves on the entire ocean.

    Old Master Gu and the rest who were on the helicopter felt a banging in their eardrums, even with their headsets on.

    When they looked again, they saw Ye Chen leap. The water beneath his feet was rumbling and giant waves were stirred.

    “Fire, shoot him. Stop him now!”

    Western Overlord Liu jolted and ordered instantly.

    The 30 black men on the speedboat picked up their guns right away and began firing at Ye Chen.

    “Even an atomic bomb can’t kill me, Ye Chen. What can a mere rifle do to me?!”

    The killing intent in Ye Chen’s eyes grew. He was directly charging towards the bullet rain.

    Something shocking happened in the next second.

    The dense bullets in the air suddenly stopped when they were close to Ye Chen as if there was a pair of giant hands catching them.

    “You bunch of black dogs. I, Ye Chen, will send you to see god today. Die!”

    Ye Chen slammed hard as the countless bullets that were paused in the air shot back.

    The heads of the 30 black men on the speedboat exploded at the same time as sounds of bullets piercing into flesh were heard. Fresh blood mixed with brain juice flowed, and their bodies eventually fell into the sea.


    Gu Yingying and the rest were horrified. Even Gu Junwei watched in disbelief with his eyes wide open.

    It was shocking enough for Ye Chen to not be afraid of bullets, but it turned out that he could control bullets.

    If there was a battle of 10,000 people and there were a few people like Ye Chen, it would be a massacre.


    A bullet was firing over.

    Western Overlord Liu instinctively blocked with his hand. The bullet pierced through his right palm and then his chest.

    ‘Run, I must run. I can’t die here. Only 1,000 meters more. As soon as I get into America’s sea territory, he won’t be able to kill me.’

    Western Overlord Liu was shocked. He drove the speedboat while suppressing the pain in him. He drove at the highest speed and quickly went forward.

    There was a military naval ship parked 1,000 meters away at the moment. There was a flag with 13 red and white stripes hanging on the ship.

    At the critical moment, he pumped all the true energy in his body into the speedboat. The speedboat was like an arrow that left the bow as it moved 50 meters away.

    It covered 500 meters more within a few breaths of time.

    “Oh, no. He’s about to get out of the territory!”

    Gu Junwei’s expression changed.

    Two military helicopters were flying over hundreds of meters behind their helicopter at that moment. There was a Chinese military naval ship going slowly below the helicopters.

    “Western Overlord Liu, today is the day you die. There’s no way for you to run, you must die!”

    Ye Chen stepped on the waves and moved with the wind on the surface like a cannon. He caught up to the speedboat when it was less than 50 meters away from America’s sea territory.

    He subsequently threw a punch out at the speedboat.


    Sensing the bone-piercing killing intent coming behind him, Western Overlord Liu had goosebumps all over his body. However, he dared not slow down.

    ‘200 meters more!

    ‘No! I can’t die!’


    The entire speedboat exploded as Ye Chen threw a punch. It turned into sparks.

    Meanwhile, Western Overlord Liu directly leaped into the sea. He did not stop and charged himself toward the ship with all of his might. He shouted at the same time, “Save me, save me!”

    Nobody knew if his call of help was heard by the ship far away, and a siren came out of the ship.

    “Man from China, you’re entering our territory. Please stop moving forward, stop moving forward!”

    It was English first, and then Mandarin.

    “I’m an American citizen. Please save me, Colonel Hill. Someone is going to kill me!” Western Overlord Liu took out a small, green book and waved at the ship while running.

    Hearing that, Gu Yingying, who was on the helicopter, could not help but condemn him. “This old thing is so humiliating. I can’t believe that he secretly gained American Citizenship.”

    “Traitor, he deserves to die!” Old Master Gu was furious.

    As soon as Western Overlord Liu was done speaking, a man in navy uniform walked out of the ship. He spoke fluent Mandarin.

    “Sir, since you’re our citizen, we have the responsibility to protect you. Please come here quickly.”

    Western Overlord Liu could not help but feel elated.

    However, the smile on his face froze in the next second.

    Ye Chen had already caught up to him. An extremely cold voice came next.

    “Why are you going to America? Hell suits you better!”