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Chapter 157 - 1,000 Miles Chase, Won’t Stop Until I’ve Killed You!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 157: 1,000 Miles Chase, Won’t Stop Until I’ve Killed You!

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    In Tiannan’s Lin City, Gu Junwei, in military uniform, was casually chatting with the old master on the couch in the Gu residence’s living room. As opposed to his calm, something was bothering Old Master Gu.

    Gu Yingying stood beside them and could not stop pacing with her arms on her chest. She would look outside the window frequently and seemed to be waiting for someone.

    Gu Junwei picked up his military hat from the table and put it on after hanging up a phone call. He smiled and said to Old Master Gu, “Dad, there’s something that I need to deal with at work. I’ll make a move now.”

    “So soon?”

    The old master was surprised at first. He sighed and said, “Why don’t you leave after the battle at the snow mountain ends?”

    “I won’t be waiting any longer.”

    Gu Juniei’s face was slightly grim. He shook his head and said, “The end has been fixed since the beginning. There’s no need for us to waste our time for a dead person.”

    He turned around and walked out of the villa in determination after saying that. He was secretly ridiculing Ye Chen.

    ‘Although Master Ye is powerful, he is merely famous in the martial world. It would be considered nice that a colonel like me would even look at him.

    ‘It’s father and Yingying who are fanatic about him.’

    Seeing that he insisted on going, the old master and Gu Yingying immediately caught up to him. They sent him all the way to the door. There was a Jeep parked outside.

    A black BMW pulled over by the street at that moment. As the car door opened, Ah Hu quickly walked out of it. He could not hide the shock on his face.

    “How was it, Little Hu?” the old master immediately asked.

    The old master sent Ah Hu to find out about the battle at the snow mountain in the morning. Since he had returned, it would mean the result of the battle had been decided.

    Ah Hu could not help but look at Gu Junwei who was next to them.

    He was hesitating to speak.

    Seeing that, Gu Junwei secretly shook his head and went to the car. He thought the so-called Master Ye had been defeated. Otherwise, Ah Hu would not look like this.

    “Brother Hu, how was it exactly? Tell us now, I’m so nervous.” Gu Yingying was stomping from the panic. She was eager to beat him up so that he would spill the beans.

    Ah Hu’s lips quivered. “He won, Master Ye has won!”

    Gu Junwei, who had just turned around, staggered as soon as he heard Ah Hu’s answer. He quickly turned around and looked at Ah Hu as disbelief filled his face. “W-What did you say? Who won?”

    “Master Ye has won!”

    Ah Hu repeated. He took a deep breath and enunciated the story. “The battle at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain between Master Ye and the three masters took place over two hours ago. Master Ye killed Northern Devil Jiang with a single swing of sword and turned Eastern Superior Ning into a bloody mist with a single punch.

    “Western Overlord Liu’s arm was severed and he’s terribly injured. He is trying to run away, and Master Ye is still going after him.”


    Old Master Gu’s body shook lightly. “Not only did Master Ye win, he even killed two masters? And he is still going after Western Overlord Liu?”

    Gu Yingying covered her red lips, and her chest could not stop undulating.

    2If they did not know about Ah Hu’s character, the old master might have thought that he was lying.

    Killing Northern Devil Jiang with a single swing of sword and turning Eastern Superior Ning into a bloody mist with a single punch. Were humans capable of doing this?

    Those were three Martial Dao masters.

    How could two die and one get crippled after encountering Master Ye?

    The old master suppressed the shock in him and said, “Calm down, Little Hu. Tell us everything that happened in detail.”

    “We don’t have time.”

    Ah Hu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He shook his head and revealed another shocking news. “Western Overlord Liu has escaped to the ocean. He apparently wants to escape with a boat. However, Master Ye has already caught up to him.”

    “Let’s go, we’ll go take a look!”

    Gu Junwei waved and quickly got into the Jeep. The old master and the rest followed one after another. The car then quickly drove towards the ocean.


    Near the coast of Tiannan, a speed boat was moving fast on the sea. The speed boat was crowded and there were 20 to 30 people on it. They were all black.

    Each of them was carrying an automatic rifle in their hands, and there was even a heavy machine gun at the back.

    Deafening gunshots covered the speed boat’s engine’s noise. Shell cases were flying everywhere in the wind and waves.

    “Stop him, stop him. Don’t let him catch up to us!”

    Western Overlord Liu stood at the head of the boat. He looked approximately a hundred meters toward the southeast from the speed boat with fear.

    There was a slender silhouette standing on the surface of the sea with his arms on his back. He closely followed the boat keeping a hundred meters between them. No matter how rumbling the seawater beneath his feet was, it could not affect him.

    The most shocking thing was that there would be at least ten bullets shot at him every second. However, he was not harmed at all.

    The fishermen who were hiding around were shocked to see that. Many people on the boat even began to pray to Ye Chen.

    Even bullets could not hurt him.

    Oh, god. Was he still human?

    At that moment, a wind whistling sound came from far away. A military helicopter subsequently flew from a corner of the coast.

    However, the helicopter did not dare get too close to them. It remained at a safe distance such that they would not be shot by the speedboat.

    There were four people in the helicopter.

    “Grandpa, look. It’s really Master Ye!”

    Gu Yingying looked down from the helicopter wearing a headset. Joy appeared on her pretty face when she saw Ye Chen below.

    Old Master Gu was horrified when he saw Ye Chen defending his body with bullets. However, he had more regrets than anything else at the moment.

    ‘It’s unfortunate that our family betrayed him at such a critical time!’

    “Dad, it’s my fault!”

    Gu Junwei blankly looked at the silhouette on the ocean and sighed hard. “It was me who underestimated him. I never expected Master Ye to be so powerful.”

    If he was still in slight disbelief after hearing about the result of Ye Chen’s battle earlier, then shock and deep admiration filled him at the moment.

    “Grandpa, where did all these black people come from?” Gu Yingying had her attention on the people who were firing shots on the speedboat.

    Just when the old master was about to speak, Gu Junwei suddenly spoke from beside them, “They’re mafias, and the leader is called Coba. He entered the country illegally a while ago and became a wanted person. It seems like he’s taking Western Overlord Liu out of the country!

    “These people are just too much. Forget it that they entered illegally, they even dare to fire shots in our sea. We can’t let them run away. Otherwise, we would humiliate China!”

    Gu Junwei had a terrible look. He subsequently took out his phone and dialed a number. “My name is Gu Junwei, get me Commander Lu from the navy. That’s right. There are mafia members near Lin City’s southeastern coast. Get them to send people to stop them. The coordinates are…”

    A while later, Ah Hu who was flying the helicopter suddenly said, “Bad news, old master. We’re going into America’s sea territory 2,000 meters later. We cannot go ahead, get Master Ye to stop now!”

    The old master’s expression changed. He knew about the matters of the territory, and severe consequences would be carried out as soon as a person went even a centimeter into America’s sea territory.

    He peeped his head out of the window as he thought to this point. He shouted toward Ye Chen who was on the sea surface, “Master Ye, you shouldn’t go further. You’ll enter America’s sea territory in 2,000 meters.”